Why To Use Chatbots In Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

A few months ago we presented Everything You Need To Know About Chatbots, a detailed article about chatbots written from an app developer’s perspective. It is time to talk about this technology from a marketer’s point of view which isn’t different from the previous discussion but it more oriented around the advantages offered by these smart features. Chatbots can be considered a handy solution when it comes to attract new customers or to engage the ones already acquired. The only condition is to be creative and to understand how this technique will influence the way you present your app in front of its customers.

What Are Chatbots?

You probably know that chatbots are artificial intelligence – based tools specially created for interacting with humans in a messaging mode. In order to obtain the best results, you need to apply the best practices when you integrate these solutions. If you aren’t sure about the importance of chatbots for mobile marketing, you should know that:

  • They are mobile optimized – in a mobile world it is mandatory to provide services specially created to fit this ecosystem;
  • They provide high user engagement – chatbots offer the feeling that users are very important and their opinion really counts.

What They Bring to Your Marketing Strategy

There are various advantages offered by the use of chatbots in your marketing plans. Let’s discuss them.

Beating App Fatigue

In case you observe that not many users pay attention to your app, despite the huge effort you invested in creating it, you should know that a lot of factors can cause this problem. One of them could be app fatigue. People are so tired of trying new apps that they stick with just a few which satisfy their needs. In this situation what can you do, for bringing your app in front of its potential customers? The trick is to get out of the ordinary and to present an interactive interface in order to remove boringness from the relationship between your brand and your customers.

Great Customer Satisfaction

Chatbots have the purpose to improve the services provided by your business. We already made that very clear. People enjoy using messaging apps in their daily lives, so it seems very natural that whenever they encounter a problem to communicate it using this type of platform. When people expect permanent assistance there is no other solution than implementing the right tools for offering them that. This is the only way to convince them about the value of your app. Additionally to all these, you can adopt a chatbot to your unique style for providing a better experience.

Effective Analysis

The most important aspect of chatbots is that they are able to learn from previous interactions. This characteristic offers a lot of benefits from the improved communication with users to the amount of data gathered for predictive analytics. This type of information is centralized faster and easier using chatbots than with the old methods. It is important to take advantage of this opportunity for eliminating the assumptions when it comes to apply the right strategy for your marketing campaigns.


People appreciate the tools specially tailored for their needs and this is also the case of chatbots. Personalized approach is one of the benefits offered by the technology based on artificial intelligence. Chatbots become virtual friends for their customers in order to serve them in the most suitable way. They help customers to make the best decision whether they need to purchase a certain product or to pick a restaurant for their next meeting. Knowing users’ preferences is part of chatbots’ job while you rest assure that users engage with your app which is seen as a solution for their problems.

Deeper Conversations With Customers

It is a sure fact that you as an individual can’t be in many places at once especially when users require your attention. The answer for this challenge can be a chatbot which not only helps customers but it can obtain the wanted results like convincing them to make in – app purchases or to subscribe for certain premium features or even to build a long lasting connection with customers. Knowing that there is somebody (or something, in that case) who continuously maintains your business on the right track offers a lot of advantages for your users and also for your app.

Getting Customer Insights

Analyzing users’ demands gives you many ideas about their behavior. You will be able to discover the best moment when to approach them, their favorite places and the right method for offering your services. In order to save time and money it is better to address users in the second they are more willing to listen to your message. Chatbots can provide this information which allows you to define your strategy and to implement the most efficient technique for reaching your target audience.

Lead Qualification

In just a few words chatbots are guides which offer automated solutions for those who require them. They help users to find the best solutions provided by your app and they also offer you real results unlike the traditional methods which rarely prove efficiency when it comes to convince users to take some actions. Due to the entire learning process, chatbots are able to offer useful answers which imply better engagement and a more reliable bond between your customers and your brand.

Final Thoughts

Chatbots will continue to dominate the mobile landscape in 2018, so you can consider it a helpful technology for your plans to promote your app. They are easy to integrate and they are very efficient when it comes to offer you the right data whenever you need it. Imagine chatbots as an additional solution for your current strategy to impress users with your creation. Keep in mind though that even the best chatbots will always need humans’ intervention in order to obtain the best performances.

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