How To Get Your App Featured on the Google Play Store

App stores have some criteria to keep certain apps featured. Some remain secret, while others can be implemented already in your application for more visibility.

For this reason, in this article, we bring more about what makes an app stand out in Google Play and what tips can support you. Check it out!

Why be a featured in the app stores?

Featured apps in app stores are privileged, as they get more views and, consequently, more downloads. Plus, standing out can even help increase in-app revenue.

 In the case of the Google Play Store, one of the main factors in keeping an application outstanding is its quality. That is why it is essential to follow the Android guidelines and comply with all the terms of use.

 Gaining visibility may not be an easy task, but it adds good results in conversion rates for applications. So it is essential to worry about having that position.

 What are the critical lists for featuring apps of Google Play?

·   Popular

·   New

·   Selected by Google Play Team

Tips to gain more visibility in Google Play.

Now that you understand the importance of highlighting your app in stores, here are some tips that can help you through this process:

Analyze other featuring apps

You can start with the lists. When you begin analyzing featured apps, you can download them one by one and analyze them. You can see app metrics on app explain tools, take notes, and review UI and UX. Why do they so popular?

Time to promote your app successfully

The promotion of a mobile app should not be underestimated. If you want to do it right, you have to define your target audience, use the proper channels to reach them, and, most importantly, measure everything.

 A data-driven approach and strategic planning will allow you to achieve your goals with the least amount of time and resources. The important thing here is to discover what your primary marketing channel is going to be like.

Once this is clear, probably 80% of the downloads will come from there.

It is advisable to establish a roadmap to promote and manage the growth of your app successfully.

Implementing keywords

As with Google searches, keywords are of great importance in ranking your application. The app store searches for keywords in the title, short description, and lengthy description of the apps.

This allows users to find the applications they are looking for more quickly. Therefore, it is necessary to select implemented words very well. The technique used to attract more installs is App Store Optimization ( ASO ), which defines the right terms for your application.

Adding words directly related to what your application proposes can go a long way toward making you stand out in your category.

Analyze your competition

Once a correct ASO optimization of the app has been obtained, it is time to evaluate the implemented keywords. What is the OBJECTIVE? Know which ones are affecting the visibility of the application and which ones are not. In this way, you can add new keywords analyzed in competing demands.

For this, there are different analytical tools for applications.

Thanks to tools, you will be able to know the main keywords by which the competition positions or the use of new keywords worked in their main text fields.

Remember that the keywords worked in the title become more critical for the algorithms of the stores, so you will have to distribute at your discretion which ones are the most important, periodically checking if visibility is improving. Otherwise, new ones will be tested.

Once you have controlled the text fields worked by your competing apps, the study of the graphic areas begins. In general, applications in the same sector tend to use similar colors, so doing A / B Test tests with the different brand colors to stand out in the rankings is an action that can help you boost the conversion of the app in stores.

Improve your UI and UX

To achieve a good UX design, we have to know well our typical user, our target, identify the needs and motivations of the user/client, and plan accordingly. Both interface, content, and interactions are the focus of discussion for app design. Especially when improving the user experience.

Although it is usually related to graphic design, it does not always have to be synonymous. What the UI does attend to is the design of texts, content, the consistency of the design, and other resources.

Retention and conversion rates

Other points to consider are the retention rate and the conversion rate. The first defines the number of active users in the application during a certain period. The conversion rate shows the number of people who downloaded the application.

Apps that have better retention rates can gain more visibility in stores because they are understood to be more relevant to users. Therefore, it is essential to keep your audience loyal to your app.

In the case of the Play Store, Google compares apps with the same keywords and places those with the best retention and conversion rates higher.

Integrate with Google technologies – Vitals Metrics, Firebase, Admob, Google Cloud

For the apps that are in the Google Play Store, it is essential to worry about the Android Vitals metric: a set of indicators that measure the performance and stability of the applications.

With it, Google can measure the impact of an app by creating benchmarks in all categories. Therefore, it is possible to compare your application with others, and if it works well, place it in higher positions. You can use Android Vital Metrics for analyzing your app performance and see in-depth metrics on Firebase. Also, you can use Firebase for sending push messages, using a cloud database, and more tools.

With Admob, you can monetize your app. You can use Google Cloud computing services for login credentials and more.

 Improve your ratings and reviews

Ratings and reviews should also receive special attention to make your app stand out from other apps. This is because user opinion counts a lot as a classification criterion in stores.

To get good reviews and ratings, you have to make the application available with as few errors as possible. However, crashes can occur even after launch, so you must try to calm users’ spirits when responding to their comments.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a great way to reach new audiences and increase brand awareness for your app.

An influencer can have thousands or even millions of followers or subscribers who are already interested in and engaged with their content. Getting them to show your app to their massive followers will greatly increase the awareness surrounding your app, which in turn should have an increase in your app downloads.

Most of the people who are influential on social media tend to have a specific niche or category of followers. This allows you to place your application in front of social users who are likely to want to download the application.

For example, if your app is related to Health and Fitness, then it would make perfect sense to associate you with a Fitness blogger. Hearing about the great features of your app would be exactly the kind of content their followers are expecting from them.

With 74% of consumers turning to social media to make purchasing decisions, finding the right influencer to partner with your app can be very rewarding.

Update your app regularly

When you integrate new technology, feature, or clear a bug, you must update your app. When updating your app, you can reset your ratings and start with scratch. (If you have low rate ratings) You can use your keyword on update notes. This will be helpful with your ASO efforts.


Finally, another factor that can be helpful is backlinks. According to SEO (Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimization) techniques, strong backlinks can greatly improve your ranking on the Play Store.

Putting links in your app can help when the store compares two apps. Although the impact is not that great compared to the techniques presented above, it is still a timely strategy.

And to position your app well, try as many strategies as possible that will generate good results. For this reason, investment in the implementation of backlinks is important.

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