Mobile App Success Story: How One Drop Did It

Do you remember the little secret we shared with you when we talked about Health & Fitness apps? You have to pay attention to any solution that matches users’ needs. This advice is even more important when you are dealing with serious health conditions like diabetes. One Drop is a successful app built with the purpose of helping people who struggle every day with this disease. For this reason, we will see today what makes this tool so efficient for its customers.

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Brilliant Idea

One Drop is the creation of Jeff Dachis who discovered in September 2013 that he had Type 1 diabetes. He started to search solutions for managing his situation but he encountered the gaps in the medical system. He understood how scary can be for a person to be diagnosed with diabetes and to be clueless about what it means. Therefore, he decided to build his own app for helping all patients with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes to log the required data for improving their health. One Drop was launched in April 2015 on Apple App Store and after a year and a half, it was available for Android users, as well. Now it continues to be a trustful partner for those who need a great amount of information about this disease.

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How One Drop Did It?

Even though Jeff Dachis previously co-founded Razorfish, a digital agency, it is a sure fact that diabetes has nothing to do with marketing. However, it will be very helpful to understand the way Jeff Dachis’ background helped him to meet users’ needs.


When you are dealing with a huge amount of data, a service that provides the right information at the right time is everything you need for making your life easier. With One Drop you can schedule certain reminders for medication and you will receive insulin pump data. The same app will calculate the carbs for each recipe and it will allow you to have a better overview of your progress. It is no wonder that One Drop won Best Design Award back in 2015, at LAUNCH Festival even before being launched on the app market.  After that, every important publication, such as TechCrunch, Mashable, CNN, Diabetes Daily, Fortune, The Washington Post, Gizmodo and many others revealed the impact of this app for its customers.

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As Jeff Dachis says: “Diabetes is hard, it doesn’t have to be”. Well, this is true especially when a great group of people who share the same concerns allows you to check their evolution, their recipes and other information that becomes really useful when you are determined to live a healthy life. It is crucial to know that you can count on human support even when you aren’t so confident about your progress and interacting with other members of the same community makes you feel a little better. Additionally, observing what others accomplished makes you see that you can also reach the same level. Moreover, the news feed offered by One Drop allows users to check the latest novelties and events for diabetes. It is all about building lifelong relationships.

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If you take a closer look at One Drop you will notice that even if it is focused on diabetes, most of the features can be used by all categories of users. For example, if you usually forget to take your meds no matter for what reason, this is a great app to use. In the same time, in case you want to lose weight, One Drop is a suitable solution. Due to Apple Health Integration, One Drop mixes smart tools with accurate data for allowing you to improve the way you eat, you exercise or you take care of your health. Take a look at the image below and you will observe some of the most popular solutions from Health & Fitness and Food & Drink categories. It is, without doubt, an app that helps customers to maintain a positive lifestyle and attitude.

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Augmented Reality

When you want to improve the situation of those who suffer, it is essential to keep up with technology and to update your app according to the latest tools that appear in your domain. In this case, One Drop shows us an example by adding Augmented Reality features with the release of iOS 11. ARKit provides solutions for creating an attractive environment even when the situation isn’t ideal. That is the reason why One Drop is one of the first apps who implemented AR Data Visualization for improving the way users analyze their graphs. A necessary app doesn’t have to be boring. An engaging interface offers a pleasant experience while customers try to understand the stats displayed.

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Bonus Tip: Subscriptions Represent A Successful Business Model

One Drop attracts users because it is a free app and it offers everything they need for managing the data required for a healthy existence. Nevertheless, for those who need more and require assistance 24 / 7, for a monthly subscription, they will receive personalized help and they will be coached by a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE). It is very important to count on specialized support whenever you need it. With One Drop | Experts users have two options: On – Track and On – Call. Whatever their choice, experts will be there to encourage and to help them continue their program. Additionally to this in-app chat feature, users who pay for extra services will receive also Test Strips and they will take advantage of One Drop | Chrome, a blood glucose meter which uses Bluetooth to sync data with One Drop | Mobile app. All these form a complex solution for managing this disease.

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Final Thoughts

Smart apps, like One Drop where built to create the proper environment for users to continue with their healthy behavior until they reach the wanted results. Integrating innovative solutions, One Drop can be a real life saver, as one of its customers described it. It is very hard to control a special condition like diabetes but with the new technology that appears daily, everything gets easier for patients and their families.

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