Your Complete Guide to Mobile Entertainment Category

Those times are long gone when mobile phones were only used for calling and sending messages. Nowadays, mobile gadgets are the best medium for entertainment. Several mobile apps are providing mobile entertainment categories. There are free applications that provide entertainment, including live streaming, video calls, music, games, and social networking.

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Types of apps

Social Networking: Various applications have made the world a global village. We can now communicate to anyone across the world, through this mobile app. Mobile apps such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter allow its users the best connectivity and social life across the globe.

  • Music

Music is necessary for living a joyful life. The mobile entertainment category provides many applications for Music lovers, and those all are free. Spotify, iTunes, YouTube Music, and amazon prime music provide the best music experience to their users. For music, world-widely, the most used mobile entertainment app is Spotify.

  • Games

Continuous work 24/7 gives tension and cause mental illness. The mobile entertainment category provides users many free games that can be easily installed from the Play store. Unlimited games for children, Youngsters and even for old age people are available. Other than free games, there are also paid games. This Mobile app games include quiz games and general knowledge games. Through these now we can better spend our time.

  • Video/Movies

The age of cinemas is no decreased because of the Mobile entertainment category for videos and movies. Through YouTube, we can access unlimited movies and dramas. There are many apps for videography, video playing, and video editing. The mobile app marketing of these is through paid advertisement.

  • Books and Literature

With the mobile entertainment category now, there is no need for hard books as it is difficult to handle hard books. You can enjoy unlimited books, novels, and literature through Mobile applications. It has made it easier to read the soft book from the Mobile app at any place and any time. There is also an option of listening to books.

Top apps

With the most collection of popular shows, movies, and documentaries, Netflix is the top mobile app that provides streaming service. You can use this mobile entertainment category through any device, start-watching shows as they get aired. Netflix suggests its user the better titles according to their choices, and we can rate those shows.

Everyone is familiar with the Mobile app YouTube. This is the most entertaining and most-watched app that ever existed. You can make money through the YouTube channel. Viewers can watch and subscribe to their favorite channels; they can watch stories, TV series, songs, and movies. There is also the option of downloading videos. YouTube notifies about the new videos. There is also a comment section in which we can give our views. All these features make YouTube the top Mobile app in the user’s preference.

Facebook is a mobile app that needs no introduction, and this mobile app is providing entertainment for many years. You can make friends on Facebook all across the globe. You can like pages, view stories, share your moments and thoughts with your friends. You can also tag your friends in your posts.

For the last few years, TikTok is the mobile app that caught the most attraction. It is the app through which you can make videos, edit those videos, you can add any sound behind your videos, and like and share other videos. It is the leading app in the mobile entertainment category for short mobile videos.

Angry Birds is the leading mobile app for games. This is the most downloaded app in the mobile entertainment category. It is cost-free to install, and users can join multiple players across the world to play games.

Hence, it is concluded that with the evolution and advancement in technology, mobile phones have replaced several other things and activities. Now we can find our cinemas and all other entertainment activities on a single phone. With OEMs by App Samurai, you can pre-load your mobile apps on devices.

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