8 Tips For Successful Pre–Launch App Marketing Strategy

Launching an app is a very important moment for your app launch strategy and success as a developer but all the marketing process must start at the moment when you are thinking to create the app. Your launching an app marketing should not start when you are ready to upload it on the app store. Don’t treat it lightly and think for your app launch marketing. If launching an app marketing is done well, your effort will be paid off. It is very hard to concentrate on developing an app and at the same time to stay focused on the marketing stages that your app has to pass through. But we can give you some key points to help you with all the steps you have to do in order to have a useful mobile app marketing plan.

8 Pre – Launch App Marketing Tips

There are so many things to consider before launching an app marketing but we can help you by elaborating a step by step plan for you to follow in order to prevent the most relevant issues that may appear when you will present your app in front of your users.
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1. Start With Competitive Analysis And Define Your Buyer Persona

Every successful app marketing strategy starts with a complete analysis of your target audience and of metrics you need to track. At this moment of your launching an app marketing you have to seriously study others opinions, but don’t rely only on your friends and family. Try to reach important persons in the industry related to your app and focus on your target customers. It all depends on the category of the app and you have to interact with possible users that will benefit from it. Try to find common characteristics of people who are interested in your apps like their favourite features, their behaviour, their needs and even their language to figure out how to localize your app. This one of the best mobile app marketing techniques you can use. Another major thing that you need to do is to keep an eye on your competitors and to be a step ahead of them starting now. You have to examine both pluses and minuses of their app. Take a look at their features most appreciated by users and understand how to make yours better. Don’t do the same mistakes they did when they launched it.

2. Plan Your App Release Date

Another thing you should think when you are making mobile app marketing plan is to plan your app release date. If you have your app ready then plan wisely the release date. Don’t just throw it on app store hopping for the best. Allow users to understand what they will receive and increase the suspense for better results. Of course, you will have to deliver what you promised and be careful not to disappoint them.

3. Optimize Your App Store Page

If there is one thing that weights the most in your app promotion strategies and it is ASO (App Store Optimization). It is crucial to invest time and attention in this step because here is the place where people can become your users or not. When listing the best mobile app marketing techniques, ASO always comes up, because without ASO your app cannot reach its full potential. If they aren’t impressed by your app store page everything is lost. Start searching the most relevant keywords and use them in app name and app description but invest in the same time in descriptive icons, impressive screenshots and high-quality videos.

1. App Name

The usual practice is to create a combination between your brand and the most significant feature of your app. Best practices in creating an unforgettable app name you can find in our previous article.

2. App Description

Here you can tell the story of your app to attract your users. Use as many keywords as possible but keep it relevant and intriguing. Follow App Description Guide from Growth Tower to understand more about this stage.

3. Keyword Optimization

This is a very dynamic area. You will need to analyze all the variables from time to time and discover the changes that you will need to make to increase your visibility for your app promotion strategies.The key is to ask yourself what you would search for if you need to find your app?

4. App Visuals (App Icons, Screenshots, Preview Video)

Remember that is all about the appearance. An interesting icon on his device screen will convince the user to open your app over and over again. Screenshots must draw attention and make user realize that your app will make his life easier. Invest in a video that will persuade him to download your app.

4. Get Feedbacks With Beta Invite

Don’t stuff your app with all the features in the world. Keep the most important ones and rely on beta testers to help you choose the ones that matter the most. If you don’t know where to find people for beta testing, don’t worry, we have an entire article with 10 places for finding beta users to help you test the app.

5. Create A Content Marketing Strategy for App

If you want to spread the word about your app you have to create your own domain and to invite people to join your community. Attract them with rich content and make them be part of the whole experience after you create a website and a blog. This is one of the most used mobile app marketing techniques.

6. Build A Website With Subscription Form

A website is very handy when it comes to connecting with your potential users. Design it in a very interesting manner adding images and information about your app. Add a subscription form offering your viewers the possibility to be the first who can download your amazing app and other advantages. It is crucial to make your site SEO friendly to make it visible in the search list.

  • Start A Blog

If you want to share opinions and to delight your users with insights of your app a blog is all you need for a successful app launch marketing plan. And the best part is that you don’t have to be an expert to design it. There are so many Content Management Systems, like WordPress or Joomla!, with hundreds of free templates that will give you the opportunity to have a professional looking blog in less than an hour.

7. Create Your Social Presence

While creating your own content for the app you need to connect with social platforms to promote your app. Add value to opened discussions with interesting comments and when you get the chance to introduce your app to the community. Knowing your target audience will make easier for you to choose the specific social networks, like Quora or Reddit. That will help you share thoughts with your potential customers. You can also, search for groups related to your domain on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Increase Brand Awareness with Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the basic channel to present your app to your future users. Don’t use your entire email base, just focus on those email address that will help you to promote your app best. Here comes handy the submission form from the website you created for this app. An important aspect is to personalize each email so your pitch won’t be ignored and remember to add a Call To Action to reach your goal.

8. Work On Your Budget For Mobile Ad Campaigns

If you want to invest in ad campaign you have to think how much money you can allocate for this stage. It depends on the size and duration of a campaign. A great source for increasing your budget is exactly the app that you promote. There are many methods to monetize it and you can choose the one that suits you. This is the moment where you will decide the details of your UI after you establish the monetization method. Take a look at our article where we describe 5 ways to increase your income.

No idea where to start after launch?

No problem.

Final Thoughts

Maybe you are a little overwhelmed by the plan we described before for launching an app marketing but, there are some significant issues that can appear if you skip important steps. If your goal is to make your app visible and to increase your user acquisition there is no time to waste. The moment you are thinking to develop the app is the exact moment you have to think about how to promote it. If you can’t handle both aspects get someone to help you with the marketing actions and create a team during the entire process.

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