100 Websites for Mobile App (App Store & Google Play)

It is certain that app marketing is not just advertising, even though our core business is to offer app advertising solutions. All of us know how it is hard to create a reliable app. It requires laytime, effort, patience, and heart on the table. In acknowledgement of these, it is your right to expect users as much as possible to use and get happy with your app. However, your job doesn’t end when development is okay. Now, it is time to promote your app. We dig the internet and explore the top 100 app promotion websites just for you to promote your app!

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App Directories

One of the places you can promote your app is app directories. If you are satisfied with your app or if you want to collect feedback for your app in beta, submitting to app directories is really useful. They could bring you, new users, raise your brand awareness, get links and let you gain inspiration on the basis of feedbacks.

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I compiled this list from various resources; Sixteen Ventures, TimeCamp, and Justin McGill.

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App Promotion Sites for Android and iOS

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App Promotion Sites for Android

These app directories are just for Android apps.

App Promotion Sites for iOS

These app directories are just for iOS apps.

Above is the listing that includes free ones as well as paid ones, for live apps as well as in beta. If you seek more and more websites to promote your app free, you can view BuildFire list.

Business Listing

You need to create a page for listing yourself as local or global in social platforms even if you are a virtual company. It’s one of the easiest types of free promotion you can use. These pages let you be active where your potential customers are and reach more users.

App Stores

There are two main app stores which are Google Play and iOS App Store. However, it would be on behalf of your app to benefit from alternative app stores. If you are looking for app promotion ideas I compiled app store I listed below from Moby Affiliates and Sixteen Ventures.

For Android Apps

Beside Google Play which is the main Android store, there are lots of choices you can upload your Android app.
Amazon: It is one of the largest alternative app store launched in 2011. Its reward program called Appstore Developer Select offers free add impressions through Amazon coins and offers 25% credit back when purchasing Amazon Web Services products.
SlideMe: It was founded in 2008 in Seattle. There is no setup fee for developers, no country restrictions and custom distribution channels.
1Mobile: It has over 60,000 apps which focuses on providing a selection of quality apps to its users.
Android Freeware: As it is understood from its name, you can upload and promote your Android app free on Android Freeware.
CodeNgo: By filling a form, your app gets distributed to more than 30 stores.
AppBrain: It was founded in 2009. Your app is displayed via search, categories, and rankings. It has more than 1 million apps.
AppsLib: It has approximately 40,000 Android-tablet-specific apps.
Aptoide: Now, it has 199k stores and over 700,000 apps.
Appszoom: You can see the apps used by your friends and experts you follow.
Mobogenie: It offers not only apps but also wallpapers and ringtones.

For iOS Apps

Cydia: It offers both free and paid apps reaching 4,5 million users weekly.

Cross-Platform App Stores

Besides Google Play and App Store which are the main Android and iOS store, there are several options that give you a chance to add your app (either Android or iOS) and boost your downloads.
GetJar: It has more than 2 billion apps and 395,000 developers. Founded in 2004, it claims to reach over 200 million app users.
Opera Mobile Store: It supports many app formats; Android, iOS, Java and more. It provides 170,000 apps and games for 6,000 different mobile phone formats being distributed to 230 countries.
neXva: It offers an app store for mobile operators and OEMs.
Kongregate: It focuses on video games reaching over 6 million mobile and desktop gamers.
Mobango: It is an app store as well as a sharing zone of photos, ringtones, and videos.
Appland: It is both app store and app-store manager.
Itch.io: It is free and paid-for indie game stores.
Mobile9: It offers apps as well as ringtones and wallpapers.

Online Communities

As well as creating a page in social channels, it is beneficial to join and create online communities. It is time to listen to pains and solve them. It is a good way to demonstrate you are here for problem-solving, not to spam.

LinkedIn Groups
Facebook Groups
Reddit: It offers the latest digital trends and news by gathering individuals and communities in the same zone.
Quora: It is an interactive platform that you can ask and answer any question, publish a post, ask specific person anything. That is, you can create your own community.
Forums: Search for forums related to your business and try to be active

After joining them, your next responsibility is to be active. Actively answer questions and engage with others. If you just promote your app, you couldn’t make a good impression. Therefore, you can give links to your app as well as talk about daily things and give advice about things not related to your app.

Guest Posting

It is another good way to promote your app for free. You can find niche websites in accordance with your app and ask for writing a guest post. There are many blogs that would accept you as a guest writer.
You can view this list prepared by izideo to get inspired. It includes more than 1500 quality blogs that accept guest posts.
Options are not limited to the above ones I have listed. App promotion ideas are limitless!  You can choose the best place to promote your Android app and iOS app. You can increase them by making a simple search on Google like “app directories”, “review sites for apps” etc. Free mobile app submission sites may be good options for you. You may choose the best app promotion agency for your app. Just remember that your job will never finish. Developing, promoting, updating, promoting, promoting…

Good luck with your app!

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