8 Best Ways to Promote A Crypto Mobile App

8 Best Ways to Promote A Crypto Mobile App

After studying the apps you see in the following image, we found 8 ways to promote a mobile crypto app. 

One or the other method might work for you. So, why not take a look at each one by one? 

App Store Optimization – Take the Organic Path to Get Loyal Users

As per AppRader, 50% of mobile users search stores for installing an app. 


So optimizing for the app store is something you should do after launching your mobile cryptocrypto mobile app.

ASO brings you a large number of loyal users that last long. 

Just in case you want to know more, go through this ASO’s beginner’s guide. 

5 Ways How ASO Benefits Your Crypto Mobile App Promotion+

  1. Visibility & Reach: ASO optimizes your rank on the app store and increases your visibility for more reach 
  2. ASO Gives High-Quality Users: When a person types in a keyword, discovers your app and downloads it – it means they like the app and are looking forward to using it
  3. It’s A Long-Term Game: With ASO, you get an increasing number of downloads with time 
  4. Promote Your App Worldwide: By localization, you can reach expand your reach across the globe 
  5. Organic Downloads Lead to Lower User Acquisition Cost: As you won’t be spending much on ads, you won’t be burning money on campaigns

Launch A Website & Have A CryptoCurrency Blog Page On It 

Have a blog in the same niche as your app. After all, it brings a lot of prospects. 

Let’s just run a quick estimate on the total number of people reading blogs.

  1. According to 99 Firms, 60% of internet users read blogs regularly.

      2. Statistica’s Internet usage worldwide stats suggest that about 4 Billion people use the internet worldwide.

So the number of people reading blogs will be 60% of 4 billion, which is 2.4 billion people.

Even if 0.25% of these 2.4 billion blog readers read about cryptocurrency, you get 6 million prospects for your app.

4 Benefits of Promoting Your Crypto Mobile App Via Blogging

  1. Be consistent with your blog and build an identity for your brand 
  2. Connect with your crypto mobile app users and see what improvements they would like 
  3. Explain the paid plans of your crypto mobile app to get more conversions from your target audience
  4. Have a recurring subscription business model with varying plans to multiply your profit

How App Samurai Leveraged Blogging to Get Leads for Its App? 

In 2016, App Samurai generated a bunch of leads blogging in the app marketing niche.

The site started its blog page in May 2016. In just 2 years, the traffic went from 0 to 152k.


With so many loyal visitors, it wasn’t tough to get downloads for the app.

One of the key techniques used by Apps Samurai was offering a login/signup in the menu.

With this technique, a user can log in or sign up as soon as they open the site. 

This helps a lot with conversions as people can take action anytime they want.

To get significant traffic from SEO, you need to work hard. Although SEO takes time. 

But if it’s done right, the results will be quite epic.

Leverage Social Media the Right Way to Promote Crypto Mobile App 

A study from Datareportal says, there are more than 4 billion people on social media. 

This accounts for about 57% of the world’s population.

Just think about the reach and engagement it might give us. 

5 Tips to Promote An App On Social Media

  1. Consistency: Most people fail on social media because they’re inconsistent 
  2. Leverage Paid Ads: Even though it’s highly risky, those who have mastered this get a lot of profit within a short period 
  3. Collaborate with Influencers: Leverage micro-influencers to gain the audience’s trust for more downloads
  4.  User-Generated Content: Ask for feedback for your app in the form of video reviews from the users and put it on your social media channel (tough but effective) 
  5. Offers & Rewards: Have a contest or giveaway for all your loyal app downloaders

To understand and leverage this type of marketing, even more, go through our social media marketing guide.  

Crypto Forums & Communities Can Be A Great Way of Promotion

Forums and Communities are some of the most underrated ways of promotion.

Using these to their optimum potential can bring a lot of leads to your app.

For starters, you can sign up on Reddit and join relevant communities to promote your app. 

For instance, there’s a community on Reddit around Cryptocurrency

The community has 3.5 million members and all they discuss is cryptocurrency. 

On Reddit, people promote themselves with posts like these: 


The person here is asking for some advice – He is asking questions like – Is crypto trading a good option? What tools should he use?

The post was just 33 minutes old and it had 32 comments already!

So what you can do here is comment and promote your app.

You can comment something like:

Hey [user name], I have been trading regularly in crypto and made a great earning out of it. I think you should try [your crypto app name], ever since I’ve used it my profit has been sky-rocketing.

So this way not only the person who has posted the post will read it but everyone who is taking interest in the discussion will read it too. 

You can also add the link to your app.

But Beware: Some Reddit communities won’t allow putting links anywhere in the comment, so always read the rules of each community before engaging. 

Top Forums & Communities to Promote Your Crypto Mobile App

Here’s a list of top 10 forums and communities you can leverage:

  1. Reddit
  2. CryptoInTalk
  3. The Bitcoin Forum
  4. Dash Forum
  5. Litecointalk
  6. Reddit -> CryptoCurrency
  7. Beer Money Forum -> Crypto Currencies
  8. Bitcoin Garden Forum -> Crypto Discussion
  9. Overclockers -> Crypto Currency & Mining
  10. Hard Forum -> Mining & Cryptocurrency

Invest in Your Crypto Mobile App Advertisement Campaigns

Boost campaigns are the best and short-time-high-investment campaigns. 

These ad sets can boost app engagement and downloads to a great extent. 

For a boost campaign to work, make sure you have a perfect marketing strategy and a bug-free app.

The process demands heavy investment, so there’s no room for error. 

Here we’ve explained how ASO and boost campaigns yielded great results for one of our clients.

Go Old School And Start Cold Emailing

In the world of chatbots, people think email marketing is dead.

A study from Mailchimp revealed that the average email open rate for the business and finance niche is 21.56%.

That means approximately 21 people out of 100 will at least open your email.

So, it’s not dead at all. 

There are 3 things that give email marketing an edge over other promotion techniques:

  1. You don’t have to worry about algorithmic changes of any kind because it’s just emailing
  2. The open and conversion rates you get in cold emailing are the best compared to any other promotion techniques
  3. When you have an email subscriber list and people ready to join it, there’s a high chance they might be interested in using your crypto mobile app

Tips for A Successful Cold Email Outreach for Your Crypto Mobile App

  • Have a clear call to action in your email copy to win a great engagement ratio 
  • Get conversational and encourage email copy to make readers revert at least 
  • Personalize your emails by adding the recipient’s name and customizing the subject line for different sets of the target audience
  • Use short paragraphs, bullets, and be to the point for more engagement 
  • Add your social media channel links at the end of your email copy

Leverage Affiliate Marketers to Promote Your Crypto Mobile App

According to a study published by Forrester Consulting and Rakuten, about 81% of advertisers and 84% of publishers leverage affiliate marketing for promotion.

Mobile app affiliate marketing has 3 prominent players:

  • Advertisers: App owners who want their app to be promoted
  • Affiliates: Marketers would promote your crypto mobile app
  • Users: Audience who will see the offer and sign up to your app 

Benefits of Mobile App Affiliate Marketing

  1. Affiliate marketing will get you direct sales and you don’t have to stress about getting users for your app
  2. Start affiliate marketing with low investment and then invest more when you it seems to work 
  3. The risk associated with mobile app affiliate marketing is low to negligible as payment is only received after getting a user for the app you’re promoting 

Start A YouTube Channel & Explain The Idea Behind Your App 

A study conducted by Statistica revealed that there are 1.86 billion YouTube users worldwide.


Since 2016, there has been an increase of 27.4% in the number of users. This percentage will be on the rise in the coming years.

To get the most out of this opportunity, go through this YouTube Guide and know more about setting up your YouTube channel for success. 

3 Benefits of Promoting Your Crypto Mobile App with YouTub

  1. Target worldwide audience and convince them to download your app
  2. If your videos are unique and engaging enough, there’s a great chance of people sharing them on social media
  3. Increase user engagement by explaining how the app works 

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