How To Write The Best Call to Action for Mobile App Marketing?

Digital marketing strategies for mobile applications have a lot to do with the success or failure of apps. Currently the development of mobile applications is a market that continues to grow.

Many of the mobile applications are free, but many others have their Premium version or directly require prior payment for download. In any case, the competition is enormous and that is why, when launching a new app to the market, it is very important to define a good digital marketing strategy; but not just any strategy. A digital marketing strategy focused exclusively on the mobile application category.

In the world of advertising, it is common for about 10-15 different campaigns to be tested in order to understand which formats, texts, illustrations and call-to-action buttons work best. Always depending on the different audience segments you are targeting. We prepared a list about mobile campaigns & best CTA strategies. 

What is a CTA?

Let’s start at the beginning: What is Call to action? A CTA, call to action, is a words, phrase or sentence that encourages the user to act in a specific way, a way that you want them to act. In other words, a call to action makes the user take action. It could be visiting your website, buying something, downloading your app or something different. And it is one of the most important parameters in a mobile app advertising strategy. 

Why You Need a Strong CTA?

And why exactly do you need a CTA? A strategicly placed strong call to action can make wonders. It helps your customers guide them through the buying journey and directly affects the conversion rates. If you want your users to act on a specific way, just tell them what that is! 

Also, people gotten used to seeing call-to-actions that tell them what to do and they expect to see a call-to-action in an important position. But that does not mean any CTA can make your users convert or take the desired action. App advertising is about reaching to your target market, making them download your app and keep using it. And it all starts with a good CTA that convinces your users. You need to follow these rules to have a strong call to action. 

Best Practices For Writing An Ideal Call To Action

Your post should make it clear to your potential customers what you are offering, why it is valuable to them, and why they should act now. Here, we show you how you can make a change in the copy to write a CTA properly in any social network of your choice.

  1. Research

The fundamental basis of marketing is research and to create a good call to action, you must find out everything about your target audience, that is, who you are targeting your product or service.

One of the best tools for research and study of your audience is social listening. Using this type of exploration will allow you to deepen the analysis of your audience beyond a demographic observation. Discover the conversations that are happening around your brand and niche in order to create a more attractive CTA.

  1. Use the correct message in your call to action

Start with imperative phrases that express order or request like “Buy Now,” “Click,” “Subscribe,” “Sign Up Now” that will help persuade the audience to take action.

It is also important not to fill your publication with colloquial terms, since all the publications that we are used to as users are generally of that type and that of your business could go unnoticed. Make sure you maintain a tone that is friendly, persuasive, and professional.

  1. Focus on your users

The goal of the call to action is to get your readers to act by making them feel like you are talking directly to them. Using the pronoun “you” and the possessive adjective “you” can make them feel identified and recognized.

Whether you are advertising an ios app or android app, you have to give the user priority over everything. 

  1. Create a sense of urgency in your call to action

A call to action that is “for a limited time only”, with products “available to the first 100 customers” or with a “discount code for the next 24 hours” forces your followers to take their wallet and buy immediately.

“Call now” works better than “Call” or “Call when you can” because it implies urgency and immediacy. Scarcity and urgency are the two weapons every marketers should use.

  1. Customize each call to action according to the platform

Each social network works differently, so the copy of your publications cannot be the same on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

On Facebook, the Ad Center on business pages has the ability to add a call to action button to promote your page, get more visits to your website, promote your business in the area and get more potential customers.

Instagram also added their own CTA buttons to the end of their promoted posts. You can also add a web link in your stories that will appear as a tab that says “See more”.

  1. Show your benefits in the call to action

The best way to convince your potential customers to buy your product or use your service is to make them understand why they need it.

This is why you must write from the perspective of the reader and show them clearly and obviously the benefits they will get from becoming your customers. In a good mobile app advertising strategy, you have to focus on the benefit you’ll give to the user. 

  1. Make use of images

Before you can convince the user to take any action, you have to get their attention first. A call to action with an image is a good way to tell the audience “Pay attention.”

If you are selling a product, show it with a photograph. You can also insert texts in your images. The idea is to make your CTA as visually appealing as possible. 

  1. Simplify things for your audience in your call to action

Your followers really value their time. This is why any call to action should indicate that it will not take much time or effort to perform the action.

Instead of saying “Complete this form” it is better to “Register today” because, although in reality the action to follow is the same (fill out a form), “Register today” may seem easier and less tedious to the reader.

  1. Test your CTA

Before you use the CTA, make sure you test it in-house. Test the call to action with your peers, colleagues or your friends that are not a part of your sector. Ask them their opinions. Or do A/B testing using different CTA’s to find out which one performes better results. And if your app works on both Android and iOS, you can prepare different CTA’s and test which one performs better. Of course this works well if you have the same copy in both of these platforms. 

A good mobile app advertising strategy, any advertising strategy or marketing strategy actually, depends on a good test. 

Best CTA items every mobile app & app’s website needs

If you are looking for a good CTA, you can sttart with the best ones that have proven their effect. If one of the CTA is applicable to your goals, and you are not using it, you are making a huge mistake!

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  • Download
  • Sign up now
  • Continue 
  • Sign up with Google/Facebook
  • Free Trial
  • Learn more

In addition to the real value, in most cases brands should allow users to browse and control their interactions with mobile ads with effective CTAs. If a user feels compelled to participate, even if the ad is the best designed and delivered, it will probably cause resentment. Remember: consumer attention spans are short.

However, you will not be able to execute these guidelines in your mobile marketing strategies if you do not have the right digital marketing knowledge. Feel free to ask about your strategies and questions any time! 

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