Mobile App Success Story: 2 2 (Android, iOS) is a fun game which is .io based, that requires players to chomp away at the arena as well as the safe zone of other players within the game. The multi-player chomp game is a fast-paced game which lets players chomp pieces off the field and turn those pieces to their perspective colors. You can achieve this by leaving your zone and looping around; however, all you need do is to try not to get cut off, because once that happens, you lose!
The fun game, an offshoot of was developed by VOODOO, like a puzzle and general interest game.

Brilliant Idea

Voodoo, has been known to credit the success of the company so far as the game. The co-founders of the company have always said the game spiraled the company’s success. Little wonder they came up with a part 2. 2 tasks players with a mission to broaden their territory. Players achieve this by eliminating their opponents and circling new territories with a cube. The new game has these unique features:

  • Better control: Direction within the game is controlled by dragging and touching your device’s screen as a player. Furthermore, the swipe control provided by the first series,, has been upgraded and exchanged by VOODOO, to a joystick style control which players say is more fun as it affords them more control and freedom over the path they can go.
  • Better graphics: The developers worked on the graphics also. The game now looks way better and even more 3D than its predecessor. This is one factor that endears a lot of players to the game, as everyone loves outstanding graphics!
  • Crashing no longer kills: The new version is designed such that crashing into the edge of the stage will no longer terminate the gameplay unless the player collides head-on. A lot of die-hard fans are of the opinion that this addition would make it a lot easier for them to chase their dream of capturing 100% of the board without losing their lives!

How 2 Did It

The game is basically a polished survival game developed by Voodoo, with the aim of spreading your zone across as many parts of the board as possible without losing your life. It may not be so easy, but we have a few trick and tips that would definitely help you:

  • The first thing is to play your cards right. You are limited to a few moves to use them properly. You do not have to load up a CGG, neither do you need to use a deck of cards.  Just take your time and develop a small zone instead of going all in for a massive expansion immediately you begin.
  • Beware of your environment. Although all maps are the same big white canvas which possesses round edges, knowing it like the back of your hand would really help you. You should know how to fit in on this canvas. The best part for a player to spawn on the canvas as close to the edges because spawning in the middle means you would have players attacking you from each angle. The edges will give you an advantage, as a player.
  • Everyone is an enemy: Through vigilance, you can easily decipher everyone’s move, because now you would know everyone is a potential enemy. You should find everyone dangerous, no matter how small and make sure you are aware they would either try to kill you or conquer your zone.
  • Be smart, Duck, Dip Dodge, and Dive: You have to develop smart fingers. This way you can always avoid death. It kills or be killed, so you have to make the best of every opportunity you have. Do not allow people make contact with your trail first before you kill them. At any given opportunity, get rid of the enemy trailing you.
  • Be Patient: Do not charge blindly, stay in your zone instead. What you can do, however, is to try and lure other people out. Do not go about expanding when you should be going for the kill. Also, when you attack people, you expose your own trail, so always go for kills around your home. More importantly, try not to kill someone in their own home as it may be a bit difficult; instead, wait for them to expose their trail and then you strike.
  • Mastering the game might take a little time: Exercise a little bit of control so you can get used to the gameplay first. Wait till you can understand your limitations then you can become a little more aggressive.  Play the game passively at first, kill people who come out too far from their homes and then aim for the big fish, when you have developed some confidence. This is because stealing someone’s territory makes them try to attack you. This part could be a bit tricky, so it is best you adapt to the game a little before pulling these strings.
  • Be on the defense: Carve out a territory for yourself and defend it. This way you can survive easily. Find a way to lure people into this territory so you can kill them. Do not blindly expand in one direction, instead, expand equally in all directions so you would not have to patrol your entire zone to ward off competition. Also, stay near the edge so you will have less direction to be concerned about.

Business Model

Available on Android and iOS stores, the 2 game has witnessed massive downloads and followership. On the Android play store, the app has 657.6k downloads, with 266.7k daily active users and 315.2k monthly active users. All these figures have been on the rise ever since the game was created. On the other hand, the iOS store has witnessed a total of 5.7million downloads, with a steady growth of about 100% and a total of 854.4k and 1.3million daily and monthly active users respectively.

Revenue Generation: 2 generates most of its revenue from in-app purchases visible within the game. These purchases have been able to generate the game $457.9 and $43.8k in revenue on both Android and iOS stores respectively. 2 also has a number of paid ads within the game and have been able to generate $188.3 from these ads on the Android version.

Final Thoughts

If you were a fan of at any point, then you would absolutely love 2. The game basically leverages the success and concept of its predecessor, the game. The only difference is, 2 tries to add a little bit of finesse as it brings few circles into a square game. The game still has a lot of ads within it which players will be required to watch but that is understandable as they generate revenue through ads. As stated on their official page, the game is one heck of a ‘smooth drawing experience!’

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