Mobile App Success Story: Flipp

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, winter holiday…there are so many occasions to catch great deals on your favorite products! In the middle of the shopping season, you need a reliable friend that will guide you in order to make the best decisions. Guess what? It is the perfect time to talk about this type of companion. Flipp is a mobile app specially created for bringing the best offers from local retailers in front of its customers. As usual, besides the elements that impressed everybody from the beginning, we will discuss the marketing techniques that helped this app to become a trustful tool for its users.

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Brilliant Idea

For the moment, let’s discover the story behind Flipp. You probably know that it was initially called Wishabi and it is the product of former Microsoft engineers. They launched the app in 2013 with the purpose to create a connection between consumers and retailers, as it is mentioned on the official website of the Toronto – based company. Since then, the app appeared in many tech publications, blogs, and forums and it continued its growth supported by investors. In fact, it represents, without doubt, a real opportunity for customers to save time and money. Moreover, its owners built a real culture around the app and this fact is proven by the awards received on various occasions. Some of them are the Canada’s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures or the Best Workplaces in Canada.

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How Flipp Did It?

We will make a list of all the features that made Flipp a successful app. The idea behind these strategies is that you need to avoid assuming what users want and to offer them what they really need.


Every app owner should be aware of the fact that not all users are tech geeks. It is very important to save money but if you struggle to obtain the best results maybe it’s not worth the effort. Don’t forget that customers use your creation when they have a little break from their daily chores. There are plenty of shopping apps out there but it is crucial to help users understanding how the app works as soon as possible. For this reason, with just a few taps, Flipp’s customers know what they need to buy, the price for each item and the place with the best offer. After all, this is the main purpose of the app.

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It is relatively hard to convince users to opt-in for push notifications, but when you prove how beneficial is for them to receive relevant messages from your app then you are on the right track. That’s the moment when you reach your purpose and you make them open your app very often. This is also the case of Flipp where users schedule various notifications because they don’t want to miss an offer or to forget about some useful coupons. We also mentioned many times how efficient push notifications can be for both marketers and customers when they follow the best practices to apply this technique.

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Money Saver

Let’s face it, when you save money, no matter if it is just one or hundreds of dollars, you feel good about yourself. You searched for the best deal and you paid attention to your budget. The psychological effect of this behavior allowed Flipp creators to acquire a great number of users because everybody wants to buy more and to spend less. It is one thing to go to the supermarket unprepared and a totally different approach to stick with the products added to your shopping list. Starting with Flipp 2.0 users are able to do their groceries in a smarter way.

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Flipp allows users to browse through paper ads and to find the best deals from the local brands. It uses GPS for gathering in a single place their favorite products whenever they need to create a shopping list. Flipp personalizes users’ experience according to their preferences. It is true that going through all the circulars from stores around your home every week can be a boring task and a really helpful tool is the one that brings you the feeling that shopping is a fun activity which can offer you a lot of pleasant surprises.

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Bonus Tip: Take Advantage Of Important Events

We can say that Flipp is everywhere. Whenever people try to prepare their meals for Thanksgiving or when they organize their lists for Black Friday and for Christmas. Other occasions are spring cleaning or when children go back to school. What we want to highlight here is that every celebration, big or small is an opportunity to make your app visible to your users. Make them understand that you are there whenever they need a little help or a piece of advice. If you check the official blog, called Flipp Finds you will discover plenty of useful articles that make users’ lives a lot easier when they explain how to cook healthy dinners or how to improve their lifestyle. Moreover, the app store page is completely transformed every time a certain event requires customers’ attention. And if someone wants to discover more about Flipp the Newsroom page offers all the novelties related to the app.

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Final Thoughts

As a conclusion, Flipp is a helpful app whether you want to compare the best prices or you need to discover how to promote your app. Being part of users’ lives means to win their trust and to make your app a habit for your users. And we already clarified how important are these stages for the success of your app. To summarize everything in just a few words you need to pay attention to users’ needs, to make sure that they receive the right message and to be there whenever they need your help. Again, people expect a personalized experience whenever they interact with your app, so you need to offer them that above anything else.

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