Mobile App Success Story: How Mushroom 11 Did It

We want to inspire you today with a great story which will guide you through the wonderful journey of a sensational app. These attributes aren’t just a method to attract you and to make you read the entire article (which hopefully you will do), they just describe the real phenomenon created by Mushroom 11. Because this is the game which continues to impress its players from the first second they open it. But enough talking; let’s discover the insights of Mushroom 11.

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Brilliant Idea

Mushroom 11 was built during Global Game Jam in 2012 by an indie team of developers, Untame. After adding a lot of improvements Itay Keren and Julia Keren – Detar, husband and wife, launched the game on October 15th, 2015 (National Mushroom Day) on Steam, GOG and Humble for Windows PC, Max and Linux while they won the support of Indie Fund. Before this event, Simon Kono and Kara Kono joined the studio. This year in March, the game was released for iPhone, iPad and Android as a puzzle platformer which allows players to cut, and reshape a weird mass for discovering impressive secrets. You won’t believe your eyes when you will see the bosses created for this game. Its unique design made Apple add Mushroom 11 in the list of Design Award Winners of 2017. Now we are about to discover why.

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How Mushroom 11 Did It

We are going to use Mushroom 11 as a general answer to the following questions which represent the main challenges of every app owner.

How To Monetize Your App

Nowadays, it is a proof of courage to upload an app on the market and to ask people for money if they want to download it. There are rare occasions when customers use an app and they don’t express their disappointment for the product received after they paid for it. This behavior is explained by the fact that people tend to be more exigent when an app comes with a cost. And Mushroom 11 shows us that this method really works for some apps. This, of course, isn’t a general solution for all categories but if your product is valuable enough, people will be happy to open their wallets for receiving those benefits. Actually, Mushroom 11 won a big part of those users since the time when it was an awesome game for desktop platforms. This long period before it became available for mobile devices just increased players’ enthusiasm for the touchscreen mode.

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How To Convince Users To Pay For Your App

If you want to know what it takes to make people pay attention to your app even when we talk about a paid app, you need to start with your app store page. We will add here a print screen with Mushroom 11 on Apple App Store and we will leave you to draw your own conclusions based on the best practices presented in our articles. Even though this aspect is essential to the success of a mobile app, the amazing awards and reviews received from experts for the desktop version of the game also convinced users that this is an app which is worth their money. Its anticipated release for small screens brought to game lovers what they were waiting for a long time.

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How To Impress Users Who Paid For Your App

You need to look at users’ addiction for mobile games and to offer them a really unique atmosphere. There are plenty of features which attract users and show them that it was a good choice to install the game. The landscapes seen inside the game are hand – painted, Multi-Touch and 3D Force Touch (for iOS version) offer an impressive gameplay, the left-handed mode proves the attention for all users and we didn’t even mention that the soundtrack was created by The Future Sound Of London. These are only a few of the reasons which make players to enjoy Mushroom 11.

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How To Show Your Gratitude For Users Who Enjoy Your App

While these results were achieved after 5 years since the first line of code was written, you should know that Untame has a complex system for maintaining their relationship with game lovers. From a simple Contact page, to a blog where they reveal special development secrets and from a forum to a subreddit group the team members are everywhere. You can find them whether you open the official page of the studio or the website specially created for Mushroom 11. And the Press Kit contains all the necessary information about the game along with engaging screenshots and descriptive videos. Follow their example and don’t stick with the usual Facebook and Twitter accounts. Make sure that customers can reach you just by using their favorite channel.

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Bonus Tip: Choose The Right Platform For Building Your Game

We talked before about the best tools available for creating a mobile game. Utility is the one chosen by Untame for their brilliant game but you can go with this one or with any other framework that allows you to transform your ideas into a smashing success. You just need to take your time and to analyze your options. Remember that what works for others can do wonders also for you. Or can be a real catastrophe if you don’t use it in a smart way. After everything we discussed earlier, you probably understand the necessity of selecting the platform which offers you everything you need for providing an experience never seen before.

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Final Thoughts

It is time for the main takeaway of this story, and we believe that the most important conclusion is to create a complete package for your customers. It is not enough to build a great app, although this stage is still very important, but you need to understand how crucial it is to deliver a beautifully wrapped solution for the sake of your users. Just like Untame did with Mushroom 11.

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