Mobile App Success Story: Kahoot!

Ever wondered if learning could be made more fun, interactive and entertaining? Let’s discover the Kahoot! game.
Kahoot! is an app which leverages the use of technology to create and administer quizzes, surveys, and discussion ideas.  It is structured like a classroom response system of gameplay, with a response system which the whole students partake of in real time. There are also multiple choice questions available for users to find answers to; using their computers, tablets or smartphones.

Kahoot! is the perfect tool for the creation of quizzes, discussions, and surveys in relation to defined topics to gain feedback or for assessments.  The app’s game-based outlook makes it more engaging and easy to use. The users not only answer the questions but they can also interact better by asking questions. The interesting feature of the Kahoot! is that it allows for the use of pictures and YouTube videos in the content.

Brilliant Idea

In August 2013, Kahoot! was officially launched in Norway as a mobile solution for homework. Kahoot!  In March 2017, was reported to have gotten over one billion participating players; with about $26.5 million generated as revenue from Northzone, Private investors in Norway, Microsoft Ventures and Creandum. Published by Kahoot!, The game belongs to the category of education and the subcategory of Teaching and Training Tools.

App Marketers;

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As of May 2017, Kahoot! had a total of 50million active users and this figure has only been on the rise by the day, with great expectations for it to grow even more. Although, English is the prominent language utilized by Kahoot!, there is also language options for French and Spanish descent. In addition to Phones and tablets, the Kahoot! The app can also be run on Chromebooks. It’s version 2.2.1, which was released on the 13th of February, can be gotten on Google Play Store. The app operates on Android operating system.

How Kahoot! Did It

The app company came up with an easy to use app which can facilitate learning. Basically; the platform can be used to create a survey, discussion or quiz. This is done only after creating an account. The display comes up with three separate options for discussion item, survey or quiz. It is up to the user to pick an option and build your game. Each question asked usually have a limit of about 95 characters, with up to four options to answer from. Once you get the right answer, tap on the ‘red’ button. This button will turn green and say “correct”. You can also set time limits, between 5 second to 20 seconds. There is also an option for embedding images or videos from YouTube.  Questions can be added or edited using the toolbar placed at the bottom of the screen. You complete a quiz by selecting ‘Next’ and following the procedures. Based on your preference, you can add a cover image to the mix; also selecting whether you need your game go public or stay private.
The app saves the games played in My Kahoot! section. Users pick whatever game they intend to launch by tapping the ‘play’ button. Using a smartphone or computer; students can log in as well. Once they do, the app displays a game pin which will enable them to join the quiz. This game pin is to be entered in the device being used by each student so a username can be created. This username will remain visible as long as the game progresses. Students earn points for accuracy and speed, with a scoreboard displayed after every question.

Results of each quiz taken by users are made available in the My Kahoot! section.  A purple cloud next to the gameplay ushers this section in. You can even tweak the whole process as a tutor, allowing your student to pick a username. This username can be shared so you can track their results with them.
In Classroom Teachings, Kahoot! can be used thus:

  • To emphasize the outcomes from items learned; a quiz can be created.
  • Users can also utilize games to introduce topics; and find out what students already have knowledge of, giving you a clear picture of where to focus your instruction as a tutor.
  • Kahoot! functions best when the questions it faces are those which require only quick responses. This makes it a great tool for learning new terms.
  • The app also lets tutors survey their students about ideas being discussed; in the section of the study.
  • There is also an opportunity for the quiz to be created and Incorporated into study sections for upcoming events
  • Users are also allowed to play the game twice, using a feature called ‘ghost’. Here, users get to play against their previous performance, hoping to outdo themselves and improve their score.

Business Model

Kahoot! designed an app with a lot of options for users. Here are a number of things that can be done with the app:

  • Users get the opportunity to sharpen their skills during and after school: The app allows teachers to assign homework peacefully. Instead of fumbling with pen and paper; homework is made way more awesome. During less busy moments, ‘Kahoots’ previously used in the classroom can also be replayed because practice indeed makes perfect.
  • Opportunity to challenge yourself and challenge others too: Being religious about this game will no doubt sharpen your skills, more so with the advent of after class challenges given after each section. You can test your skills to know how good you have become over time, as it is expected you get even better with constant practice. You can also send challenges to your friends for a little competition.
  • Play any quiz of your choice, using the single player mode: As much as the app fosters group learning; that is not the ultimate. Users can also play single mode quizzes so they can test your memories and have fun too.
  • Be a part of group games: Users can become a part of a hosted group games, either run in a class or any other kind of group setting. All questions asked will appear on a screen shared by participants and your phone can be used as the controller to give responses to these questions. By adopting this method, the students and teachers will not be the only ones who get to enjoy the game. The fun is extended to anybody who loves a good quiz and wants to learn along the way. All you need do is find and play a game on any topic you choose.

Kahoot! allows you:

  • Find several quizzes on diverse topics among millions of quizzes on the platform
  • Take photos with your device, for each question
  • Add videos to the mix for increased entertainment
  • Create awesome quizzes through a checklist
  • Become a part of games hosted live
  • Practice using single-player mode
  • Challenge friends for the fun of it.


Kahoot! Is one game which draws attention to the classroom. It fosters interaction; putting users in control of the Q&A process and giving them an opportunity to interact and build discussions in between these questions. Students, generally enjoy competitive games, more so when it lets them contribute their own ideas as well as retain contents. Like they say on their platform; Learn, play and have great fun Kahoot!’ing.

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