How Can You Promote Auto and Vehicles Apps?

Vehicles and smartphones are part of our lives, and these two are related to each other. The thing that connects them are mobile apps! Whether you want to purchase or sell your car or you want to improve your driving, you will need an Auto and Vehicles app.

Understanding that mobile app owners and developers implement smart solutions to provide a better experience for users and drivers. If you own a similar app or plan to launch an auto and vehicle app soon, we will show you a few techniques and tips to promote your auto and vehicles apps. Have a look:

App’s Business Model

Before we move on and discuss the best ways to promote your auto and vehicle app, let’s quickly discuss the app’s business model. Although, in theory, all app platforms are pretty much similar, in reality, the same-looking apps belong to different categories.

The same applies to auto and vehicles apps. There is a separate category on Google Play Store, but you will find auto apps on Apple App Store in the Productivity apps.

Furthermore, if you want to see these apps’ latest trends and progress in any particular country, there are many reports available online that you check. Similarly, these reports will help you to determine the best monetization model for your mobile app.

Moreover, these apps are also helpful for users who want to buy or sell vehicles. Users can access free apps as well as an in-app purchase. Paid auto and vehicle apps contain premium features or other special facilities that significantly help buyers and sellers.

Now, it is your turn to determine the pricing system for your new mobile app. However, ensure that what it offers to customers and why they should download your product.

Best Ways To Promote Auto And Vehicles Apps

Below are some useful methods and crucial points to pay attention to when promoting your auto and vehicle apps. These tips will bring increased visibility and higher rankings to your auto and vehicles app.

Don’t underestimate the power of Social Media.

As mentioned earlier, these apps are helpful for users in many situations and assist them in selling vehicles. So, to some extent, we can say that these apps themselves work as a promotional tool but keep in mind there are many users who also want to purchase a car.

Now, the question arises how to bring your mobile app in front of the audience and increase their interest in the products listed in the app? The answer is by bringing those groups together; you can do this. Try to bring the people who want to sell cars and those who want to buy them. Of course, this is the app’s primary purpose, but you can do this via other platforms.

You can use other mediums such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Quora, Reddit, and many more. You can utilize these channels to spread the word about your mobile app and help users achieve their goals. And this method works even if your mobile app was developed just to help users while they are on the move.

For example, you can look at the famous Android Auto app and other videos available on YouTube, including details about the app and its features. We know that Google owns YouTube, but there is no harm in adopting the exact approach for your app.


Discussing your app with others or spreading words about the app at an event can be extremely helpful. Whether you are attending an event, giving a presentation about your app, or coming just to view the new apps or technologies presented in the event, it is ideal for you to connect with people in your occupation.

Plus, you also have the opportunity to convince others about your app. Be confident and ensure that others understand the features of your app. The best part of this promotional strategy is that users attending these events are highly interested in discovering new stuff and apps.

This way, you can participate in the discussions and promote your app.

We will mention Volvo’s campaign as an example of an innovative product, Care by Volvo. This app allows users to subscribe to a vehicle.

Actually, the whole campaign was about selling the latest XC40 model. But both the mobile application and car were launched at LA Auto Show. Yes, this whole concept is fresh, but users appreciate and love it.


The Internet offers various benefits for app developers and owners who know how to use this new technology. We understand that it is not simple to develop this type of apps, but the benefits it offers to motivate the developers to follow this track and facilitates the drivers who want to improve their driving skills or vehicle’s performances.

Nowadays, you will find various mobile apps that provide innovative solutions to drivers. Auto and vehicles mobile apps have different features that are handy and useful for cars and their drivers.

You will find apps that take care of car maintenance and enables users to personalize their driving experience, enhance their driving style and help in savings against fuel consumption. For example, you can take a look at the Dash auto app and check out all the services that the app offers about how to use a car efficiently.

Local Markets

There can be some certain situations when a great number of users are not the ideal users for your business. What’s the point in having thousands of customers if you cannot assure them to use or download your mobile app?

Similarly, if you invest in a strategy to get new users only to view them uninstalling your mobile app, then you have wasted your bucks. There you will realize the importance of having a targeted audience. It would help if you targeted the users that are interested in your mobile app and with high value.

Furthermore, you will also find many auto and vehicles apps made for specific geographical areas. For example, AutoScout24 sells cars and bikes across Europe. There are no reasons to present their apps or products for users located in Asian countries, for example.

Try to be at the top of the Google SERPs.

Do you know that most users turn to Google when searching for a new car? According to a recent survey conducted by Kenshoo, about 70% of users use Google or other search engines when searching for new vehicles.

As Google is the best out there and is the first line of defense, so most users prefer to use it over other search engines. But it would help if you considered the fact that not many of us like to go down to the bottom of the page when looking for any query.

The first few or top listings always get the most visitors and clicks. That’s why it is vital to ensure that your app remains in the top positions as it is critical to your automotive marketing campaign’s success.

To do this, you need to run the Google Ads strategy, which should be an effective one.

So, here the question is how to get to the top of the search page without breaking your bank account? Well, there are many promotional strategies that Google favors, and those can help you acquire the top positions without spending more money.

We advise you to follow these important instructions to get started:

  • Ensure your Google Ads account is set up adequately with tight-knit ad groups. Similarly, aim for 15 to 20 keywords in a single ad group.
  • Try to keep keywords relevant to your ad text, and include 2 or 3 ads per keyword list.
  • Use ad extensions wisely as Google loves them, and they will enhance your chances of lead generation and interaction.
  • Add negative keywords to prevent irrelevant searches and pay attention to your search queries and reports.
  • Set your budget appropriately, especially if you are managing multiple ad campaigns. You should know what your highest sellers are? What’s your target audience likes to search for? Bid higher on these items to learn what is trending among your target audience.

It’s also vital to consider other search engines and networks such as Bing.

While for most of us, Bing is the neglected cousin of Google, however, Bing has its share in the search market, and typically the platform attracts older folks—individuals who are probably more financially established and can pay for expensive cars.

Bid on competitor keywords

While we’re talking about how you can promote your auto and vehicle apps via search engine marketing, it’s vital for you to not only bid on the apparent keywords. Instead, you need to allocate a budget for your competitor’s keywords, and then you can run a successful automotive marketing campaign.

Remember that automotive marketing or promotion is highly competitive, so you are in a continuous battle with your competitor all the time. Another thing that needs your utmost attention is a compelling ad copy, which is your key to success.

However, it is not advised or recommended to use anything negative or using your competitor’s title in your ad copy. It would help if you bid on your direct competitor’s brand name and create a convincing ad to generate more leads.

Deal with one user at a time: 

This is extremely important in the initial stage. In the start, your primary goal needs to be user retention instead of user acquisition. If you can manage to create a small group or community of users that use your app and don’t hesitate to provide feedback about your mobile app, it will validate your app’s primary purpose.

Try to make them your loyal customers by providing the best services. In general, regardless of what stage your app is, try to talk with your consumers directly.

Ask them questions frequently, listen and understand their critiques, offer your help, and try to keep them happy. No other marketing tactic is better than word-of-mouth promotion.

Offer a helping hand.

Not all of your gestures and actions lead to an app-download button. Find users who are in problems and if you can solve their problems, offer solutions to them, and the app downloads will come in later as thanks!

Clearly mention the issues that your mobile app solves: 

Try to make it a statement and utilize that to recognize your target audience. Market your new mobile app to those users first.

Build a community: 

This applies to all types of mobile apps and businesses. Building a community is essential nowadays, and an ideal place to do this is the social media platforms. However, you can also use local platforms such as

Lastly, surround yourself with individuals who have the same goals and care about the same things as you do.

Final Thoughts

Auto and vehicles mobile apps are valuable tools that help consumers whenever they want to purchase or sell a vehicle or enjoy all kinds of features and facilities while driving.

It is vital for app owners and developers to take the maximum benefits of these latest technologies when building their promotional strategies and attract valuable users to achieve maximum ROI and success.

It is not that simple, but there are various advanced technologies designed for this purpose.

So, we hope now you know how you can promote your new auto and vehicle app in the best way and what to look out for during the process. Still, if you need help, we are there for you!

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