Word of Mouth Marketing for Mobile Apps in 2021

In the emerging era, different mobile apps like mobile apps in 2021 show their diversified ways of engaging with their advertising. Word-of-mouth marketing is one of these essential parts between owner and users. App Samurai can perform many marketing strategies such as word of mouth marketing for you.

What is Word of Mouth Marketing?

(WOMM) Word of Mouth Marketing is mainly known as word of mouth advertising. It is a targeted means of advertisement that relies on the power of word of mouth by utilizing loyal customers to spread the word about a product or service rendered. This marketing practice (WOMM) aims to make people talk and share important information about a product or brand. A successful word-of-mouth marketing campaign is a chain reaction where a person talks to multiple hosts who keep spreading the information to other people. Among other forms of marketing, word of mouth marketing gives brands the highest form of lead conversion.

Talk Triggers statistics on word of mouth marketing revealed that the marketing technique is 115% more effective than traditional marketing measures. 32% of people come across new products from word-of-mouth recommendations, while 29% get direct referrals from friends’ recommendations.  A new report stated that 90% of people are more likely to trust a recommended brand from friends or even strangers. Showing the power of word-of-mouth marketing, Semrush statistics revealed that online WOM marketing drives $6trillion in annual global spending. Much more, it is more effective than paid ads, thus resulting in five times more sales. Since the increased yield of word-of-mouth marketing, 70% of marketers are looking to increase their online word-of-mouth expenses.

There are two major ways by which the word of mouth marketing is utilized; Organic Word of Mouth and Amplified Word of Mouth.

Organic Word of Mouth

Organic word of mouth marketing occurs naturally with people satisfied with the products purchased from the company or the service used. This set of people develop a natural desire to share their support for the brand by telling their friends, family, and strangers about its products. Most times, these natural advertisers have no affiliation to the brand save being a buyer.

 Amplified Word of Mouth

The Amplified word of mouth marketing is an extended measure through which marketers launch marketing campaigns to accelerate word of mouth marketing in communities. Most times, the amplified word of mouth requires a budget to fund the process. The power of word of mouth is harnessed by contacting certain individuals (influencers) with a large and targeted audience to talk about the brand and its services to their communities. Usually, these individuals are people who are generally loved and trusted by their audience. By using these individuals, their audience, in turn, ensures to patronize the advertised brands. Unlike traditional word-of-mouth marketing, the amplified technique requires the brand to contact the influencer for a partnership deal. Although this technique requires funds, the return on investment makes up for the funds spent.

How does Word of Mouth Marketing Works?

Paid advertisement through Google, Facebook, and Instagram has become highly expensive and competitive. Many times, brands have complained about the low lead generation and conversion despite investing so much in advertisements. While the complaints have become unresolvable, brands have invested in alternative marketing measures requiring less monetary investment and cost-efficient economies. To enhance effectiveness with this form of marketing, brands should create a good customer experience for existing customers as one chain of negative reviews can nullify positive ones.

Below is an explanation of how word of mouth marketing works;

  •   Set up quality products to facilitate a positive buyer experience
  •   Provide seamless user interface and order process since most consumers considered visual appearance when making a purchasing decision.
  •   Then, leave people to talk about your services to friends and family members or contact known figures to amplify their validation using their social media platforms. It is important to contact individuals with a large audience and trigger the audience to use the goods or service.

How Effective Is Word-of-Mouth Marketing?

In the word-of-mouth marketing statistics and insights, Nielsen reported that about 92% of the consumers have believed that the suggestions from friends and family more than the app advertising. 88% of the people consider online reviews written by other consumers. On the other hand, 74% of people have trust that word of mouth is a critical factor for an influencer in their purchasing decisions. Only 33% of the business collectively reviews and actively seeking out.

Tips for Word of Mouth Marketing

The amazing thing about word-of-mouth marketing is the fact that it works for every type of business. A study by BrightLocal revealed that nearly 9 in 10 customers read reviews to validate the authenticity and effectiveness of a business. Whether as a small or a big business, you would need those reviews to survive in the digital marketing space. Here are tips to enhance successful word of mouth marketing campaigns;

Provide excellent customer service: Excellent customer service is not only one of the few ways to stay ahead of the market competition; it is also a way to facilitate high customer flow. Statistics on word-of-mouth marketing states that over 50% of unsatisfied customers tell their friends and family members about their experiences, while 32% take their businesses to a new seller. 

  •   Make your contact details easily accessible
  •   Maintain a good image in and out of the business space – Presenting a good image helps to maintain the kind of image you want and ensures to maintain positive word of mouth
  •   Get testimonials from satisfied customers. Testimonials are powerful endorsement that sparks god word of mouth. The testimonials can be posted on the company’s website and social media platforms to portray a positive image of the business
  •   Engage Customers on Social Media: Since word of mouth mainly revolves around people saying good things about the brand’s product or services, engaging previous buyers is one of the best ways to utilize word-of-mouth marketing. You could utilize Twitter to run a hashtag, then tell the audience to post a picture with the brand’s product using the hashtag; #dogecoin. The result of this engagement is a new way to measure word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Get Publicity: Get publicity by getting involved in sponsoring local citizen-centered events. Get the media to talk about your contribution to events and activities. This way, people would be able to spread the good news about the brand. Sponsoring a charity organization means that people would always refer to your brand as one who cares for the less privileged. In turn, you get more consumers willing to support your brand with their patronage.

Top 3 Tactics for Word of Mouth Marketing

There are three tactics for creating a word-of-mouth marketing campaign for mobile apps.

1. Create a Topic

The first thing in creating a word-of-mouth marketing campaign for different services is to create something worth talking about. For this purpose, it can be more uncomplicated and more comfortable, from a warm and exciting meeting at the hotel, park, and restaurant to a heavily invested marketing video. The way of activity and creativity word-of-mouth marketing campaign in the mobile apps do not want high investment. For the best word-of-mouth marketing campaign, you can adopt the right mobile marketing strategies and efficiently promote the mobile app at a reasonable price.

2. Promote User-Generated Content 

One of the best free tools to increase user involvement in Mobile apps marketing and get people to talk about apps is user-generated content. Images, social posts, and videos are modern and the most ‘in’ form of word-of-mouth marketing. If you give the people comfort and simplicity to talk about something, they will be happy, enjoy, and remain engaged. People try to make them content that will facilitate you in word-of-mouth marketing campaigns and promote the mobile apps.

3. Share Reviews

For a mobile app in 2021, try to share the full reviews and testimonials with your friends, audiences, and users. You must need to know about each and everything in mobile apps marketing. You know how to use testimonials and reviews as an effective and unique word-of-mouth marketing strategy. For the best marketing campaign, there is a need to develop your brand’s loyal followers who shared their experiences, stories, and work regarding how your brand and mobile apps change their lives and bodies. This type of work gives you the best way to the promotion of mobile apps and word-of-mouth marketing.

Word of Mouth Marketing Ideas

  • Give your customers a different experience and experience they cannot get in other places. That would cause them to talk about your brand more. You could make some of your customers ambassadors. This would naturally cause them to recommend people to your brand
  •   Invest in Visual Triggers to create word of mouth. People will naturally want to share your visuals if they find them visually amazing.
  •   Emotional provocation is an effective way to get the audience to talk about your products. You could leverage a brand people like, then attach your company to it. Hence, if your brand produces movies, you could attach the release of your next movie to Netflix. Everyone likes and believes in the use of Netflix. Attaching the availability of your movie to the brand will go a long way.
  •   Pay attention to ratings and reviews. Even if a friend refers a prospective buyer, the buyer would still love to check other users’ experiences online. Get feedback and word-of-mouth referrals from your customers. Then, display their honest reviews on various platform
  •   Create a referral program. Although this form of marketing is very effective, it requires little cost. Offer referral rewards like discounts and gifts to nudge happy customers to introduce others to your business
  •   Take advantage of Influencers: WOM marketing should be sparked among influencers with a strong social media presence. Since people trust these influencers, it would be great to utilize the power of word of mouth by paying them to promote a product

Best Word of Mouth Marketing Campaigns

Influencer WOM Marketing – This campaign is one of the best forms of WOM marketing. It doesn’t only give your brand control over the influencer but also helps you to measure the marketing target. This marketing campaign requires you to pay an influencer. By so doing, you can control what they post, how they post, and when they post. However, in using this strategy, ensure work with an influencer that resonates with your target audience.

  •   Hashtag # Campaign: the use of hashtags is a subtle way of making customers talk about your brand. Hence, when people purchase your product, you could tell them to upload the product online using the hashtag. The hashtag campaign builds stronger brand awareness and drives in sales from people who would have ordinarily not make a purchase.
  •   User-generated Content: This WOM marketing campaign utilizes the content created by product consumers. This could be a Tik-Tok video showing the customers wearing your product. Whenever this is done, ensure to repost the video or picture on the brand’s media platforms. Ensure to credit them when doing that. In your user-generated campaign, you could also offer incentives for customers who create the best content. That would spark contests and get people to interact with your brand.  
  •   Get Social: Many people got to know more about Tesla and its products because Elon Musk became more social after getting free publicity for being one of the richest men in the world. He took advantage of the opportunity, tweeted more about Tesla, and the brand gained more visibility. His social media interactions and engagement also gave a huge boost to DogeCoin. As a business owner, it is best to leverage social media.
  •   Give out Freebies: Shoppers enjoy freebies. Every week, send out discount codes customers can use to get free products. You could also utilize the ‘buy 1 get 1 free to get more people to buy a product.
  •   Utilize Affiliate Marketing: Set up an affiliate program by making your clients refer their friends using their affiliate links. In turn, they get a reward based on the number of people referred. You could also work with popular bloggers to write articles that would contain links to your sites.
  •   Word of Mouth Review: Reviews can be traditional and automated. However, traditional reviews are limited because people can only reach several people at a time. However, automated reviews have a larger audience. On your website, ensure to provide a review section to allow customers to leave a product review for goods purchased.

Online Word of Mouth Marketing

Electronic or online word-of-mouth marketing refers to a statement made by a potential or existing customer about a brand and its products or services to an audience through platforms on the internet. eWOM revolves around the opinions of people about a brand.

Types of Online WOM

The most common types of online WOM are Reviews and Ratings

  •   Reviews – Reviews are information or recommendation given by consumers or industry professionals about a brand
  •   Rating – Rating is an evaluation of the quality of a product on a given scale. It is usually represented in stars. 4 stars out of 5 means that the consumer is satisfied, and 5 stars out of 5 means that the client is highly satisfied

Characteristics of Online WOM

  •   Enhanced Volume: Online WOM has a wider reach than traditional WOM strategies. The electronic technique also creates more awareness and generates more sales since the audience is larger.
  •   Platform Dispersion: In the online WOM, marketers can make comments about a product on different platforms with different audiences to gain a more augmented marketing result
  •   Persistence and Observability: To a large extent, comments about a brand on social media platforms determine the action prospects take towards patronizing the brand. Since eWOM are usually persistent and easily observed, it helps the audience make an informed decision
  •   Anonymity and Deception: Anonymous reviews and comments do not influence eWOM positively. It could affect previous perceptions. Hence, a good eWOM pays more attention to the comment from an expert towards a brand
  •   Salience of Valence: In WOM marketing, it is easy for the audience to interpret customers’ ratings. The audience can either determine if the relationship between a buyer and a seller is good or sour through the ratings. Hence, even if the potential buyer has decided to buy, they may still look for the ‘push’ to buy online. The review seen ends up determining the buyer’s intentions.
  •   Community Engagement: It is easy to note customer engagement through their interactions online. Excellent interaction is a good way to leverage competitive advantage. Brands should find these interactive people to create quality content

Word of Mouth Advertising Statistics

A new way to measure word-of-mouth marketing is the existing statistics. According to Invesp, 88% of consumers place the highest level of trust in the WOM recommendations of known people, while 64% of marketing executives highlighted WOM marketing as the most effective form of marketing. A report revealed by Semrush blog revealed that 70% of marketers are looking to increase the amount spent on WOM marketing. In the same report, 17% of Canadians revealed WOM as the fourth-leading reason for anyone to consider visiting a convenience store. 23% of people consider buying a Christmas gift or Valentine’s day gift because of WOM recommendation. In relation to the disposition of brands towards the power of word of mouth, the report revealed that brands who offer positive experiences get three times more WOM recommendations than those who had dull experiences.

How to Create WOM Marketing

Creating a WOM marketing is different from improving on it. Creating a WOM marketing involves following the strategies and working out the strategies with a team while improving on it means identifying the strategies that worked to invest more in it. For instance, influencer marketing is a section of eWOM, but it doesn’t yield for all brands. Hence, it is best to identify the strategies that work and improve on them.

Is Word of Mouth Marketing Traditional?

Word of Mouth Marketing is considered traditional because it is the oldest form of marketing. However, the creative use of the internet has revolutionized the approach to its use. At this time, it is considered one of the most reliable forms of marketing whose relevance would outlast time.


Word-of-mouth marketing for mobile apps in 2021 is a very emerging app in this era in which people remain ‘in’ touch about all app information and receive positives vibes for it. By adopting the above categories, you can get more benefits from your mobile apps marketing campaign. You can get support from App Samurai for your mobile application marketing campaigns and strategies.

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