Best Techniques For Effective Mobile App Branding

When you walk on the street there are big chances that all persons you see are paying attention to their devices. Whether they share something on their favorite social network or they book a table for dinner while they receive a recommendation and even an offer for one of the best restaurants in the area you can observe the reality which shows that everyone is busy focusing on those small screens. Now, going back to our mobile marketing discussions, you need to take advantage of people’s addiction for mobile phones and to spread the word about your business through your app. This method is called mobile app branding.

Why Brand Building is Important

Hopefully, you are aware that your brand is a complex combination between your name, your logo, your products, your app and your website. All these elements must complete each other for bringing you the wanted success. When you build an app for your brand you need to take into account all the other factors that will make it even more efficient for bringing valuable customers for your business. Because the app tells the story of your brand, it represents the reason why you created your startup in the first place and what your company has to offer to its customers.

Best Techniques For Brand Building

We will share some of the most useful strategies for building your brand. Keep in mind, though that every action must start from you as the leader of your startup.

User – Centric Design

You know our permanent advice. Always create your app with your customers in mind because they are the ones that will use it and they will judge it, after all. When you design your app you must provide the amazing user experience. This is the only way it functions. With A / B testing you will have an idea closer to reality about what your users want. In the same time, you should study your competitors to understand where they succeeded and what elements aren’t so appreciated by customers. If you want to discover more about users – centric apps we recommend you to read an interesting article published on Think With Google on how the team behind Google Primer created the app concentrating all their strategy on users’ needs.

Fast And Bug – Free Experience

It is worthless to say that an app where users encounter errors and other types of problems tell only bad things about your brand. Offering an intuitive solution that helps customers to solve their problems in a quick and simple way is what you want to present for your audience. Detect all the issues that may cause an awful impression before they get in front of them. You should find useful our article about 7 Crash Reporting Tools For iOS And Android Apps is written exactly for this purpose.

Encouraging The Sense Of Belonging

Transform your app in your users’ favorite tool and convince them to open the app again and again. In the same time, you need to provide them support whenever they have problems with your app. Showing that you are there for them will enhance their appreciation for your brand. Look how Nike+ Running engages its users and supports their efforts for keeping their healthy habits.

Being Consistent

When you start providing useful content, you must continue on that tone. You shouldn’t change the way your business functions every time trends change. And most important of all, you have to be original but to remain loyal to the message you want to transmit to your customers. Moreover, you have to follow your brand’s theme inside your app. We are talking about the same colors, fonts, and other essential elements. This way, users will remember easier about your company. For example, there isn’t coffee lover on this planet that doesn’t recognize Starbucks’ style.

Advertising With Interest Targeting

When you are trying to drive awareness for your brand it is necessary to focus your strategy on ads based on the interest of users. Facebook Ads can help you with your goal. Because it isn’t efficient to display your ad to everybody, showing your app to customers that are looking for products like yours is the key for a well – designed plan. We have an entire tutorial for the Best Practices For Creating Facebook App Ads That Drive Installs. We invite you to follow it for achieving the wanted results.


An important technique in mobile app branding is to create a relationship with your customers. App personalization will do wonders for the overall impression provided for your users. Analyze all the data you have in your hand and select the necessary information for attracting users according to their preferences. This is the reason why analytics were invented so you should take advantage of those resources as much as you can. There are many solutions for personalizing your app in order to represent your brand in the best way and we gathered nine of them in a very useful article on AppSamurai. Study them and choose the ones that correspond to your business.

Enable Sharing

Don’t forget to make it easy for your users to share your creation with their friends and colleagues because they will want to do that in the moment they find value using it. When it comes to spreading the word about your brand customers are the ones that can help you with the entire process. Everybody knows and loves Pandora. One of the reasons why this free music streaming app became viral is that it allows users to share with the people they know their favorite tracks or radio stations.


Mobile app branding requires a lot of attention because there are some important elements which will determine the evolution of your startup. We discussed each one in detail and we gave you the reasons why they are essential for the growth of your brand. Now it is your turn to focus your resources on increasing the effects generated by the app you created for your business.

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