How to Promote Shopping Apps

Do you have a shopping app? If not, it may be an ideal time to invest in one.

The holiday season is fast approaching. It’s a time of year where people are looking to buy gifts for their loved ones, and it also means that the number of online shoppers will be increasing exponentially. For those who own an app or have one in development, this presents a great opportunity to promote your app.

With more and more people going mobile, having an app is no longer just a luxury but also a necessity. Online retailers are quickly catching on as well, with the number of apps for online stores increasing by over 50% from last year.

This post will discuss how you can promote your shopping app to increase downloads and revenue.

Shopping App’s Business Model

First of all, you should check other shopping apps available on the famous app stores. Therefore, we also gathered a list of popular apps that users from the United States use for shopping. 

While analyzing, we noticed that apps available on Apple App Store were more intruders that have nothing to do with retail shopping. 

However, apps on the Google Play Store followed certain patterns which immediately caught our attention. We noticed that Google Play Store’s free section includes famous retail apps on the top positions. 

Furthermore, special tools such as QR reader apps and shopping lists were found in the premium section. And for top-grossing apps, we found both paid and free with in-app purchases.

It is simple and quick to find the right business model for your own mobile app if you keep in mind the features that your apps offer to users, and then you need to compare them with other popular apps.

Promote Shopping Apps

We are trying our best to help mobile app owners to engage their consumers through our posts about retail apps. Now let’s check out the methods that will help the creators of shopping apps in the promotion of their apps and to reach their audience.

Prepare The List

The first step is to pay attention to your shopping app and your target market at the same time. An intuitive app is an ideal solution for all shoppers. 

Organize your app’s features and products in such a way that users can easily find the wanted items without much effort. Start with organizing the flow and continue the same with a user-friendly interface. This is the ideal way to show your users that you created this shopping app to help them with their purchases. 

As an example, we will advise you to read the story behind the success of AliExpress, which features a mobile ecosystem to entice customers and encourages them to purchase from their online store. 

Keep in mind that competition is high in this niche, and you will be competing with thousands of apps, and even the minor details play a vital role in bringing your creation in front of your target users. 

Mapping the customer journey is another thing that you cannot ignore in this stage. For example, Shopping List Voice Input is highly appreciated by people as it makes their shopping lists without much effort and without writing or typing. 

Speech To Text is a handy feature, and you can also think about using it for your shopping app. Besides, it is simple to implement this type of solution.

Offer your best

Everyone wants to get more but wants to pay less. In simple words, we all love discounts. And for shopping app owners, this can do a great job. You can quickly and effortlessly attract new users by offering great discounts and special offers. 

Similarly, you can also use certain sales personalized as per the audience’s taste and preferences. Do you remember how Flipp used this strategy? You can also do the same for your shopping app.

Furthermore, there are many other methods and techniques to convince users or grab their attention through your messages. The most effective are the rich push notifications that efficiently remind them about your shopping app and location-based facilities that will enhance their entire shopping experience. 

Apart from it, this method is also ideal if you are a retailer and own a physical store. Nevertheless, shopping deals act as a magnet and attract all types of customers. 

Try to encourage users to take a peek into the app by mentioning opportunities to save money with every possible purchase and occasion.

Promote your shopping app in confirmation emails

Confirmation emails are a great way to get your app in front of people who might be interested. They generate 600% more revenue for you, so don’t hesitate! The best part is that they’re opened 800% more often than any other kind of email.

Use this opportunity by sending out confirmation e-mails when users complete transactions on the store through your shopping app.

Get your customers excited before launch!

Customers should be your priority, aim and they are also the best way to get more app installs. Remember that you have tried hard, and after investing your time and money, you have converted them into customers. 

So now use and treat them as a precious asset to promote your shopping. If you are thinking about how to do it, here is the answer.

It’s a fact that consumers will stay longer, purchase more and return faster if your app provides them what they need. You can boost the app’s download and grow your user base by providing what they are looking for and answering their queries. 

Here are some tips for you:

  • Let customers know that your new shopping app is coming before launching it publically.
  • Make announcements on various platforms and your website. Write about the app in your newsletter and most of the promotional content on social media.
  • If possible, create a short video and post screenshots of your shopping app.
  • Create hype by spreading the word about your app!

Holiday Season Can be Beneficial

While promoting your shopping, pay special attention to the holiday season and all special events which impact users to spend on gifts for their friends and family. These events and festivals can be great for your app’s promotion. If users decorate their homes for holidays, why you cannot do the same thing with your mobile app? 

Transform your shopping app store page and make it noticeable to users. Keep in mind that every festive element that you add to your app brings new customers and makes it attractive. This way, you easily gain better engagement and high retention rates, and it is your best chance to convince users to spend more money through your shopping app. 

At the same time, encourage your target audience through other types of content, such as blog posts where you can offer them simple and practical how-to guides for an ideal holiday. 

Meanwhile, you can use other content types such as infographics and images to enhance the visibility of your mobile app during this special time of year. 

As an example, try to analyze how The Christmas List brings joy to its customers while also helps them in their Christmas shopping.

Complete Purchases

Let’s recall. You created a simple to use and user-friendly mobile app to attract and tempt users with special bonuses and great discounts. Then you provide them all the things they need during the holiday season. You are going great so far! But something is still missing. 

Users downloaded and visited your app, add things in their carts, and left them there; it is not a conversion. Now is the time to pay attention to the conversion. 

The best weapon against cart abandonment is the retargeting strategy. Don’t forget to track your results while you use this exclusive and effective method. And there is another thing that will impact the success rate of your shopping app, the payment mechanism. 

Look at the Target app as an example that uses this facility and outlines it at the start of its app store description. Remember that if customers face issues in a payment system or your shipping costs are too high, then they will definitely not visit your mobile app and start to ignore it. 

So, this thing is extremely crucial for your overall success.

Traditional tactics to promote your shopping app:

Using the relevant and right keywords ensures that users will see your app or website higher in the search results. And this thing helps them to find and download your shopping app.

SEO and ASO techniques are crucial for any type of app, and probably you already know them. These simple tactics can be extremely effective for your app or download pages. Try to build a landing page where you can promote your shopping app. 

Once you are able to get featured in the organic search results, it’s free promotion of your app with organic traffic.

Presence on social platforms.

Social media platforms are a key place to focus as most of us spend our time on social platforms. Think of it this way, if you have to buy a billboard for your ad, which road do you choose to put it on? Social media ads work in the same way.

If your target market and users spends most of their time on Instagram but not on Facebook, you need to use Instagram for your ad spending.

When doing so, use photos and videos for your ads, and start small. A photo ad is an excellent way to get your app in front of new users. Try to keep things simple but engaging. Similarly, change or adjust the tactics based on your users and how well it is performing in the first couple of weeks.

Partner with relevant brands.

If possible, try to form partnerships with other relevant brands. Find a business that has a similar target audience, and discuss with them about this joint venture. That way, you can give your promotional campaign a new direction and new opportunities. Besides, this collaboration can be beneficial for both parties.

Think About using influencer marketing.

Influencers are celebrities or people who have a large following or online audiences. These people have the power to “influence” the audience and their purchasing behavior. In this competitive, influencer marketing is vital for all businesses.

Collaborating with the right influencer can get your shopping app in front of thousands of potential customers and enhance your brand awareness. 

To take the maximum benefit through influencer marketing, ensure that your targeted influencer’s following is relevant to your target audience. Furthermore, their norms and values must be aligned with your brand.

Common influencer marketing strategies include an influencer creating a post stating its experience about your app. While some influencers talk about your product on their social media channels. Similarly, you can also request them to talk about your app at an event. 

Think about incorporating influencer marketing in your shopping app’s promotion strategy, and you will get the desired results in no time.

In the End:

This is it, we that our guide offers you useful info and makes your shopping app promotions easy. To summarize the methods given above, we advise you to pay special attention to the user’s needs and then pitch them valid solutions through your mobile app. 

In your shopping app, try to engage them as much as possible with unique offers on their favorite products. 

Offer lucrative discounts to add joy to their life during holiday events and try to make the whole process as simple as possible for them. And you need to keep them updated about your shopping app and all the improvements that you are making to improve their shopping experience to maintain their interest. 

Consider these things and promote the shopping app to your users efficiently as no one is stopping you.


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