Best Video Marketing Channels to Promote Your App

After creating your mobile app, the next thing you want to do is to get it into the market for people to use. There are various marketing channels to choose from but to get your app out and rolling; you need to give people what they want to see; VIDEOS. There is a common phrase that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” so you can imagine what a video is worth when marketing your app.

But a perfect video at hand is only half of the journey. You need to find the proper video marketing channels to post your video and promote your app. You will therefore have to be very specific on the video marketing channel to use to promote your app. Video marketing has become a popular marketing strategy known to help boost engagements, attract more users and generate more leads. It has overtaken SMS marketing, Email marketing, and even word-of-mouth marketing.

If you are jogging your mind on what video marketing channel to use for app promotion, read on to get some insight. This article will guide you on the best video marketing channels and the best videos to use to get the best out of every marketing channel.

1.    Video on App Stores

App stores are common marketing channels since they reach a global audience and do not require a budget. App stores are a marketplace for every mobile app, where consumers can browse and install the app of their choice. There are various mobile app stores, and you should consider marketing your app with some of them to make sure they reach as large an audience as possible. Types of app stores to use include:

A.    Apple App Store

The Apple app store is designed for iPhone and iPad users. It was introduced at WWDC14 and is also famous as app preview. The app preview allows you to make 30 seconds app- preview videos for your mobile app. 

However, your app preview video should follow the following guidelines:

–    It should be device-specific.

–    It should be composed of device captured footage.

–    Strictly 30 seconds.

–    It shouldn’t look like an ad.

–    Only one language should be used in one iTunes entry.

B.    Google Play

This is designed for android phones and allows adding a promotional app video URL which can be played by just tapping the button on the mobile. The plus side of using google play promotional videos for your app is that you can:

–    Localize your videos in different foreign languages to target a global market.

–    Have transcripts based on user-language settings displayed for them.

–    Get a YouTube view for every google play store view you get.

C.    Alternative App Stores

Other app stores are also a good fit for app promotion. Stores like Amazon, Socio, and are a good fit since they offer less competition, better visibility, and higher monetization benefits.

2.    Social Media

Social media is a growing trend in-app marketing since it’s a free distribution channel. It only requires that you create an account on the various platforms and begin reaching out to potential customers. You will have to get your users more engaged and share relevant industry news, user-generated content, and links to blog posts to reach more people. You can pay for your videos ads to be promoted and get more people.

To optimize social media video ads, you will have to do the following:

–    The video ad should be between 15-30 seconds long.

–    Open on the product early to grab attention.

–    Showcase the product (app) for the majority of the 30 seconds of the video ad.

–    Add a brand link for users to identify the app being advertised.

–    Generate a message that is understandable even without sound.

–    Create a video ad message that is succinct without overloading on the information.

Among the best social media platforms that you can market your app to get a high ROI to include: 

A.    Facebook

Facebook video ads come with an “install now” icon that allows the user to install the app from the apple store or google store if interested in the app. The video ad usually plays without sound till the user taps on “play.”

B.    Instagram

Like Facebook, the video ads on Instagram often play without sound for a while, and for them to capture the user to tap “play,” they must be creative. Linking Facebook and Instagram is a good idea that enables you to share your post from Facebook on Instagram (or vice versa) with a click of a button.

C.    Twitter

Twitter video ads help maximize the ROI of your video app ads by allowing you to target by specific devices, location, mobile carriers and keywords, interests, and followers. This means that if a user is into gaming, they will get video ads on gaming apps to install.  

3.    The App Websites Landing Page

Your app’s landing page is another excellent channel to market your app. The landing page should be user-friendly and contain clear and informative content. Adding a promotional video of your app is a perfect way to give people who land on your page a preview of what the app is all about.

Here are a few more tips to incorporate while using promotional videos on your website landing page.

–    Add a headline plus a short description of your app together with your promo video.

–    Put the video on top of the page or after the CTA.

–    Include a call to action (CTA) that appears severally asking the users to download the app.

–    Provide Social proofs such as reviews, awards, and testimonials.

–    Rather than creating a custom thumbnail, choose a thumbnail that perfectly integrates with the video content.

4.    YouTube

We can’t ignore the power of YouTube when it comes to marketing videos. Youtube is famous primarily for short and long videos, and as the second largest search engine, it’s an effective channel to drive traffic your way. The more views your app marketing video gets on YouTube, the more conversions it generates, and these translate to more downloads for your app.

There are multiple app marketing videos on YouTube, and the following tips can help your video stand out.

–    Including the app name and user-friendly keywords on the title.

–    Including important keywords and a link to your app or website on the description.

–    Customizing a thumbnail 

–    Choosing the right tags and ordering them from the most to the least important.

5.    Tv Ads

Unlike social media and YouTube ads, Tv ads cannot be skipped, making them an effective channel to market your app video. Much as selling your app through a video on tv is more costly; it is known to optimize the ROI, especially when the right audience is targeted. While advertising your app on the TV, be sure to point out the time your advert should air, depending on the audience you want to target.

If an app targets parents or the older generation, prime hours before and after the News section are an excellent time to air the promotional video. An app video that targets children and young folks should air before or between tv programs.

Here are a few other things to do while advertising on tv;

–    Create a cool intro that captures the viewer’s attention.

–    The video advert should be comical or creative to be easily remembered.

–    Consider water-marketing your video. 

–    Create a short video ad, but one that communicates all essential details and provides a CTA.

6.    Reviews by Influencers, Bloggers and Journalists

Most people tend to use popular products or those advertised by the influencers they fancy or trust. Getting bloggers or journalists to promote your app video on their social media channels with positive reviews or doing a short video about your app and posting it can help get traffic. This is because celebrities are believed to be masters of their niche, and people trust that they only endorse the best.

7.    Other Video Platforms

There is an ocean of video apps to choose from while looking to promote your app via video. Some are not as popular but can still help boost your app. Vimeo, Daily Motion, Product Hunt, Quora, and start-up videos are but a few to try.

8.    Emails

Much as email is not a video app, it can be used for video marketing as well. Since email and YouTube are products of Google, they are integrated, and hence one can embed app videos links at the end of an email. The email recipient can therefore get to view your app promotional video on YouTube by simply clicking the link. This will help increase the more awareness and visibility of your app.

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