How To Promote Personalization Apps

When you own a smartphone, the great part is that you can customize it and totally transform it according to your style. The worst part is that you have to spend hours on finding the right apps in order to achieve what you want.
When you own a personalization app, the great part is that you can make users happy and to help them whenever they need to change the boring aspect of their phone. The worst part is that you spend hours for making your app visible for your users and to convince them that your app creation is what they need.
In our attempt to eliminate these downsides, we put together a short list of the most important elements that will bring your personalization app in front of potential users.

Business Model

In order to understand other app owners’ strategies, we should take a peek at the apps listed in app stores. Checking the reports delivered by App Annie for users in the United States will help us to observe the trend for monetizing personalization apps. As with many other categories analyzed before, you can see that on Google Play these apps are integrated into Personalization, while on Apple App Store they can be found in Lifestyle. In the same time, we notice a different pattern when it comes to choosing a business model for a customization app. In the top grossing apps there are many free ones with in – app purchases but also many paid ones. This means that if you have something valuable to offer, people will pay when they want to make their phone unique.

Google Play top lifestyle apps on United States

Google Play top personalization apps on United States


How To Promote Personalization Apps

From wallpapers to launchers, from widgets to icons there are many types of apps included in Personalization. If you struggle to convince users to choose your product, maybe the following advice will eliminate some of these challenges.

Everything For Everyone

The core definition of personalization apps is to provide for each of your users what they want and to allow them to change the way they control their phone according to their preferences. For this reason, you will have to provide a plethora of functionalities and to prove them that they have numerous options when it comes to choosing a theme. We all know that millennials prefer customized apps, but you shouldn’t forget about other categories of users. Moreover, you have to allow them to create their own style and to import the layouts they love. In the same time, you should consider their budget. It is true that you need to pay the bills but if they want to try your app, the price shouldn’t be a barrier. Just observe how the creators of Nova Launcher attracted users with amazing free features, and for those who wanted more they have a paid solution, Nova Launcher Prime which, by the way, is #1 in top grossing apps. So, give them the freedom to choose!

The Right Spot

Let’s think about your problem now! You want to increase the visibility of your app but you don’t know what to do to make your app standing out. The solution is to be in the right place at the right moment. And that’s when users are looking for a product like yours. Of course, on the app store! Yes, your app is already there but it’s hidden behind all those popular apps. For example, if you type the word “launcher” in the search box on Google Play Store, what do you see? Above all these famous products, there are two ads which make users focus their attention on those two apps. CM Launcher 3D is a successful app but for making sure that users observe it when they want to download a launcher, its creators decided to implement Google Play Search Ads.

The Power Of Data

When we discuss personalization apps, it is important to highlight the importance of users’ demands. Every app owner should take into account users’ preferences in order to serve them the right content. This is the only method that makes your app one of users’ favorites when they want to customize their devices. And you can go a little further because there are hundreds of apps that offer various wallpapers and colorful themes but yours should provide something special. Take advantage of the information shared by your users and implement special features. Let’s talk about Zedge, for example, which is a leader when it comes to personalization apps. Additionally to the special editions for holidays and events, the app recommends users certain mobile games, based on the apps they use. This aspect allowed Zedge to team up with DeNA for attracting more gamers into the app.

Tech Preferences

Another great technique to spread the word about your creation is to convince reporters about the value of your product. It is a little harder to reach them but, press coverage offers a lot of advantages for app owners who want to acquire more users. If you don’t know where to start or if you have no idea how to create a press kit, our guide will definitely help you. In fact, you shouldn’t focus only on tech sites. Connect with mobile users on forums, post on various Facebook groups and prove that your app is an amazing tool for those who want to make their phone more interesting and efficient. Let’s say that we want to personalize an iPhone and we browse the internet for a good app. The first app which appears all the time is Pimp Your Screen. Follow this example and convince influencers to talk about your creation.

Final Thoughts

Personalization apps represent the best way to make your device stand out. When you own this type of app you should offer the best features for reaching your users’ demands. Find the right moment when users are looking for an app that makes their phone unique and makes them understand that your product is what they need.

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