How To Promote Mobile Casual Games

It has been a while since our last discussion about games, but today seems a great day to talk about this special category of mobile apps that are meant to entertain us. This time we thought to cover a special genre, casual games, because it is so popular lately. So, what are casual games? Why are casual games so popular? How to advertise this type of games? Let’s find out.

What Are Casual Games?

We all know Angry Birds, right? It is one of the most popular casual games in the world. Mobile casual games are those games which … well, are casual. They can be played anytime by anyone.This is the beauty of casual gaming. You don’t need hours of free time and you don’t need sophisticated skills to open casual games and start playing. Now, think about how many casual games you played before and in what situation?

Why Casual Games Are So Popular

A recent study published by Statista, shows that casual games was the most popular genre for Android devices in the first quarter of 2017 worldwide. Until March, this year, casual games reached almost 60% of mobile devices. Taking into account this report you would say that majority of people play casual games but what are the reasons for their popularity?


For casual games, the mechanics are very basic. You just take a look at the game and you understand how to play it. Casual gamer like this comfort. Casual games are without many rules and they can be played with one hand. It is understandable why this genre conquered so many devices.


Usually, casual mobile games are free. That is mostly because nobody would spend their money on these so called small casual mobile games. Without any costs, many people agree to try them. If they like them they will keep playing. If they don’t then it won’t be a monetary risk.


When you are bored, you want to have fun, not to get even more bored or sad after reading some news (except our weekly overviews, those are awesome!). So you will play a little game while you wait for your business partner to come or during your commute to work.


Casual games can be played by all types of people, from kids to adults. Casual gaming don’t require any great depth of knowledge or the latest version of a smartphone, unlike the hardcore games where you need to be a very experienced gamer. You just open the app store and browse to see what novelties are published lately. You will see that all are compatible with your device.


Being able to get to the end of that game in a small period of time encourages users to keep playing it. Without too many competitions it removes the frustration of casual gamer that they lose even in a simple game. And a smart technique will even engage casual gamers to play more.

How To Promote Casual Games

Because of their popularity, the app markets are filled with casual games. So, in case you own a casual game, what can you do to make sure that your creation reaches the wanted audience? Therefore the real issue is how to promote mobile game.

App Store Optimization

First of all, you need to start with the basic requirements to promote the mobile game. You won’t see any success if your app store page is a mess. You know what to do – we told you before. You can even study some great examples of the big players in the industry, like Candy Crush Saga or Super Mario Run for a better understanding of how to create your visuals.


To attract players you will make your game available for free. In the same time you can ad in – app purchases but you need to build a smart strategy for increasing your users’ engagement. On the other hand when you decide to serve ads inside your game, providing the right context is the best way to act. It is your call here but you need to decide according to your users’ preferences.

Video Ads

Speaking of ads, one of the most efficient formats is considered rewarded video. If you also read the Best Practices Of Video Ad Placement In Mobile Games you already have the entire strategy built from the ground up. And in case you need help with your video ads, remember that we are here to help you.

Playable Ads

Another engaging solution for promoting your game is provided by playable ads. You know those ads that allow users to interact with the game and to see what you are offering before showing the “Download Now” button? Yes, they are one of the most promising methods of the moment for advertising your games. With a little imagination and creativity, they can be used for any kind of apps but this is a topic for another day.

Cross – Promotion

Creating small games will give you the chance to build a strong portfolio and you know what that means, don’t you? Cross – promotion. It is a free method where you to use each game for promoting the others. With a “More Apps” button and trailers of your games, you will increase your user base in no time. Assuming that all games follow the highest standards of quality, otherwise, you are getting nowhere.

Social Media

Social Media is a generator of customers when it comes to promoting your game. Since we all are connected with our social contacts all day long it is a great opportunity to spread the word about your casual game. Social media is one of the best channels to promote your mobile game. You can do even more; you should also attend different events related to game development where you can talk about your creation. Remember that it is not enough to build a great game; you must convince people how amazing it is and why they should install it.


Casual games are the favorite games of the moment. That says everything and it could be a positive or a negative factor for your campaign, but it really depends on your approach. If you transform all the characteristics which make them so popular to your advantage then you will make your app viral. Otherwise, you won’t be able to find your own game in the flood of casual games published daily on app stores.

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