Why Does Incentivized Advertising Increase Product Awareness?

Ads are the most effective way to increase product and brand awareness. It is known by advertisers that there are many types of advertisements. Incentive advertising is also among the most important advertisements that increase product awareness.

Reaching New Audience

There are countless ways to get users used to a new app. Incentive ad types are among the most effective in this regard. Using influencers to reach new users on social media; Types such as advertising through Google can also be quite effective. Award-winning advertisements are among the most prominent ad types in increasing product and brand awareness. Thanks to these ads, you reach new users. It is effortless to reach new users with a third-party mobile app that will increase your brand awareness. Companies like App Samurai, your access to a new audience of potential customers can also be beneficial.

Receptive Opt-in User

You can make a positive impression when people participate and get rewarded. Mobile app platforms are dynamic environments. While users are busy with their devices, they are focused and experience a sense of satisfaction. In other words, users are active and ready. It’s a very effective way to attract potential customers with mobile ads. It is obvious that the users are quite used to and show interest in incentive advertising. The majority of users watch a mobile ad in exchange for rewards or discounts. Award-winning video ad spending has tripled in the past few years. This figure reveals the growth in this area and increases the number of receptive active users.

Viewers Are More Receptive and Ready to Take Action

When you want to raise awareness and increase in-store interaction, you can rely on company incentive advertising. Its users are rewarded for interacting with in-app content. The aim was to raise awareness and encourage users to a sale. Once users are encouraged and accessed via video, they are rewarded for entering the store and interacting with that product. The bottom line here is that half of those who view the video, half of those who interact with the product in the store after the video, buy the product. Thus, promoted advertising increased product awareness and linked it to behavior at the end of the funnel.

Positive ROI

You gain product awareness with positive ROI. The biggest benefit of rewarded ads is undoubtedly the ability to increase the probability of in-app purchases by nearly four times. Conversion rates increase almost 10 times after interacting with an award-winning ad. The number of shopping sessions increased nearly 3 times after app users interacted with the promoted ad. Recently, users prefer to interact with brands to get information about new products and benefit from discounts. They realized that the more interactions they provided, the more personalized their service was. Smart devices are the most popular platform of incentive advertising because they ensure the satisfaction of their users. App Samurai provides you with the most efficient use of this platform.


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