Tips to Find the Target Audience of Your Mobile App

According to Statista, more than 2 million applications are out there in Android and iOS app store markets. By launching your mobile application, you need to find your target market and keep your users active. Who benefits from your application? Finding your target is essential to market your app. In this article, we will talk about tips to find the target audience of your mobile app.

⁃              Think in Your Audience’s Perspective

Start asking yourself the questions

– what the problem is

– who your app helps to your audience

– why a person should use your app

– how a person uses your app.

Your answers to these questions will be a guideline to find the target audience of your app.

⁃              Identifying Demographics

Your target audience needs to be a specified group of people with certain demographics and interests. You need to define your target audience’s age, gender, location, language, education level, occupation, marital status, interests. Moreover, as an app owner, you need to analyze your target audience’s devices. Do your target users have an iPhone or an Android? You have to identify where your users are.

⁃              Psychological Demographics

You should go deeper than identifying surface-level demographics, and you should identify the psychological demographics of people who will want to use your app. The psychological demographics you should identify are personality, values, behavior, and habits. These also refer to your target audience’s lifestyle and values. It is essential to find your target audience.

⁃              Target Audience Example

It is time to personalize your target audience. User personas are profiles that help you to visualize and humanize your target audience. User personas will help you when you are designing, developing, and marketing your app. To create a user persona, first, you should answer the questions and status in the name of your target audience.

Finding your perfect target audience should be your top priority since your target market will be the driving force of your business. Your target audience is the foundation on which you build a marketing plan for your application. Based on the information you’ve gathered, you will know how to reach your target audience. Once you identify your target, you can use user acquisition channels like OEMs. To learn more about you can read “What is Preinstalled or Preloaded App Campaign? How to Use for App User Acquisition?”.

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