Building A Sustainable Mobile Growth With User Acquisition And Retention

During the time, since we created App Samurai Blog we do the same thing. We take an innovative marketing technique and we present you all the insights that can help you decide if it is suitable for your app and what is the best way to implement that strategy. Today we have a slightly different approach. We will build an entire plan from scratch to guide you during your effort to reach the success of your app.

Building A Sustainable Mobile App Growth

First of all, let’s make it clear that we aim to increase both user acquisition and retention rates in the same time for a complex solution. The reason for that is very simple. It is useless to gather a huge number of users which have nothing to do with your app and after the campaign to be in the exact same point as you were before after you paid a big amount of your entire budget. Furthermore, you can’t think about engaging users if you didn’t acquire them. So you need to keep your eyes on those elements, acquisition, and retention.

User Acquisition Campaigns

Let’s start with the first section of our strategy, acquiring new customers.

Keep Quality In Mind

Even if it sounds obvious, you need to think about your app first. Is it good enough to be on the market? Is its core functionality well defined? Is it able to help users to complete their tasks in an intuitive manner? Are you absolutely sure that it has no errors? Only after your app meets all the standards required you can think about presenting it to potential customers.

CPI Campaigns

Cost per Install is different according to the age of the app. When the app is nearly born and you are thinking to launch it, the CPI is lower since users are very excited to try it. On the other hand, when you acquire new users to revive a dying app the price can get higher. As we highlighted in our article when we shared many insights about CPI, prices depend also on time, region and category. Choose wisely for lowering the sum invested. Cost Per Install will be optimized if you concentrate your efforts on acquisition and retention in the same time.

Create Your Personas

You created your app for users to enjoy it. You must find those users.
While you acquire new users you need to have the following typologies in your mind.

Active Users

Active customers are those who showed their interest regarding your app. You need to invest some of your resources in this section to keep them engaged since there are big chances to convert them in high-value users.

Low Value (Non – Spenders)

Low-value users are those customers who don’t invest too much into your app. If they don’t spend can be various reasons. For example, they just downloaded the app and they are new users or the app doesn’t fit their needs. Either way, keep in mind that as time passes the harder is to convince them to spend.

High Value (Big Spenders)

This type of users requires your attention in a special way. It is a small group of customers that are increasing your revenue or they share your app to others that are ready to spend their money inside your app.

Inactive Users

You also need to keep your eyes on customers who don’t use your app anymore. If they installed it and they never opened it or they just used it a couple of time and after that, they forgot about it, you need to engage them, to remember them the reasons why they downloaded in the first place. Keep in mind that inactive users have the biggest chances to churn.

Churn Rate

If you don’t pay attention to what kind of users install your app, you will pay money later for trying to engage them. You must avoid the situation when users churn and to bring them back to your app. In other words, you have to minimize the churn rate as fast as possible.

Initiate Re-Engagement Campaigns For High-Value Users

To enhance the effects created by high-value users over your app it is imperative to accentuate their interest for it. Thanking them for being such good customers will increase their engagement and it will maximize the effect on long term.

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User Retention Strategies

The second part of our scheme is to increase retention for those users from the previous stage.

Determine Users’ Fall Off Points

Observe the behavior of your customers inside your app and discover the factors that make users abandon your app. Which is the most difficult element of your app? Improve that activity and help users to pass through that stage easier. We already presented you the most important channels that can help you to discover what users have to say.

Re – Engagement Strategies

It is not sufficient to solve the problem; you need to announce your users about the upgrade. Find interesting ways to do that if you want to bring them inside your app and to convince them about the correction.

Mobile Attribution Solutions

You need to use analytics to understand the situation of your strategy. With mobile tracking tools you will be in charge of the evolution of your campaign. You will know when to change the direction and when to push harder for more efficient results.

Don’t Separate User Retention And Acquisition

Too many times marketers ask: What is going to be, user acquisition or user retention? You must answer both! You don’t need to choose because you can’t have one without the other. Merging both solutions will show you proper results.

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Retention Strategies Drives Stable Growth After User Acquisition Campaign

One of the biggest pitfalls is to blindly throw almost all your budget on user acquisition campaign at first without leaving too much for retention. You have to think smart to reduce the costs of engagement.

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Use Deep Linking

Deep linking is a wise strategy in both cases. To make users aware of the app and to remember the ones that already have it how valuable it is. You just need to discover what section of your app is more appealing for your customers.

Advertise Using Rich Media, Search And Display

Smart campaigns include rich media which creates momentum for impressing users. With the evolution of technology, you can see if users have already installed the app and if they have Android or iOS devices. Using different platforms to receive users’ attention will help you for both acquisition and engagement.

Measure Both Ad Campaigns And Post Install Events In One Platform

If everything sounds very complicated, let’s present you the solution for all the above. A unique platform that accomplishes all the stages presented will help you to save time, money and to reach your goals.

Create Measure And Manage Your Ad Campaigns With App Samurai Without An Extra SDK!

Even if you know what to do to promote your app, you can’t do all that by yourself. You need help and not any kind of help. You need assistance from experts. With App Samurai you will discover when, what and how to serve your users. With modern techniques, you will eliminate the guessing from your strategy and you will work only with professionals. You will be able to create context advertising campaigns without installing extra SDK. This fact saves you a lot of resources. For constantly improving your plan you will track the right metrics during the entire process. This way you can measure your progress and you will have a correct vision of your efforts.


Every successful construction starts with a strong base. The same thing happens when you are building the campaign for your mobile app. And we are talking about the user base. If you calculate each step in an intelligent manner you will win both battles acquisition and retention in the same time. And if App Samurai provides you the weapon the entire adventure will be a twofer. Good luck in achieving that elsewhere!

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