Key Factors To Make An App Viral

Every app owner wants to reach millions of users to get more recognition and revenue. If you are one of these people, your app deserves spending some effort, time and money to go viral. Making an app viral is not possible through traditional marketing steps unless a miracle finds you.
To gain as many users as possible, you need to have a strategic plan even if you are a well-known company. Efforts to make an app viral start when you design your app, and they never end as long as you target to maintain or grow your app business. This is why we call the process as a cycle.

The Cycle for a Viral App

The main requirements for viral apps are to interact with people and to make people love the app. Going viral is not only about getting a lot of downloads, but also convincing people to keep using your app and to share your content with other people.
Let’s have a look at the basic steps to go viral with your app from scratch.

6 Steps To Make An App Go Viral

The users love some apps for a reason – maybe more than one. Once people come across an app they may be interested in, they look for more to use it. These 6 steps will guide you on your way to convert people into users in love with your app, who will be your best partners while spreading the word.
Let’s start!

An Effortless Design

The very first thing to do is to offer users-to-be an effortless design. People are busy with many mobile applications and countless contents in these apps. Your app needs to say, “I will never be confusing or tiring.”
Surprisingly easy app design with minimum distraction attracts people’s attention. Offering users only something of value rather than annoying ads or unnecessary content is the key for this simplicity. Evaluate your design considering handy and confusing details for the best value.

Success in Social Media

People spend a long time on social media using phones, tablets etc.: 60% of social media time spent is facilitated by a mobile device. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube are the most popular social media platforms people use.
How will you take advantage of this data?
Start with introducing your app and share your content professionally on these platforms. A viral app requires conquering them by integrating social feed into the app. This integration encourages people to share your word on the platforms, which is one of the most effective and organic ways to reach more people.

Positive Reviews

The reviews will create a trustworthy and transparent profile for your app. Work on it! You can motivate your users to leave positive comments by asking at the right time in the right place. Wait until the users spend some time in your app. Let them love you first. Asking for a five star is out of fashion, be more human and establish a real connection.
Without succeeding in the word of mouth, you cannot keep the cycle of viral advertising alive. Do not hesitate to contact your happy users to ask for reviews; just avoid being pushy.

Well-Defined Target User

Right time and right place mean nothing unless you are engaging with the right group of people. It doesn’t make sense to try to please everyone. So spend your sources on the people who will possibly use and love your app to go viral. Know your audience and treat them to convince them.
You need to determine the profile (personal brand) that will use your app even before design phase – so you can design in a delightful way to this group. The most commonly used demographics to define target user are age, location, gender, income level, educational level, occupation etc. Well-defined target user profile shows you how to figure out which media you can use to reach them and how to convince them to use your app.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

App stores have their own environment. So, you need to optimize your app to adapt to this environment. App Store Optimization (ASO) helps to ensure that your app has high visibility in the App Store. If users cannot find your app easily, they may give up trying before they download it.
There are more than 2 million mobile apps in various app stores and it is not easy to stand out among them. Main factors of ASO are title and keywords. Once you find out your main keyword, do not forget to place it in your title. To improve your ranking, you can regularly change your keywords, but we don’t advise you to change your title unless it is vital.


People love gift, so do app users. Reward your users to encourage a certain behavior like inviting their friends to use your app. You can give free themes, a free upgrade and discounts to both your current user and new user. Because this is a very common tactic, you will need to be creative to avoid being annoying.
A limited-time promotion creates a sense of urgency and calls people into action. The newcomer checks your offer in a short while instead of postponing it and forgetting your offer forever.

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Efforts to go viral start from the beginning and last forever. Implementing these six factors to your app will definitely increase your chance to reach millions of people. Once you designed and released a simple and attractive design, focus on marketing and PR campaigns. Social media and positive reviews are the basic elements of this process.
To succeed in reaching many people, you need to define your own audience and try to satisfy them. Optimize your app considering what they look for in an app and reward them to encourage certain behaviors.  Contact us if you need anything on your way to make your app viral.

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