What Is Location-Based Mobile Advertising? Why Is It Important?

The advertising world has vast possibilities, and these possibilities are increasing day by day. In the past, ads were shown to all audiences. This situation had too high costs and very low impact. However, with the development of technology, mobile marketers can now segment their users and perform location-based mobile ad targeting.

Location-based advertising is particularly useful in mobile advertising because mobile devices provide rich data on their users’ geographic location. So what is location-based mobile advertising? Why is it important?

What is Location-Based Mobile Advertising

Location-based mobile advertising allows you to geo-target your mobile marketing message to your target users. It will enable you to tailor the messages to the scenario you need. In this way, knowing where your users are, you can do mobile marketing to them with offers and messages related to their location. Thus, it will enable you to achieve the best results as a personalized example of mobile advertising. With the find location button placed on the ad, it allows your users to be given location information and directions so that you can reach the right users.

Types of Location-Based Targeting

Location-based mobile advertising has several parameters. To do mobile marketing and reach target users, you need to have different information sets and make the most of these data. 

Contextual Hyper Targeting

These types of ads are used to deliver hyper-contextual data that is meaningful to target users. Local distance location information is collected and used to transmit contextual messages. This method is mostly used to drive purchases, increase user conversion rates, and spread relevant awareness messages. Contextual hyper-targeting is designed only to send personalized messages to a limited audience. Besides, you can increase the ads’ effectiveness by showing the ads at certain times during the day.

Geographical Conscious Targeting

A type of mobile advertising based on location using real-time location data provided by mobile service providers. The ads are then broadcast to users around the store. In geo-targeting or real-time advertising, the key points are to examine data on users’ habits and to make an analysis.

Location or Location Based Targeting

With this type of ad targeting a fixed area, mobile marketing is done by sending meaningful ads to customers who enter this specified area at a particular time.

Geo Fencing

Geofence allows you to target users based on longitude and latitude information obtained from the user’s mobile device within a fixed and predefined area. Geofencing works like a virtual border, using to target users and direct them to a specific goal. In addition to the offers offered to users in the area, it also attracts the target audience’s attention within this area.

Geo Conquesting

Geographical conquest specifically targets people who are physically present at or in the vicinity of competitors. It is used to attract competitor traffic by offering more attractive offers to users when they are about to buy from your competitor. So the main goal is to take advantage of competitors’ users at the appropriate time with attractive offers and advertising content.


Signs are similar in principle to geofencing, but use small physical objects placed in desired locations. Thanks to these small objects, it detects the presence of a mobile user when it moves within the marked range. The servers then direct their ad campaigns to this mobile device.

Weather Targeting

With this technique, you can create ads in accordance with the location and climatic conditions of a region. You can detect or predict user behavior on that day according to the weather of the specified location. Thus, you can shape your ad according to this situation.

Why Should You Start Using Location-Based Mobile Advertising?

Location-based mobile advertising is one of the most powerful mobile ad targeting techniques. It allows you to offer meaningful and relevant ads and offers to the target audience. Users’ data is accessed more accurately. Also, it is easy to customize ads with this technique. The area you want to target is the people relevant to your ad to create more effective campaigns. Also, real-time data are accessed, so conversion possibility is high. Finally, location-based mobile advertising costs are very low, so it is preferable to use this technique.

Location-Based Marketing & Advertising Examples

A customer who gives information through the coffee shop app the user makes the most frequent purchases can receive a notification on his mobile device at any time when he approaches that coffee shop. In this notification, the seller can submit their offers.

For example, a clothing store can access thousands of users’ phone information thanks to the special app it has developed. Later, the advertiser can present their products’ prices in the store up to date and can convey special discount offers to their users when they approach their store.


As App Samurai, we enrich your users with accurate location data to support location-based mobile advertising campaigns. With geo-targeting, we reach users at the right time and in the right place. Thus, we ensure that the campaigns reach their goals.

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