How Much Is The Cost of a Mobile App Development?

To be able to comment on the mobile app development cost, we need to consider various analysis and preferences because there is no fixed price for app development.
To give you a hint: The amount may start at around $50,00 and goes up to $2,500,00.
The mobile revolution has gone too far by now. Mobile websites are not the best ways to reach prospective clients. Now is the era of mobile apps! Therefore the cost of app development for mobile can be high but it may be a good investment! 

[click_to_tweet tweet=”In 2019 the number of mobile phone users is forecast to reach 4.68 billion.” quote=”In 2019 the number of mobile phone users is forecast to reach 4.68 billion.” theme=”style6″]

Two biggest app stores, Apple IOS App Store and Google Play Store are visited by millions of people daily, and mobile developer population is expected to reach 14M by 2020.

Well, these numbers reveal the importance of developing mobile apps so developers should start to think about mobile app development cost. But, what is the cost of app development?

What Changes the Cost of Mobile App Development?

The advantages of a mobile app are pretty obvious from the statistics; however, these advantages require a cost to pay.  Mobile application development cost varies according to many factors. The cost of mobile app development is mostly based on many variables such as features, complexity, and platform.
Different target audiences expect different apps; which definitely changes the mobile app development cost. So understanding the expectations and needs of prospect users before launching your app means you will pay no money for unnecessary services and you will optimize your mobile application development cost.

On the other hand, we have to say that mobile app development cost needs an investment for sure, and your preferences and requirements will determine the exact price. For example, an app that requires back-end server built and an app that is completely standalone wouldn’t cost the same amount. In this case the mobile app development costs varies.
No surprise!

Here are the factors to consider when pricing app development:

IOS or Android, or Both

The most popular app stores are based on IOS and Android operating system. Android and Apple users are basically two different target groups, and you need to decide which way to go. Depending on which platform you choose, the mobile app development cost will vary. You can also build an app compliant with both, which means you will need pay more for your mobile app development.

IOS is mostly used in the US and Western Europe while Android stands forward in Asia, Africa, and Australia. So, find out where your prospect users live and which smartphone they use. This is a step that requires some research but it is important for the cost of mobile app development.

You should consider not only location but also the behavior of the prospect users. For example, if you were developing a paid app, IOS would be a better choice, because Android users are not as willing as IOS users to pay for the apps.
Typically, people tend to start with IOS and then enlarge the number of their users with Android. BUT, search for more behaviors of both Android and IOS users in order to find which platform fits your targets.

Login and Personal Profiles

You may be interested in login and personal profile features for your mobile application development cost. User Authentication increases the complexity of the app, and accordingly the cost of mobile app development. Mobile app development cost for user authentication can be high so you should think twice if you need login feature or not. So you should think twice if you need login feature or not. Do you want your user to interact with your content? Does your app require notifications? Consider your answers and take your time.
Also, personal profiles enhance the user experience and – no doubt – increase the cost of mobile app development. Here is why: along with more effort to spend during development, you will need to work on privacy issues when you have personal profiles.
Many apps have e-mail or social logins, which is also a great opportunity to reach another marketing channel. You should definitely consider these options. These options make it easier to log in and create a personal profile – the simpler your app is, the better it is for users!

The Way You Make Money from Your App

In-app purchase is a popular monetization strategy for apps. In this strategy, you offer some of the content for free with the aim of convincing your users to pay to reach more content. To enable in-app purchases, you need to integrate with a payment processor. This means your cost of mobile app development will increase. This feature may cost you from $1,000 to $4,000.

Or you may offer a totally free app for users and you earn via advertising in your app. If you will go with this option, you need to spend some effort and money to attract more advertisers. Having more users and offering effective design to increase the conversion rates of advertising are two basic ways to succeed in this.


Design determines app’s functionality, which helps have more users. Success in graphic design steals the heart of users. Beauty is not for free and of course design is a part of your cost for app development. We advise you not to economize your app by sacrificing the beauty of the design. Invest in your icon and interface elements like tabs, buttons etc. for a long-term win. User experience is the king in app design, as people love effortless apps. UX design determines the engagement and conversions of your efforts and investment in app development.
Mobile app design is another business even for designers. Be sure to contact with a designer who knows the requirements and guidelines of mobile apps. Your mobile app development cost may increase, but just be willing to pay this amount for developing a successful app with perfect UX design that will make you earn money.

App Maintenance Cost

The cost of mobile app development is not a one-time payment. If you want to keep your app attractive for long, you have to consider app maintenance costs as well. Any change that you make involves in mobile app development cost. If you want to keep your app attractive for long, you have to consider app maintenance costs as well. If you have an application, you must accept the mobile application development cost. This means you will need to pay a certain amount per year.
The basic items of work to maintain your app are hosting, monitoring, engagement, and marketing, updates and licenses. They are all compulsory items!


Some apps can be very expensive to develop and design while others can be budget-friendly. Mobile app development cost relies on your app idea. Before you start a mobile app business, know your budget and search the ways to assure quality and efficiency with this amount. You can try to consider the details we have mentioned in this post while you are planning your mobile app development process. Stay away from unnecessary details to keep your app simple and user-friendly and to keep the mobile app development cost as low as possible.

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