Best Of Mobile Game Development Platforms

Do you like mobile games? Who doesn’t? They are so amazing, so engaging and captivating. They provide so many advantages for players who spend precious time to reach the first place in the leaderboard and also for developers who rock the world with their creations. Not to mention the monetization potential of addictive games. Wouldn’t be great if there would be a solution for you to create this type of app all by yourself? Guess what? There are multiple platforms that offer you the chance to build your own game. And we are here to present you some of the most popular game engines. Therefore, be prepared to decide which one is the proper tool for turning your dream into reality.

8 Of The Best Game Development Platforms

Keep in mind that every platform comes with its own features (and we mean advantages and disadvantage). So read carefully and choose the best tool that will match your plans and your programming skills.

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is the complex platform that made possible for creators of Lineage II: Revolution to design those impressive graphics.


Unreal Engine is a good fit for every platform you can imagine, including iOS and Android devices.


  • The best tutorials – no need to worry if you don’t know how it works. You have an entire folder with all the documentation you need;
  • No necessary coding – with the “what you see is what you get” editor you won’t need any programming skills;
  • Easy to develop for mobile – a complex platform which offers you the opportunity to build your own mobile game;
  • Superior lighting and shadow animations – take a look at the games created on this platform and observe some interesting effects;
  • Unreal Engine Community – blog, forum, answerhub, support, you will find here everything you need;
  • Live Updating – in case you want to change some aspects of your game, you should know that you can do that without any struggle.


Probably one of the most popular tools for creating mobile games is Unity. Lara Croft Go and Angry Birds 2 are just a few examples of successful games created with Unity.


With Unity you can build your game for Android and also for iOS phones.


  • Programming language support – on the official site you can find the needed documentation for working with Unity Editor;
  • Unity Asset Store – with thousands of assets you can obtain more efficient results;
  • Unity Community – communicate with other game developers in an easy manner;
  • Native and high – performance graphics – with support for iOS Metal and Vulkan you will obtain great graphics;
  • Real – time interactions with users –   you can integrate chat and social sharing features;
  • Support for both 2D and 3D – you have solutions for 2D or 3D creations.

Corona SDK

A cross platform creator for 2D games, Corona SDK was used for building mobile apps like Designer City or Zip Zap.


With Corona you will be able to build Android and iOS games and also apps for Apple TV and Android TV.


  • Solitary code base – Lua is an easy to learn programming language used on this platform;
  • Corona Community – very active forum where you can find all the answers you need;
  • Easy monetization – it provides support for in – app purchases, ad banners etc.;
  • Fast FPSs – faster Frames Per Second is an important aspect for game developers;
  • Unique designing opportunities – it offers a lot of solutions for designing your game.


Buildbox is the fastest development tool that offers you endless option including several presets, editing gameplay, characters, logic pieces and more.


You will release games for iOS devices.


  • Creator Tool – It allows you to pick and choose the variables, create a skeleton of your game, and it instantly inserts placeholders to help you get started.
  • World Settings – Expand your game’s possibilities with multiple world settings. Create single or multiple worlds within your game.
  • Character Settings – You can add different types of animations, effects and sounds to your character.
  • Presets – You can quickly make classic gameplay styles or interactive complex game types. Each of the presets will change all of physics properties inside of your world and the settings for your character automatically.
  • It has several advance features which are character components, object components, collision editor and sprite editor.

App Game Kit

App Game Kit allows you to build simple games without any effort. Take a look at Penguins vs. Bugs to understand what you can create with this tool.


You will release games for both Android and iOS devices.


  • Smart editor – with IntelliSense, fast compiler and debugger you can build high – quality games;
  • Options for beginners and experts – from 2D graphics to 3D graphics and physics this tool can be suitable for both amateurs and experienced developers;
  • Basic coding language – you can choose to use AppGameKit Script or C++ libraries according to your skills;


Marmalade is the platform used for many famous games. Plants vs Zombies 2 is one of them.


If you select Marmalade SDK you can build 2D games for Android and iOS phones.


  • User friendly GUI tool interface – with open source components and an intuitive interface this platform can be the right choice for you;
  • One source for all platforms – the code used by Marmalade SDK is Lua, not C++ so it is suitable for cross – platform games;
  • Third – party extensions – you can easily include Cocos2d – x or Box 2D;
  • Offers different tools for different needs – you will find anything you need from graphics, physics and animations to Facebook ads and analytics;



Do you want to build 2D games with HTML5? Then why don’t you use Construct2? Check Airscape: Fall of Gravity for example.


If you use wrappers with built-in support you can publish your games on Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


  • Quick and easy to test – with Preview Over Wi-Fi you will be able to run your game without waiting for a compiler or other heavy procedures;
  • Programming not needed – if you aren’t an expert in coding don’t worry because the feature called Event System offers you a human-readable environment for building your game;
  • Its asset store: Scirra Store – you will find everything you want in its own asset store;
  • Extensibility and flexibility – with built-in plugins and tens of behaviors you will be able to create the wanted effects.


Tough decision, right? But we are sure that you already selected the right tool according to your interests. Now, there is only one thing left to say. Good luck with your development process! We can’t wait to read (and, of course, to write on our blog) about your amazing creation.

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