How to Promote Tools and Utility Apps

App promotion is a tough gig. It’s tough to decide where to put your precious time, energy, and resources. If you’re looking for guidance on how to promote your tools and utility app, then this blog post is for you!

We’ll take a look at the best ways to get exposure in the crowded world of mobile apps – from customer acquisition strategies to content distribution techniques. There are many different opportunities here for any app developer or marketer!

App’s Business Model

Let’s see what other tools and utility apps are doing on the market, as competitor analysis is vital. Let’s check out similar apps that users from the United States download and use to improve the way they manage various activities. The first thing to note is you will find two different titles for this category of apps. 

On Apple App Store, it is called Utilities, while on the Google play store, the category is titled Tools. The download trend is similar for both app markets, but on Google Play Store, it is more visible. Most of the tools and utility apps are in the free section, and we also noticed the professional versions of the same apps in the premium section.

Meanwhile, top-grossing apps have premium features, as usual. But most users opt for the freemium model. In this regard, we will advise you to survey your target audience to figure out if they are contented with the basic solution or are they ready to pay a certain amount against your product.

Best Ways to Promote Tools and Utility Apps

Tools and Utilities apps have numerous features, and the features are different in all apps. Hence ensure that your app provides the same and includes notable features that add value to users. 

Below you will find the most important factors to attract users and to promote tools and utility apps. By using and applying these methods, you can easily convince a user to download your app.

Simple to Use Tool

To ensure that your app enhances the user’s experience and gives them valuable info in a simple manner, you need to analyze the way your users browse your mobile app. The time spent inside of your mobile app is never a relevant metric to measure its success. 

Most of us prefer to enter the app, look for their problems and continue with their normal chores. However, if they are unable to browse the app or your app is too complicated, it’s a significant indication that your app needs improvement and your utmost attention. 

Here we will advise you to listen to your user’s demands and act accordingly. If your tools and utility app allows users to get things done quickly and adequately, it is a good sign as it indicates that users are happy to use it.

For example, analyze and check the All Smart Tools app. It is somewhat surprising to see that how multiple tools and utilities are integrated into an app. 

Furthermore, you need to realize that people don’t like complicated apps neither they like to switch between apps anymore. This All Smart Tools app provides all the necessary information that users need, from QR code scanners to wallpapers and from calibration to app list.

Tidy Interface

Too many or irrelevant ads are the most common issue when you browse various apps or app stores. Unfortunately, not all ads are the problem. The real problem is the way that people use to serve them. If you attack people with all kinds of irrelevant ads or annoying content, then people will have no other choice to uninstall your app without using its features. 

Utility and tools apps need to be purposeful and beneficial for users. But if people are distracted by these disruptive elements, they will never finish what they started.

To conclude, the key is to find the ideal balance between monetizing your utility app and offering the best features to attract and impress your users. 

As an example, check the SD Maid PRO Unlocker app and examine all those satisfied reviews from users even if they paid a certain amount for downloading it. It is a straightforward mobile app that helps users to maintain and organize their phones.

It Should Be Innovative

After going through these mandatory steps, you need to think about what and when to offer the best features to your users in your utility apps. So let’s discuss what else you can do to make your new mobile app stand out. 

Even though it is excellent to provide a simple way for customers to deal with their daily challenges, sadly, not many think like that in this competitive world. You must implement some unique and resourceful elements that will help people save their precious time and money. It is vital to find ways to improve users’ lives. 

Don’t think that only Finance, Productivity, and Lifestyle mobile apps can do this. You should seriously think outside the box and improve your app with special features that amaze your audience. 

Let’s say that people need to calculate a massive amount of stats and data. Think about how dull the entire process is, especially when they don’t have a modern solution to handle this problem. 

The multi-Screen Voice Calculator solves this issue efficiently. The app helps users to perform mathematical calculations through their voice input. And people can use this app for many other complicated calculations. 

We have been reminding in all of our posts that Speech Recognition is the new thing, plus it is incredibly straightforward to implement. So think about it and try to come up with something new and beneficial for your target audience.

App Store Optimization

The first place where you can promote your new utility and tool app is the app store. Most apps can be downloaded by performing a simple search in the Apple App Store or Google Play. In both these stores, people are always searching for new apps to use. Your mobile app should be among those apps!

A high position in the search engine results can give your app downloads a much-needed boost. On the other hand, the apps that are at the bottom of the search page or not listed in the search results will often get unnoticed. So, consider app store optimization (ASO) and take it seriously as it is essential for your app’s ranking in the stores.

A specific app that is suitable for a specific audience might not get downloaded through search results, but app store optimization is also vital for those apps. For example, a meditation app without an adequate title, description, and keywords is useless even if it offers value to users.

Furthermore, there are many similarities between ASO (for mobile apps) and SEO (optimizing websites), and both these are important to get higher rankings in search results.

Social Media Advertising

Most social media networks provide extensive marketing options that show you the people who may be interested in downloading your mobile app.

The Facebook business also offers this option and allows you to set up advertising campaigns to boost your app download through Facebook ads. Facebook ad reach is extensive, and they are excellent to reach out to relevant people.

You can choose or create your audience through various factors such as interest, age, or location, or you can use your contact list to target. Experiment with AB testing so that you can get the best results from your campaign.

Instagram is another platform that works flawlessly and allows you to promote your utility and tool app through photos and videos in ads. Such ads are dynamic and inspire users to download your app. Instagram also has precise targeting options that you can use for your app.

Keep in mind that Instagram is the most appealing among all social media networks, so ensure that your pictures are of high resolution and as per the standards of Insta users.

Twitter is another option that you can use to boost and promote your app installs. More than 80 percent of Twitter users use it via mobile.

App promotion on Twitter means using App Cards. If you don’t know, it is a marketing format that allows smartphone users to preview an app image; users can view app ratings and install the app directly from their news feed or timeline.

A Website with Mobile Browser Detection

Mobile visitors need a clean and smooth experience. Do you what these users prefer the most? A responsive business website or a native mobile phone application. There are significant differences between business websites and business apps.

While both are essential for your business’s success but you should also know these differences. People use their business websites to attract and get new clients, but they use their business’s mobile app for smooth communication and interaction with their clients. So, mobile visitors will get notified if you give them an app.

You can use mobile browser detection to promote your utility and tool app to mobile visitors. But it will be only possible if you have a business website. You can use the website to lead users to your app’s download page. Just add a special code to your web page, and it will direct mobile visitors to your app page.

Security Is a Must 

Around 81% of Americans think that the potential risks of data collection by various businesses and companies outweigh the advantages. Hence it is crystal clear that users value privacy more than any other thing. Security is vital for all apps, including utility and tool apps.

Furthermore, utility and tools apps need access to user’s personal and private info. By providing people a flawless and safe app, you can gain a valuable and reliable reputation.

Moreover, if you want to access users’ personal or identifiable information, remain clear and be on point. Do you know that around 45% of the famous Android apps request location tracking, as it is essential to perform their daily operations? Users need to provide this information as it is necessary, but it looks threatening.

As an app owner, you need to remain open and honest with people about the data you are taking from them while not overwhelming them by providing unclear explanations.

Above all, you should only request their permission to get their information as it is necessary for smooth functioning. If you want to request additional permissions, give context at the start.

For example, a particular utility and tool app originally asks users to swipe through four screens that explain the application’s purpose before showing the last screen. Only 30% of users responded positively rely on the request, while others denied the request.

Now that you are sure that your mobile application is secure and safe for users and you care for user’s privacy, you need to focus on the other aspects of the app. While some apps only focus on getting new users, utility and tool applications are unique as they focus on long-term clients and engagement.

In the End

It is not that simple to design the handiest utility and tool application. But considering the plethora of methods available on the market, you can easily connect with your targeted users and discover their requirements.

As long as your mobile app contains innovative features and features a simple-to-use interface, users will love using it. And it will not be difficult for you to promote your utility and tool app in front of others.

Lastly, we will advise you to pay special attention to user privacy and security. Ensure them that you value their personal info and will not break their trust.


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