Your Complete Guide to Mobile Health Category

What is Mobile Health?

Mobile Health is also known as mHealth. It refers to the rapidly expanding area in digital health that monitors and shares health information like the practice of medicine and public health-supportive via different mobile technologies like wearable, smartphones, tablets, personal digital assistant, and health tracking apps.

There are following most common digital health application that tells us how we use these mobile health apps.

  • Remote monitoring
  • Remote data collection
  • Education and awareness
  • Disease and epidemic outbreak tracking
  • Healthcare worker telecommunication and training
  • Diagnostic and treatment support

Mobile app marketing may generate new apps for people’s health and comfort. Different mobile apps are following for different comfort.  With OEMs by App Samurai, you can pre-load mobile health apps that should be available on every device.

Types of Apps


If you are living with diabetes, then your priority is your health first, then another work. The people who suffered from type 1 and type 2 diabetes complications improve their health by using the diabetes mobile app following the highly mobile category and mostly generated by app marketing services. Like

All these mobile apps are very helpful for your health. App marketing services develop such type of mini software that can easily track your diabetes, test your nutritional log and integrate the blood sugar and fitness level.

Chronic Illness

Chronic illness a type of disease that totally affects your life, it will cause physical and mental health issues. It also shortens the person’s life as well. To get rid of this complication, there is a need to use mobile health apps. Mobile apps marketing develop different chronic illness apps that give you the best app marketing service such as:

These apps are helpful for your diseases and inform you about your health in the right way. These apps track your health and, in this way, easily you can be diagnosed with your illness.

Weight Loss

It is another widest health issue all around the world. Different Mobile health apps are widely considered as satisfactory, easy to use, and helpful in the weight loss goals of the patients. In the app marketing services, the most used health apps for weight loss are the following:

These apps are very useful and followed in most of the mobile apps category that is made for most used mobile health apps. By using these mobile health apps, you can determine your weight on a daily basis. You can also maintain your ideal weight by following these mobile health apps’ instructions.


In mobile health marketing, there are many health and pregnancy-related apps that are followed in the mobile health marketing services. You can get all knowledge about your pregnancy like you can track your baby health, sex, months, and other pregnancy issues. App marketing services may develop the different pregnancy mobile health apps that are following:

These apps are very helpful for your baby bump, and these apps fall in the mobile health category in a well way.

Top apps

Google Fit

Fit apps show many of your favorite apps to give you a brief knowledge about your health. You cannot lose focus or track of your health. These includes:

Samsung Health

This app helps you to maintain your daily health routine. You can manage your fitness activities like running, cycling, swimming, etc. Samsung Galaxy Watch Wearables users can easily get more benefits from these apps:

Most used health mobile apps like Samsung health facilitate you by giving more option that is generated by mobile health marketing and servicing.

Apple Heart Study

It is the best way to get a complete picture of all the health and fitness information captured by your Apple watch.

By using these Apple Heart app, you can get all details, including heart rate, HRV, blood pressure, and also pulse rate.


In the mobile health category, Fitbit is the most used mobile health app. Fitbit trackers make your life easier. Best Fitbit apps are following:

This Fitbit app helps you to control various devices like control of smart bulb on and off, order your coffee and adjust your thermostats also.


It is the most used mobile health app. For diabetes 2 type patients, the app Bluestar is a mainly distributed and revolutionary app that helps your life manage and transfer it into your comfort zone.

  • FDA Approves Insulin Mobile App
  • Patient mobile Apps
  • Integrate food delivery and gym apps

Using mobile health marketing service apps like the blue star gives all information about your diabetes issue. The mobile health category from the blue star will tell you how much amount of insulin you need and which level of sugar is to recover you in the best way.

Wrap Up

Healthy mobile app nowadays is very useful and more informative for the peoples. By using these apps services, peoples maintain their health and get recovery from many chronic diseases.


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