6 Push Notification Strategies For Black Friday

Black Friday is the grand event for almost every business in the world. And of course, the competition is fierce! Last year, 93.2 million buyers made a purchase online on Black Friday! And in the year where online sales have gone up tremendously, it’s only going to get even more cutthroat!

You have to leverage your strengths and plan the best marketing strategy. One way of doing that is leveraging push notifications. After all, they have a 90% opening rate for a reason!

In this blog post, we will discuss how to create powerful push notifications for your mobile app. First, let’s go over the table of contents before going into detail:

  1. Choose The Right Words and CTAs
  2. Respond to the Cart Abandonment
  3. Use Power of Scarcity
  4. Use Social Proof
  5. Use GIFs and Emojis
  6. Use Gamification

Let’s get started!

Choose The Right Words and CTAs

When used correctly, push notifications can be the most powerful weapon you have and give you an absolute advantage over your competition. Never underestimate the power of a well-crafted message. We’re talking about a marketing tool that has a 50% higher opening rate and seven times higher click rate than an email marketing campaign.

So, what are the right words for a push notification about a Black Friday campaign? One way of doing that is by highlighting exclusive deals for users. You are not the only one targeting users with push notifications, so your Black Friday app marketing and competitive advantage should stand out from the crowd. Choosing the best words depends on your answers to two important questions: What do you want from the user, and for that action, which emotional state is needed? Understanding your targeted group is key to every effective mobile app marketing.

Best practices of push notifications: Most commonly used push notification power keywords are “free”, “exclusive”, “top”, “deal”, “buy”, “now” and the best-performing keywords are “check out”, “the last call”, “until xxx”, “choose and pick”. And don’t forget that these power words depend on your business type. For example, “according to” and “be the first” is powerful for a media and publishing business whereas for a delivery business these words are “in less time” and “in record time”.

Start from the best practices, be creative, and always analyze & improve your efforts.

Respond to the Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is every e-commerce store owner’s worst nightmare. The shopper goes through every stage of the sales funnel only to leave at the last step! It’s not only frustrating but also a crucial problem. The average cart abandonment rate across all industries is 69%, meaning 10 people take the products in their hands, but only 3 make it to the cash register! And for mobile users it’s even higher, the mobile abandonment rate is 85%!

This issue is especially troublesome when all businesses are trying their bests and people jump from purchases to purchases. To fix this, you can implement a retargeting push notification strategy.

Retarget the user abandoned their cart after 5 minutes and let them know their desired product is waiting for them. And don’t forget to add that the product may run out of stock if they don’t finish their transaction soon.

Use Power of Scarcity

To achieve a tremendous amount of Black Friday app marketing success, scare people! Use fear to motivate people to take a certain action. Use the fear of shortage, to make people decide on buying something faster.

Examples of these push notifications can be “only 10 products are left in stock” or “only 2 hours are left before this deal expires”. Missing a great deal is one of the most serious problems of the modern age!

Use Social Proof

Online customers no longer get the idea of a product and visit a website for a purchase, the research first. They look for ratings and reviews from other customers and check if they are happy with their purchase.

“30 people looked at this hotel in the last 24 hours” or “200 people signed up in the last 7 days” are some of the examples of using social proof in your mobile app promotion.

Trust is one of the most important emotions you would want your customers to feel. You have to reassure the visitor they are making the right decision by choosing your Black Friday deal.

Use GIFs and Emojis

Everybody knows emojis are great for engagement. You can increase your click-through rate by 3X just by adding emojis to your push notifications! But before putting this mobile app promotion tactic into practice you have to make sure people are getting your notifications, find out what makes users opt-out push notifications and what makes them opt-back in by clicking here.

A few ideas for emoji use in push notifications and other mobile marketing channels:

  • Using them as punctuation
  • Replacing a word with emoji
  • Putting them before and after a sentence to highlight it
  • You can also use GIFs in your push notifications. Rich push notifications, which basically push notifications with a rich media attachment, can include images, videos, audio, and interactive elements. For your mobile app promotion strategy for Black Friday, use these kinds of rich media, and create a memorable experience for the user!Use GamificationUsing gamified activities increases motivation by 48% and the most valuable goal of a Black Friday campaign is to motivate people to make more purchases!Don’t just create a 40-year-old coupon campaign and try to impress customers with that, make it fun! You can use their location to send entertaining and to-the-point notifications that will encourage users to visit your store for Black Friday deals. You can also develop a point system in the app and include the Black Friday campaign in that game as well.

    Black Friday is a huge opportunity for marketers but especially for online marketers. Push notifications bring you a huge advantage to engage with your customers. Push notifications are an essential part of any marketing strategy and its proven effect makes it worth-your-time. Use these 6 push notification strategies to attract users, knowing these proven tactics will give you a huge competitive advantage on the most competitive day of the year.

    If you are not sure about the content or format of your push notifications, make sure you read Push Notification Examples Top Social Media Brands Are Using and understand how these social media giants -who understand customer psychology like no one else- use this mobile app marketing tactics.

    Don’t miss out on taking advantage of the most exciting shopping holiday of the year, by applying best practices, connecting with your customers, and boost your sales!


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