6 Main Points For Amazing User Acquisition Strategy

User acquisition may be the main challenge for mobile app success. Thus, a user acquisition strategy is the driving force behind all successful apps. Having users is also the social proof that potential users consider when downloading. This guide will help you to define your strategy for acquiring users when possible after launch and turning them acquisition steady growth.

1-     Start with a Perfect App
You should to start fictionalise your app processes some main questions like “What problem does my app solve?” or “Which mobile platform suits my app best?” If you want your marketing efforts to give positive results, start with your app itself.
Testing your app frequently with relevant tools, designing it simply and intuitively, considering best practices for iOS and Android user interface can be useful for starting.

2-     Complete Your App Marketing Plan
A successful app marketing management starts with a smart and logical plan. Below you can find the list of elements you need to involve in your app marketing plan.

  •         Which App Marketing Metrics to Track
  •         Which Tools to Use for Analytics and Attribution
  •         Total Budget Allocated for Both Organic and Ad Campaigns
    • Pre Launch App Marketing
    • Post Launch App Marketing

3-     App Store Optimization
App Store Optimization is a crucial part of mobile marketing to be found on app stores. To increase your user acquisition, you should optimize app store page according to best practices. So how can you do it? Well, here is the checklist:

  • Finding right keywords
  • App name optimization
  • App description optimization
  • Screenshots and app icon optimization
  • Preview video optimization
  • Localization
  • Regular updates

4-     Content Marketing
Content creation and convey it to the right people via right channels are really important processes. There are some content types like Interactive Content, Blog Posts, Video Content, Creative Contents. Each content type has its own dynamics and sharing& promoting it needs specific effort.
When it comes to promote your app; firstly social media will be smart tool for it. You should integrate top social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to your app in the development process. Giving users an opportunity to share their achievements and thoughts is a good way to make them talk about your app with their friends and followers.
As a promotional tool, getting benefit from e-mail marketing is good option to reach your potential users. You can do this to share your blog posts and creative content, your news and updates, or nurturing content. This can be daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

5-     Use Different Ad Formats
For your Boost (Burst) Campaign, it is important to use different ad formats. It is effective strategy to acquire organic downloads in short time. However, you have to consider that all of them have their own pros and cons. You can find some different ad formats below.
Real Time Bidding / Ad Exchange: RTB Ad Exchange provides you with highly qualified, targeted, and engaged users with targeting (city, age, device, OS etc.). It helps manage your budget effectively to acquire quality downloads and so increase the ROI.
Social Media Campaigns: To reach your audience, increase your downloads, and increase your brand awareness; social media platforms are amazing channels.
In-App Video Ads: In App Video Advertising is a powerful mobile marketing strategy telling your app’s story to your audience. Thanks to In-App Video Advertising Networks, you can easily spread your video as viral content to your potential users.
Direct and Premium Ads: Direct and premium ads are two of the most effective marketing strategies to gain quality users. They help you to serve your ads on related and popular platforms so the incoming users are engaged and have high LTV.

6-     Analyze Everything
User acquisition is not a one shot job. Keep it going and try to make it sustainable. It is only possible with analysis after every action you take. You can think this as A/B testing of your mobile marketing plan. Now it is time to make benchmark with your KPIs. After the post launch, you can analyze your metrics weekly, even daily.
Review analysis is crucial to understand your current users’ worries and feedbacks.

  • It helps you to see the bugs and problems with your app
  • It provides an opportunity to talk to your current users and this is shown by your potential users. This is why you should answer every comment to increase your brand image.
  • It helps you to have an idea about the keyword analysis. You can optimize your keywords according to the language of your users.
  • When you have thousands of reviews, it’s not possible to analyze those reviews manually.

You should use some review analysis tools for doing this. The important features a review analysis tool should have:

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Word Analysis (detecting popular and bad keywords)
  • Word cloud
  • Review Listing (timeframe, country, stars, version)

To evaluate success, app marketers also must know the ideal KPIs. Here are what you should look at to do a better evaluation of your app’s success:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Finding Sector Standards
  • Short and Long Term Goal Setting

Consequently, your user acquisition strategy is the really main part of your mobile marketing plan and your promotion continuum from developing app to analyzing your results should focus on this dimension largely. When your marketing plan and strategies above mentioned based on user acquisition dimension; your user acquisition strategy should be fed from these strategies as well.

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