10 Best Apps For Mother’s Day In 2018

Mother’s Day is almost here and you need to be prepared for offering a special time to the one that takes care of you every day. And there isn’t a better place to look for help than the app store with millions of products created for solving any situation. We will enumerate some of the best apps you can use for this occasion.

Best Apps For Mother’s Day 2018

Well, we can’t start without saying that these apps are great for celebrating Mother’s Day but you shouldn’t forget that there are other 364/365 days in a year and this is why you shouldn’t wait a specific day for offering amazing moments to your mother. So, use this list all year round!

The Card

Let’s start with the most obvious element for Mother’s Day – the card! There are myriads of options to create the perfect card even if you aren’t a professional designer. A little advice is to make a virtual card because it is easier to store it and you also save some trees. Speaking of which, app owners who want to promote their product and to save the planet should check our new campaign. Now, going back to Mother’s day, a great solution is to download an app, like justWink Greeting Cards and to personalize your creation with a photo of you and your mom. We are sure that she has a Facebook or a Twitter account, or at least an email address. Therefore, your card is the first thing she will see when she grabs her phone in that special morning.

The Present

Going further with this idea, you should also offer her a real present or, at least some flowers. The best part is that you can send her a lovely bouquet without going to the flower shop. You guessed that right! Just install an app created for this purpose, like 1 – 800 – Flowers which does that for you. Imagine how surprised will be your mother when she will receive this wonderful gift.


We will assume that one of your hobbies is to go shopping with your mom. What is more pleasant than going from store to store and having fun while trying new outfits? Or, you can stay at home browsing for the best offers and acquiring special products for you and your mother. A better idea is to select some new beauty products and Cute can help you find what you are looking for at the best price.


Talking about beauty, probably one of the best surprises for your mom would be to book a team of specialists that will come to her door and transform her into a movie star. So, what are you waiting for? Download Glamsquad and make your mom happy with the help of these beauty experts.


After all this “effort” you two still have to eat. And for this, you have a huge number of options, except asking your mother to prepare you something good! In case you want to go out, we recommend you OpenTable, the app that will help you find the best restaurants in your area. And your mom really deserves the best!


If you ask yourself what would be more thoughtful than choosing a restaurant, we have the answer. You can cook a healthy meal for your mom! What do you think about that? Don’t worry if you aren’t Gordon Ramsay, a good app will tell you, step – by – step, what to do for a perfect Mother’s Day dinner. For example, Kitchen Stories will transform you into a real chef in just a few minutes.


Do you know what else you can do with your mom on this special day? You can go out and explore your city. There are a lot of places in your area you didn’t even know they existed. And if you want to discover them you can select an app like Foursquare that will reveal all those interesting locations you should visit. You probably know about this app because we told you the entire story behind its success.

Playing Games

What if it is raining outside and you or your mom don’t want to go out? Maybe you want to stay indoors and organize a game night. You can invite a few friends or have fun just you two. It is a great moment to download a hilarious app. Heads Up! is the perfect solution for recording memorable moments. And here is a little trick. Some cards can be personalized and you can write your own message. Try “Happy Birthday, Mom!”. She will love it, especially if she likes charades.


Mother’s Day is a special day, but do you remember what you did last year with your mom? Or, better saying, wouldn’t you appreciate an app that gathers photos and videos for you in order to check them next year? Of course, there is an app that saves your memories from your phone or your social account and reminds you even after a few years. It is called Timehop and you should start using it as soon as possible.

Enjoy Every Moment!

If we recommend you some useful apps for making Mother’s Day more interesting, this doesn’t mean that you have to keep your eyes on your phone all day long. You just need to plan all the events really careful and to put down your phone for enjoying these festive moments. And do you know what can help you with that? That’s right, an app! We analyzed Forest before, so this is a great opportunity to take advantage of the features offered. Not to mention that you can plant some trees!

Final Thoughts

These are our suggestions for Mother’s Day this year. Browse through this list and you will find plenty of ideas for impressing your mom. Who knew that apps can be so beneficial? You can organize the best Mother’s Day and you can save the planet at the same time!

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