How to Promote Education Apps

The learning is not the same for all mediums, and it is entirely different when it comes to mobiles and education apps. It allows you to interact with various factors and encourages you to observe and understand them from multiple angles.

Educational apps are always in demand. The apps are highly rewarding as well as they teach people new skills, and overall they are beneficial for users in many ways.

If you also want to promote or create your educational app, then we will show you the necessary details about the process. Below will discuss various hurdles and challenges that almost all app developers face, and by the end, you will know how to deal with those hurdles and how to promote the education apps. Have a look:

In this guide, we will cover these details:

What Should Be the Business Model?

According to the recent report regarding the education app issued by the famous App Annie, the situation in the US has changed, and now it looks entirely different. In the initial stage, in the Free column, you will not find many free apps in the market.

Moreover, you can place your app on the market without any cost, or you have the option to choose between in-app purchases or in-app ads. Keep in mind that for paid apps, the top places are already acquired.

Furthermore, development studio dominates the market completely for both types of apps, and it’s not that simple to compete with them.

While in top-rated and high-grossing apps, our experts noticed a unique pattern for Android phone users, and they prefer free and in-app purchases. On the other hand, iOs users like to use paid apps.

In view of the above-mentioned, we can say you will not find certain characteristics when determining a business model for your education app. It all comes down to understand your audience and how you can attract them.

Best Way to Promote Your Education Apps?

Today, we will discuss and share the theory behind a prosperous educational app and how you can convert your app into a beneficial thing for users.

So, keep these things in front of you before promoting your education app so that you can get the desired results:

Make a Plan

When creating marketing and advertising for your app, you need to have well-defined goals and objectives in your mind with a proper action plan. If you don’t have these things, don’t proceed, or else you might end up losing your money and time. If you are rolling, ensure that your goals and other deliverables are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bounded.

Adopting a detailed timeline helps you to remain ahead of your goals, and you can easily track your growth. We will also suggest you to draft an editorial calendar featuring important dates, ideas, and creative marketing ideas.

Keep the Influencers Informed

Before releasing the app to the public, you need to make a list of influencers and famous industry bloggers. Try to contact them before launching the app and when your marketing materials are prepared.

With pre-launch marketing and advertising campaign, app developers can easily reach out to potential users. Similarly, you should use Twitter and other similar sites to spread the word about your educational app.

Use Social Media Sites Creatively.

Presently, social media marketing is at its best. Social media platforms are a dominant tool for nurturing relationships with potential customers, and you can also raise your brand’s awareness through popular social media sites.

Furthermore, social networking platforms are also ideal to obtain vocals about your product or app as almost all people nowadays have active social media accounts and notable presence.

For advertising reasons, you should establish a comprehensive way for your app before launching it publically. On social media platforms, you can advertise your app in numerous ways and provide various offers to users, such as a free trial period or an exclusive sneak peek behind the scenes and other similar marketing tactics.

Say Hello to the World!

As mentioned above, all app developers should know and understand their target market before promoting their education app. You cannot achieve your business goals just by sitting on your couch.

Similarly, it’s not wise to hope that consumers will approach you by themselves and appreciate your work. Things are not the same as a few years ago, and they don’t work this way. You have to understand the target audience, and you must approach them personally to get the desired results.

For example, you can go from school to school and campus to campus and talk with the prospects directly and get their feedback. In this way, you can easily understand user’s interests and connect with them without any problem.

Besides, if you are working on a huge database or you have a broad audience, you should attend relevant conferences to promote your education app. Or you can visit different and related events and meet your potential users.

Lastly, reveal the person or your team that has helped you in creating the app. The exact same strategy is followed by the famous ClassDojo’s creators when they answered teachers’ hassles.

Communication Is the Key

Communication matters the most during the process, and you cannot overlook the importance of communication. It helps app developers and owners but also provides value to users.

When it comes to communication, you have numerous options to communicate with your audience, but the most effective is the social media network.

Everyone loves to share their thoughts on social media these days, and you should know how to use it to your benefit.

Skilled app developers know that these sites provide real benefits for the app, and it is vital for the app’s promotion and marketing.

Bear in mind that a personal approach is only effective when you are active on various platforms and know how to communicate with your audience on the networks they like to use.

Furthermore, we will advise you to focus on the platforms where your users spend most of their time.

Moreover, don’t underestimate the importance of forums and blogs. However, ensure that you are active on the relevant forums and blogs.

On these platforms, offer practical advice to your users and try to understand their issues. It is also recommended to create your website along with your app’s store page. These act as virtual classrooms and enable you to develop a great relationship with your target customers.

Focus on the Gamification

When it comes to education app promotion and marketing, some factors motivate the users greatly. Among those factors, one is the competition between the users.

So, you can give them what they demand. Try to promote a healthy competition via your app where users can see their names on the board. At the same time, display their progress and challenges and give them encouraging virtual awards when they meet or accomplish certain levels.

This is the ideal way to engage the users and gives you the opportunity to convince users to continue their expedition via your app.

Moreover, you can also encourage users to share your app with their family and friends. It will allow users to boast with their results, and at the same, this will make your education app more popular in the market.

In simple words, gamification is an ideal way to attract your target market, and it gives you and your app an edge over your competitors. A perfect example of this marketing and promotional strategy is the SoloLearn app.

Market Your App In Local Newspapers and Magazines

This is a digital era, but the paper has not lost its reputation and effectiveness among the users. There are various magazines that are specifically tailored for teachers, kids, and parents.

So you can get ad space for your educational app in such papers and magazines. And helps you to reach teachers and parents directly.

Take Part in Community Boards

There are many cork bulletin boards in your surroundings. Try to find places where you can place your ads. You will mostly see such boards near local recreational areas, community centers, libraries, and near the arts & craft store.

Promote at the Right Time

Not all parents sit down and watch evening cartoons with their children; this activity is rare these days. So if you are targeting the parents, kids’ cartoon time is not the right time for you. Instead, focus your marketing and promotional events when parents are more likely to sit at the front of the TV set.

Keep it Practical

In this section, you need to express to your users that you know them and their needs and that your app meets their demands. This is the sage when you reach out to them as per their expectations.

Remember that it is simple to write some lines in a specific layout and upload it on the official app store. But you cannot make your app different from the competitors in this way.

Furthermore, we will also advise you to incorporate various tools and features that make your app more exciting and attractive. While doing so, don’t compromise on the app’s interface as users don’t like the apps with a complex interface.

Try to keep your learning and educational app as simple as possible and ensure that even first-time users can use it easily. Moreover, you can also add other handy features such as chatbots.

There are many apps that utilize this innovative features, and it keeps the users engaged. Besides, chatbots can also help you to practice or improve your conversation.

Don’t pinch on freebies.

We all love to receive something for free every now and then. If you want to gain more users and potential customers, you can offer special discounts and deals to attract users.

You can add a specific term when offering these things, such as the discount is only available on the first day of the release.

If you are using any of these marketing tactics, promote the deals and your offerings on various online and offline platforms. If done correctly and timely, this strategy can do wonders for your education app and drive numerous app downloads in a short time.

Keep Eyes on Ratings and Reviews.

With App Store Optimization, you can easily create a product page that distinguishes your app from the others and traditional app store environments. To optimize your download ratings, it is vital that your app has an appealing title and a vibrant logo.

After that, you will need a skilled copywriter that writes a catchy description and tagline for your app with the right keywords. At the bottom side of the page, you can insert your complete contact details to enhance credibility.

After the App’s Promotion

Marketing or promoting an educational app is a continuous process that doesn’t end with its release. You need to perform various tasks after launching the app in the market. After the initial hype is finished, it’s vital to reconsider and modify your strategy so that you can reach out to new clients.

Here, the ideal way is to go for paid advertising as it enlarges the scope of your promotion.

In the End

That’s it, and now you need to practice the thing. It’s time to apply everything we have mentioned in this read. We are sure you can easily create an awesome experience for your target market and all those minds looking for a new educational application.

Give users the chance to adopt new information in a unique and engaging way.

Following all the suggestions listed above, you can easily promote your education app in the best way and took the world by storm. Best of luck!

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