10 Do’s and Don’ts Of Product Hunt Success To Increase Your App Downloads

If you want to make people see your app, be where everybody is looking. This case Product Hunt is the place where every person who is interested in new tech novelties is searching for products that make the difference between a common work and an outstanding result. This snippet shows what Ryan Hoover, founder of Product Hunt, has to say about the main idea which stands behind all the success gathered by Product Hunt.

Don’t forget, this is a one-time opportunity, so don’t waste it. Because you can’t post your app the second time, unless you have some major updates that worth the attention. And it is very hard to convince Product Hunt team that your app deserves a second chance.

6 Do’s of Increasing App Downloads With Product Hunt

Follow these tips to be sure that you are aware of all the details of this journey.

Optimize Your App Store Page or Landing Page for More Impression

Start by improving your part of the scheme. Go to the representative places for your app and do your best in improving them, because if people see your app on Product Hunt they will want to know more about it. Explain everything in a fascinating and intriguing manner, and don’t forget about amazing screenshots. If you make an interesting and clear video it will be even better. To be sure that upvotes convert into downloads, you need to do even more than posting the app on Product Hunt because the featuring doesn’t guarantee a higher acquisition rate.

Post As Early As Possible to Reach More Audience

According to an old saying, “The early bird catches the worm”. And this makes sense because Product Hunt refreshes the list at 12 A.M. every day. The earlier you post the more time zones you conquer. To find out more about all the rules that need to be followed you can check their official page with tips for users and makers, Product Hunt Pro Tips.

Choose the Best Category to Submit Your App

It is imperative to look for the category that suits your app best. You want that the specific section to highlight the characteristics of your app. The main purpose of posting your app on Product Hunt is to present it to the audience that is interested in the products like yours. Reaching the right target will lead you to more followers and, if you do things right to many downloads.

Find An Influencer Hunter To Increase Exposure

We already talked about influencers and their positive effect for your app. This platform is the same. You can post your app through your own account, especially if you have a lot of followers, but convincing a top hunter to impress people with your app will have more efficient results. Take a look at Product Hunt Leaderboard and search for some influencers who posted something similar before. With their experience and your great app, you will amaze his followers in no time.

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Share Your Product Hunt Success with Your Audience

This stage has two parts. On one hand, you need to share your product in the day you post it on Product Hunt to gather as many votes as possible. You can’t ask for upvotes publicly but you are allowed and encouraged to show your app on all possible social networks. On the other hand, you must brag with your success for a while to all mass media, social media, and other environments to make sure that your purpose of gathering a lot of downloads is reached.

Image Source: https://www.lucidpress.com

Add a Comment to Kick Off a Conversation

It is recommended that after you posted the app, you should add a comment to attract users. Start by talking about your app and what makes it so special. After that be open to discussions since this is the big day for your app. Moreover, be sure that you get that day off to pay the required attention to the evolution of your app on Product Hunt. For that, you can use PH today which helps you to see the results of your app.

4 Don’ts of Increasing App Downloads with Product Hunt

Now that we saw what you need to do in the day of glory, we need to highlight the biggest mistakes that you must avoid by all means.

Don’t Ask For Upvotes

Asking for upvotes is like begging for downloads. Don’t do that because you have a great app that must attract users by what it is, not making them feel sorry for you. People who vote on Product Hunt must express their opinions, not to be forced to show their appreciation because somebody said so. Moreover, there are big chances to be discovered by the team from Product Hunt and to hear from them the bad consequences of your actions.

Don’t Post from Your Company Account, Use a Personal Account

Product Hunt aims to connect the app with its creator; this is why you will be called the “maker”. The personal touch is essential for Product Hunt, since you can post or comment only if somebody else who was already a member invited you. It is like a private party where you get invited only if you know somebody there or if you are a very important “person”. If you get invited on Product Hunt you have the permission to send 3 invites to some of your friends.

Don’t Think That Upvotes Equals to Downloads

Don’t calculate all the upvotes to the number of downloads that will come after you’re posting because it is true that not every follower which gives you upvote will try your app. But other than that, being featured on Product Hunt will open new doors for you and it will generate other paths to success.

Don’t Forget to Answer the Questions

In the specific day when your app is on Product Hunt, you have to stay glued to the platform, literally. Be there whenever one of the followers comments on something and show them that you are interested in their opinions. This is the big day of your app and you must make it count.

Final Thoughts

This is it. You got the whole picture. Now you are prepared to hit success through Product Hunt. Remember, the next day after you had your app on Product Hunt is not the end of the adventure. It is only the beginning. Go on and brag with your accomplishments and be prepared to count the number of downloads on your app store page.

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