A Step-By-Step Guide to Developing The Best Mobile App Marketing Plan

In recent years, the use of mobile devices has done nothing but grow exponentially, becoming the central axis of relationships and consumer habits. In this framework of excessive volatility, having a mobile marketing plan is the best ally for staying calm and moving forward with a clear definition so as not to lose focus on your goals.

For this reason, if you are one of those who are concerned not only with the volume of downloads but with implementing more in-depth and more focused actions to minimize customer acquisition costs, maximize retention rates and optimize the profitability of the model of the mobile business, you have to hold fast to a Mobile Marketing Plan. And never lose sight of the strategic process you have outlined to be consistent with your target behavior to keep them as loyal and constant customers.

Know your audience & Get ready for pre-launch

Are you wondering how to create a mobile proposal that suits the needs of such a large market, and that covers different ages or lifestyles? Do your best to understand the customer who comes in and buy in your physical store: Discover the sociodemographics of your customers, what they like, their hobbies, interests, and needs, what motivates them, and what they respond to, and how they use their devices. Then, design your app based on your audience and adjust all features to their specific behaviors!

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If you are going to communicate with your customers through a mobile app, it is essential to know how to reach them. 

Analyze your competition 

In this case, we will have to see what our main competitors are doing. I usually use a 3/3/3 strategy; this is:

Three competitors of the same size / Three larger competitors / Three competitors in the international market

We can study the behavior of our competition in aspects such as:

● Visibility of your website on mobile devices.

● How they communicate with their users through their channels.

● Customer service via mobile.

● If they have an app, analyze the functionalities and the downloads.

● What type of announcements is making to capture the attention of the users? Push notifications?

This analysis can save us a lot of time and resources in future actions that we want to carry out.

Define your mobile goals 

What do you want to achieve, and where do you want to go with your mobile proposal; this should be the first question to answer with a very realistic and achievable definition. It won’t do any good to fool yourself by setting one or more ambitious but impossible goals.

In this sense, using the acronym SMART will enable you to act with an intelligent, methodological, and progressive approach. Make sure your mobile goals are:

●     Specific: Avoid all kinds of generalities and be specific, the more focused you are, the better results you will achieve! If you fall into ambiguities, you run the risk of setting goals that do not help you achieve your goals. 

●     Measurable: To know if your objectives are being met, it is necessary to measure them through indicators or KPIs adapted to your business’s reality. This will help you detect if you are on the right track or if you must change your strategy to achieve better results.

●     Achievable: As ambitious, inspiring, and motivating as your goals are, if they are not attainable, you will have wasted your valuable time and will only gain disappointment from your dedicated resources. 

●     Temporary: Set a period of time during which you will achieve the expected results. They can be three months, a semester, or the whole year, but you must define a certain period to reach the goals. 

●     Results-oriented: All objectives must pursue the aim of generating favorable results for the company, but must also function as a motivator that stimulates the achievement of new, scalable, progressive, and even more staggering goals.

Create a landing page (and a website)

 With Web pages, the same thing happens, you must set the value of it so that users consult and use it. In general, a web page serves to expose a business offer, but you should give it some value so that people continuously consult it. Many times the value translates into the content of your website. Create a landing page and promote your app. You can get high quality leads before your app launch. 

Promote on social media

Mobile marketing refers to the set of marketing strategies that are carried through mobile devices.

Without a doubt, mobile devices’ use has changed how consumers relate to brands. People are searching for products, opening our emails, updating our social networks, visiting websites, and even making purchases from our smartphones or tablets. According to smartphone statistics, there are 3.256 billion active mobile social media users in 2019. That is almost half of the total world population.

Thus, developers and app companies cannot disregard this channel to position their brand and promote their products.

Start a blog

Why is a blog influential? The answer is so easy. Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing but generates three times more leads. (Source:  Neil Patel

Blogging (content marketing) is one of the most effective SEO tactics. You can drive organic traffic to your landing page and website, and generate downloads for your app!

Optimize App Store presence (ASO)

The application market is continuously growing, thousands of applications are downloaded every day in the different application download stores, and you will have to compete with a good number of high-quality apps. So it is necessary to invest resources in optimizing these markets to improve your ASO and gain visibility, positions in search results, and to have success with that application closer to having it at the top of the results ranking.

Create a demo video

This is an excellent opportunity to show your application. You can upload a promotional video that explains a concept or a tutorial that directly teaches how to use it. Your app store page is your showcase. If you can deliver more reach content to your potential users, you can generate more downloads.

Measure the results

Developing a strong marketing strategy is not enough. You have to track your results and make the necessary changes to improve their performance.

Although there are different types of reports in this regard, if you decide to develop a website, you must focus your efforts on making acquisition reports that capture where your users come from, as well as indicators about the SEO of your app, or what is the same: ASO. And of course, do not forget to make a report highlighting the participation of users and the actions they perform in your app.

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With these steps, you can already create your Mobile Marketing Plan and get it ready for success. Every plan, regardless of its nature, implication, and extension, should be a dynamic document to be reviewed and updated periodically in case the circumstances of the changing environment require it. The right combination between a diagrammatic order and an intelligent adaptation will lead you to the success of your mobile app. You can also check the 20 creative ways to promote your app for free.

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