How To Set Up Successful Mobile Advertising Campaigns

If you are an app owner and you want to fight for your users than you are in the right place. Today we are preparing a battle plan that will help you reach the success you are hoping for. Let’s transform you into a warrior and for that we will give you the necessary weapons along with the instructions to use them.

What Is Your Goal?

First of all, you can’t start a war without a clear purpose in your mind. So, what is your aim?

Raising Awareness

If you want to drive awareness for your app then you can apply an old technique (in marketing terms) that is still efficient for making your app visible for your potential users.

  • Web Banner Advertising: We are talking about mobile web ads. They have a lot of benefits like cookies which help you improve user experience, lower costs which are very important when you have a tight budget and above all that you have access to a bigger number of potential customers.

Increasing App Installs

In case you are about to launch your app or you just released it to the market than you definitely need to convince users to download it. For this you can use mobile advertising campaigns. You have two options. Use them together or separately according to your needs.

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Driving Engagement

The third case is when you already have the desired users but there is a demon named Churn Rate that you want to minimize. You also have two solutions to your plan.

  • Retargeting Campaign: If your goal is to remember users the reasons why they installed your app in the first place then the answer is a retargeting campaign. It is a difficult job but you have to be focused on your customers’ interests and to take advantages of the opportunities created by platforms like Facebook and Google.

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  • Referral Campaign: When you are going to create a referral campaign you need to figure out how to keep your users happy in order to transform them in your best ambassadors. The main idea is to offer them what they really need and to help them through your app.

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What Are 4 Major Advertising Fundamentals?

In order to prepare you for this battle we will talk about all 4 challenges for successful mobile advertising campaigns  you need to complete.

  • Reach The Right Person: Now, it is mandatory to begin with your target audience. You need to determine their main characteristics and to discover their preferences.
  • Arrange A Right Time: Studying users’ behavior will allow you to discover the appropriate hour that they are open to suggestions. Besides that you should estimate the length of your campaign. How long it will take to convince users.
  • Define A Right Place: If you manage to see the right time when they are willing to pay attention to your ad and for how long you will invest your resources then you have to know the exact channel for find them in that specific period.
  • Deliver A Right Message: After creating the right profile of your users, you decided the best moment for reaching them and how to approach them. Now you should figure out what they want to hear. It is necessary to listen to them carefully and to talk their own language.

What Is Your Budget?

You can’t start your war without a moneybag. Before selecting the right strategy you have to count how many coins are in your sack.

Which Ad Format Will You Use?

According to your pocket and to your goal there are a few weapons that can help you in your fight with mobile advertising campaigns. Choose them wisely, because you won’t find anywhere the perfect ad format.

Banner Advertising

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Remember our Banner Ad Package which encompasses Mobile Banner Ad Design Tips For Better Conversion Rate and 7 Tools For Generating Amazing Banner Ads to help you along the way if you consider banner ads the proper format for your campaign. Some of the reasons for your decision could be:

  • Easy To Create – if you follow our advices you will obtain impressive ads;
  • Cheapest Format – they continue to be the most reasonable when it comes to prices;
  • Drive Awareness – banner ads are efficient if you want to let users know that your app can be a solution for them.


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Interstitials are very different from banners because they occupy the entire screen. The main characteristics of this format are:

  • Require Effort – it is harder to create interstitial because there are many factors that influence their aspect;
  • Broader Exposure – interstitials are resistant against ads blindness syndrome because users can’t ignore them;
  • Higher Impression – creating interstitials in a smart way and positioning them strategically are two stages that will help you to reach your purpose.

Video Advertising

Video ads are considered one of the most efficient format but with a small disadvantage:

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  • Attractive Format – with rich media elements you always can be sure that your users will pay attention to your ad;
  • Expensive – the high price is the drawback of video ads;
  • Drives Qualified App Installs – video ads offer customers a preview of what they will obtain after they press the call to action button.

What To Measure?

Now, go up on the highest hill and count the results of your battle. Don’t forget what we thought you before about measuring your efforts.

Apply Multi – Touch Attribution

Multi – touch attribution is about tracking every move of your users until they convert. Take advantage of the latest technology to build a clear customer journey and to have a better understanding of your users’ path.

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Track Rich In – App Events

You need to determine rich in – app events according to your app category. Purchases, friend invites or social media sharing are essential no matter what your initial purpose was. If you track them you can acquire high value users, increase retention rate and make your app becoming viral.

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Congratulations, you completed the tournament! Well done! All your hard work, commitment and concentration have paid off. Now the only thing you need to do is to enjoy your victory, but don’t forget that you have to show a permanent interest for your app if you want to maintain this success. Only the most powerful hero will win the game of app marketing and with App Samurai you can become one.

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