5 Most Attractive Mobile Markets For App Advertising

We keep talking about the opportunities provided by the emerging mobile markets for app advertising. There are many examples of big companies that spread the word about their apps outside US with great results. For start, you can look at Supercell. Its CEO recognizes the effects of the relationship built with other countries for the success of Clash Of Clans and Clash Royale. But, what are the markets that worth your attention? And what is the best way to enter those markets? In the following minutes we will try to answer these questions.

Image Source: http://www.mobyaffiliates.com/blog/emerging-markets-present-a-great-opportunity-for-mobile-and-app-advertisers-but-how-do-you-enter-them/


3 Reasons To Focus On Emerging Markets

Let’s see why you need to search for new users outside United States.

1. Outsmart The Competition

If you take a look at the chart below you will understand that being one step ahead of other app owners in your category means to win great advantages for your brand. Mobile environment has a lot of potential and making your app visible for a wide area of users will help you reach the wanted success.

Image Source: http://uk.businessinsider.com/global-app-revenue-grows-40-2017-1


2. Reach More Users

It is essential to be were your users are, and if that means to search them all over the world then you should consider this point of view. With the rise of smartphone users globally it is a sure fact that US is not the only location to search for new customers. Take a look at the stat below and we will mention more data from Statista for the most important markets.

Image Source: http://www.mobyaffiliates.com/blog/emerging-markets-present-a-great-opportunity-for-mobile-and-app-advertisers-but-how-do-you-enter-them/


3. Budget Friendly

With a lower sum invested in advertising for emerging markets your budget will be suitable for your strategy. If you take a look at the chart below you will understand the difference between the Cost Per Install paid in USA and the CPI for other countries. It is also a big difference between countries when it comes to ARPU but will detail that in the following section.

5 Attractive Mobile App Markets

We will highlight some of the most suitable markets for promoting your app and we will discuss in terms of ARPU rates, average CPI bids and number of smartphone users.

1. India

We will start with India because it completes all the reasons described above. A study of AppAnnie shows that India will be in top 5 countries judging by the number of downloads, by 2021.

ARPU Rates – The ARPU for mobile games in India is $2.32.
Average CPI Bids – The average for non-incent CPI was around $0.31 last year.
Number Of Smartphone Users – The number of smartphone users is about 340.2 million according to Statista.

2. Indonesia

Indonesia is forecasted to become a powerful zone for the mobile world. It will be a smart decision if you take advantage of the opportunities provided by this market for promoting your app.

Image Source: http://resources.newzoo.com/hubfs/Reports/Newzoo_CGA_How_to_Compete_in_Mobile_Games.pdf

ARPU Rates – The average revenue per user in Indonesia is about $10.40.
Average CPI Bids – In Indonesia CPI varies from $0.10 to $0.55 according to platform and app category.
Number Of Smartphone Users – According to Statista the number of smartphone users is 72.7 million.

3. Brazil

For the audience in Brazil, it is very important to build a community around your app. Its economic growth is one of the fastest and it is an option because people in Brazil enjoy spending their entire free time on mobile apps, especially games, as you can read in an article published in Chartboost.
ARPU Rates – ARPU  for mobile games is about $6.21
Average CPI Bids – CPI for iOS is $0.40 and for Android is a little higher than $0.20.
Number Of Smartphone Users – number of smartphone users is around 65.7 million.

4. Vietnam

A study of AppAnnie proves that Vietnam is one of the markets that showed a growth of 60% for downloads from year to year. Let’s see other variables that influence the statistics.

Image Source: https://www.goodfirms.co/blog/emerging-app-markets-where-should-app-developers-focus

ARPU Rates – For Vietnam, the ARPU for mobile games is $10.54.
Average CPI Bids – CPI for Vietnam is around $0.74.
Number Of Smartphone Users – is estimated to reach 28.5 million in 2017 by Statista.

5. Mexico

Great advantages are offered also by Mexico for American app owners who don’t want to leave the continent for advertising their app.

Image Source: https://traffichabits.com/the-top-ten-mobile-markets-7d20357ec88c

ARPU Rates – ARPU for Mexico is around $17.58.
Average CPI Bids – CPI for Mexico is between $0.50 – $0.75
Number Of Smartphone Users – 58.1 million users are shown in a stat from Statista.

How To Get The Best Out Of Emerging Markets

Now, that you have a general idea about the most attractive mobile markets, let’s see the best strategy for reaching the wanted results.

Understand Audience Characteristics

You know our formula: before planning your strategy you have to know your users. In this case, it is even more essential to understand their profile because there are big chances to be distinct from your current audience. Study demographics like gender, age, location, education and don’t forget to understand their lifestyle. Also, their preferences for different app categories are very important. The following statistic shows the situation for Games all around the world.

Image Source: https://allcorrectgames.com/insights/mobile-game-market-index/


Increase Brand Awareness

Interacting with users from other countries allows you to build trust and to assure them that they can be confident in your product. It is not enough to talk about your app; you need to use their own style if you want to approach them in the most suitable way. Word of mouth is a powerful weapon if you know how to use it.


It’s been a while since we talked about app localization but all the information remained the same. When you want to present your app in front of the entire world their many elements you need to consider, not just translating your app. Take a look at our article to understand the best tips for better localization.

Image Source: https://blog.kissmetrics.com/multiply-app-downloads/



Now after you read all the above, what do you think about the potential of other fast-growing markets? It requires more effort but the results will prove that going beyond the borders with your app offers you great chances to increase your user base.

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