Best Practices of Mobile Video Ads On Social Media

Mobile world is very dynamic. Nowadays, users are more responsive to videos then to simple images or text. They prefer to watch a story, not to read some descriptions or to try to understand what an image wants to express. That is the reason why advertisers focus their campaigns on mobile video ads to impress customers better then boring them with old format ads, as Millennial Media reported that video ads engage users 5 times more than banner ads. Taking into consideration that Statista revealed a forecast where mobile video advertisements spending is projected to be 13.3 billion U.S. dollars in 2020, rising from 3.5 billion U.S. dollars last year, you can be sure that using this app model is an amazing solution for app owners to increase their revenue. For this evolution of mobile advertising, all social media platforms are ready with their features to convince companies to promote their app using their services. We will present the most important procedures along with best practices of creating mobile ads.

Facebook Mobile Video Ads

Facebook is definitely not only the biggest social network in the world but also the leader of mobile video advertisements platform.

How To Create Facebook Mobile Video Ad

Here are the steps to create Facebook Mobile Video Ad:

  1. Go to Facebook Page and click the arrow that appears on the top right corner.
  2. Select Create Ad.
  3. Then click Get Video Views.
  4. Set all the criteria for your users: interests, behavior, location, age and gender.
  5. Set the budget and schedule for the ad.
  6. Upload a video or select one from your library.
  7. Select a thumbnail image.
  8. Write a description.

5 Best Practices To Create Facebook Mobile Video Ad

To have success with your campaign you have to follow some key points and create a great video ad:

  1. Upload your video directly to Facebook not through other sites for more quality.
  2. Make your description short and easy to read because you don’t want your users to be bored before they see the video.
  3. If you want to reach more users you can use the Video View Objective feature from Facebook that optimizes the video.
  4. You can go to Customize Columns -> Ads Reporting to check video metrics.
  5. Test everything and improve your video if need it.

Instagram Mobile Video Ads

Instagram offers great benefits for app owners who choose their platform for mobile video ads. First of all, the only difference between video ad and other videos uploaded by users is a label with “Sponsored” text. All videos must be concentrated in a 60 seconds length and another good think is that they don’t pop up to annoy their users; they just play in Instagram feed.

How To Create Instagram Mobile Video Ad

You can find all the resources you need on their Official Page, including help to create video ad for your campaign:

  1. Set up your Business Manager.
  2. Add Instagram Account to your Facebook Page.
  3. Choose one of the tools provided by Instagram to create your ad: Ads Manager or Power Editor.
  4. Measure your results.

5 Best Practices To Create Instagram Mobile Video Ad

  1. Be careful to include motion in the first seconds of the video to attract users.
  2. Create a short story with your video to engage customers.
  3. Don’t forget that all Instagram videos play without sound.
  4. Choose an intriguing thumbnail image.
  5. Pay attention to your user’s feedback.

Twitter Mobile Video Ads

Twitter is one of the most preferred platforms for users because of its short and effective instant messages.

How to Create Twitter Mobile Video Ad

The main steps to create a Twitter Mobile Video Ad are described as follows:

  1. Go to
  2. Select Creatives tab and choose Media.
  3. Upload your video.
  4. Press Create new campaign button and select Video views from the dropdown list.
  5. Choose a name for your campaign.
  6. Set campaign start and end dates.
  7. Add a title and a description for your video.
  8. Add a Call To Action.
  9. Select locations, gender, language, devices.
  10. Add keywords.
  11. Add interests, tailored audience and event targeting.
  12. Enjoy your campaign.

5 Best Practices To Create Twitter Mobile Video Ad

We have more tips about Twitter Mobile Video Advertisements:

  1. Choose an interesting thumbnail image to attract people to watch your video.
  2. Choose carefully your words for describing the video.
  3. Optimize your video for mobile devices to offer the best experience.
  4. You can use Twitter Amplify to target more people.
  5. Test video length and all ad targeting options to create an amazing video ad.

SnapChat Mobile Video Ads

SnapChat is relatively new on mobile video ads but they have a lot of success stories with the brands that chose them for their campaign.

How to Create SnapChat Mobile Video Ad

SnapChat uses 3V advertising strategy, which means Vertical Video Views.

  1. Sign in on SnapChat Page.
  2. Since they provide only mobile format video ads you can upload just videos created for portrait mode.
  3. You can select your target audience by gender and location. They even created an age – gate for not including specific age categories in case of ads for alcohol companies.
  4. You can check their options for Geofilters and Lenses.

5 Best Practices To Create SnapChat Mobile Video Ad

You can try some tips and create the best marketing campaign using SnapChat:

  1. Motivate users to action with exclusive content or special discounts.
  2. Measure your users’ engagement with private snaps.
  3. Don’t forget that ads on SnapChat have to be funny and personalized.
  4. Mix videos with images for a more interesting effect.
  5. Stay connected with your targeted audience.

YouTube Mobile Video Ads

Since YouTube is the biggest platform that provides video content it is considered one of the top choices of app owners for promoting their app through video ads. We talked about YouTube Video Ads in a previous article on AppSamurai.

How To Create YouTube Mobile Video Ad

  1. First of all you have to choose one of the Mobile Video Ad formats available:
  • Mobile RoadBlock
  • InStream Video Ads
  • Brand Channels
  1. An important step is to read YouTube’s advertising policies and Google AdWords policy to create a family safe
  2. Create a description for your video ad.
  3. Use YouTube Analytics to follow the results of your campaign.

5 Best Practices To Create YouTube Mobile Video Ad

  1. Create a Call To Action within your ad so your users will know what to do if they like your ad.
  2. Select colors and fonts according to your brand.
  3. Avoid using keywords targeting into your campaign because you don’t want to limit the numbers of views for your ad.
  4. Pay attention to the description of your video to convince your users to watch it.
  5. Intrigue your users from the first 5 seconds.

Final Thoughts

As a mobile advertiser you have to invest time and money to create a marketing campaign based on mobile video advertisement model using one of the social media platforms available but, in the end, you will have more to win then with any other strategies. Keep up with the new advertising trends and you will be one of the brands that will enjoy the results of a more engaging and more advanced marketing technique.

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