What Are The Best Ways To Promote An Android App

Attention, Android app owners! This is a useful guide with tips and tricks on how to promote your app. Even if many of them are standalone strategies we strongly recommend you to follow all the techniques listed below. Don’t worry about the costs; some of them are free to implement but priceless when you think about the results obtained. The condition is to follow the best practices, of course.  Here is the great resource to how to promote your android app stand out in free and paid advertise ways.

8 Great Ways To Promote An Android App

In case you are one of our readers you will recognize some of the advices shared in this article focused on increasing the visibility of your app, but we gathered them here for a better understanding of the process.
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1. Follow Android Design Principles

Let’s start by reminding you that a great marketing campaign begins during the development stage and a well-designed app is crucial if you want to offer an amazing experience for your customers. If you want to know how to promote android app, starting at the beginning would be beneficial. Luckily, Google has a detailed documentation on Material Design and it is a smart move to study the entire tutorial for creating the effects of paper and ink. Moreover, pay attention to the necessary elements for designing a perfect mobile app UI previously discussed on our blog.

2. Set Up Android Beta Testing

Just the other day we talked about the reasons why you must test your app before launching it. And we agreed that there is no way around it. Plus, it is very easy to make sure that your app is ready to meet its target audience. Imagine an app without bugs focused on users’ needs and impressing early adopters. That’s how your app should look like and if you want this type of results then we invite you to study how to run a Google Play Beta Test.

3. Enable Feedback Channels

Although trying to discover your customers’ opinions is part of the previous strategy we highlight it as a separate technique because asking users to share their feedback about the app should be a permanent concern during the creation process, when you launch the app and even after for minimizing the churn rate. While you can take advantage of the most popular feedback channels remember that the secret behind Slack’s success is the relationship built with their customers and the proof that they care about users’ interests.

4. Make Good Use Of ASO

You probably know by now how crucial is to optimize your app store page. But in case it is not clear enough, look what you need to do. Go to Google Play Store and insert your app’s name in the search field. Did you find it easy? If “No” then you must focus on adding relevant keywords in the app title and app description. Next step is to put yourself in customers’ shoes and to look at your app’s presentation from their point of view. Is the app icon so intriguing that makes you want to discover the app? If the answer is negative then you have to understand how to design a compelling app icon. After that, take a look at the app title and make sure that it is shorter than 30 characters but it still represents the apps’ core function or your brand (or both). Be careful to add only high-quality screenshots and maybe a preview video would be a good fit for your strategy. The final element is an intriguing app description and if you don’t know how to handle it then you will be glad to discover the best tips for writing amazing app store descriptions. That is all. Now let’s move on to the next important element on our agenda.

5. Use Social Media Marketing

Social media is an endless source of loyal users. Even if there are many advantages offered by this technique if you jump ahead and throw your money on ads that have nothing to do with your brand than you won’t be able to accomplish the wanted results. Act smart and focus your strategy on quality, not on quantity. In the same time don’t forget the benefits of deep linking. Our useful folder with articles about social media advertising will inspire you to create the most amazing campaigns for your app.

6. Find A Social Media Influencer

Another benefit of social media channels is that there are plenty of experts who can help you to promote your app. Some influencers impress millions of followers after reviewing apps like yours on a daily basis. If one of them will agree to talk about your app then be prepared to discover the effects provided by this strategy for a long time from now on. Social media influencers are the secret sauce to your android app promotion strategy.

7. Get Featured On Android Related Media

The Android community is huge. This fact offers you a plethora of opportunities to promote your app. Here are our platform suggestions for promoting your android app:

Android Review Websites

Android sites focused on reviewing mobile apps represent a great solution for your creation and there are many options to choose from. Just to name a few.

Android Related Forums And Groups

It is almost impossible to finish an app without browsing Android forums while you search for answers to your concerns. At the same time being a member of a group allows you to share not only your opinion but also insights from your app. Also, in this case, there are multiple chances to make your app known but we will give you some examples of very popular communities among Android developers.

Consider Press Coverage

Press coverage is an additional technique which applied in a proper way can offer you great results for your plans to increase the visibility of your app. Therefore, prepare your press kit and make sure that you amaze one of the reporters in your niche with your app.

8. Create Referral Campaigns

Now that you managed to provide the app required by your users you have to make sure that they share it with the rest of the people on this planet. Building an app referral program is what you need when you are sure that a great number of your customers are happy with your product.


We highlighted here some of the main elements essential for creating an impressive marketing campaign for your Android app. Analyze them and try to understand the necessity of each step when you want to convince your users about the value of your work.

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