Android VS. iOS To Build For First App

When you have decided to build a mobile app, the first thing to do is to choose the best platform between Android and iOS. On which store will you launch your app: Apple App Store or Google Play Store? Here is a brief answer: after a comprehensive research on Android vs iOS to build for the first app, you can find the best option for you.
Both Android and iOS have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the most important fact is that every single project is another case. So, your research must focus on your own unique project’s requirements.

Which Platform to Build Your First App?

Regardless of being a company with a long history or an early-stage startup, you need to analyze your targets well when it comes to building an app. The main focal points of this process should include your target audience, expected app features, app maintenance budget and your monetization strategy (and goal revenue as a sub-title).
Let’s discuss each point one by one to make the path clearer.

Target Audience

Your app’s basic goal is to reach as many users who may show an interest in your app as possible. So you need to launch your app wherever these users are. You need to know your target audience. Generalized data can be tricky to depend on. You need to grasp these data to evaluate your own target audience.
Android devices have the greatest global market share. But wait; keep reading before making your decision, because Apple users tend to pay in app store more than Android users. This knowledge gives an important hint: you can go for iOS if your app requires a certain amount of payment.

On the other hand, in the case when your target audience is mostly men with low or middle income, Android seems to be the best platform for your app project. Another useful information would be that women, people with higher education degrees and people in professional and managerial jobs are more likely to use iPhones.
Who will use your app? First, create your marketing personas and, use the data to find the platform that will help you reach these people. 
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Expected App Features

First of all, Android is an open source operating system, which gives developers deeper access into the system. Certain apps may only be built on Android. If your project is one of them, you can stop searching for the best platform. However, if your target audience is on iOS, it is better to amend your project.
An open system can be advantageous in many cases if we disregard its being lack of standardization. Various devices operating on Android requires various variants to consider – especially in terms of safety – as well as providing more flexibility. If safety comes first, go for iOS.
Considering features, let’s give an example, will you use push notifications for more engagement? Then you can build your app on Android as Android users open push notifications twice more than Apple users. Long story short, determine the features you cannot sacrifice and then decide which platform is better for your app!


App Maintenance Budget

Android users are not a big fan of updates. Half of the Android users have been running an operating system for more than 2 years. So, even though building apps on Android takes a longer time in the beginning, your app users will not be asking for updates, which require a quite budget.
Regular maintenance is an expensive work and Apple works hard on updates. So your app often may fail in functioning, requiring you to update your app. Other than updates, you will need improvements and fixes. When you are on Android, your maintenance budget will be mostly spent by choice or for security requirements.

Monetization Strategy

You are probably building your app to earn money. If you are on the threshold to choose between Android and iOS to build your first app, consider the way you plan to get revenue.
In this phase, we have to remind you of the behavior of the target audience. Remember, Android users tend to be less willing to pay for apps than iOS users. If your monetization strategy is including in-app ads through a free app, Android is the one for you.
You should also know that Apple App Store makes more money than Google Play despite lower numbers of downloads. This data is important – no doubt, but your target users may not be among the ones who pay for iOS apps. If your marketing persona seems to make in-app purchases, you consider iOS for building your first app.
Here you can find our previous post with the title of “How To Manage Your Monetization In The Smartest Way” to give you a more detailed information about monetization strategy.

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Google Play for Android and Apple App Store for iOS are the leaders in the app market. When you are starting an app business, you need to analyze your requirements focusing on your target audience, expected features and budget in general. Above, we have given you the basic information to choose between Android and iOS to build your first app. We have to highlight that your app project is unique and you should find the best platform considering its unique needs before closing this post.
Good luck with your app!

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