When To Release An Update For Your Mobile App

Heraclitus said: “Change is the only constant in life”. In case you are asking, our blog didn’t become a philosophy website and we still focus on mobile marketing. But if you think about it, you will see that it really make sense, especially in the mobile world even though these words were written thousands of years before this smartphone era. We are trying to say that changes are necessary and this is available also for your creation. You need to take care of your app and to frequently update it. The reasons for this process and how often is too often are the main concerns when it comes to modifying your app. Let’s solve them together.

Why Are Updates Important?

First of all why to change something that is working well? Perhaps it can function even better or maybe there is a small bug that you didn’t observe before and this is your chance to remove it. In case a new version for the operating system was released you really need to test your app in order to see if it does what it says. Besides that, you must study your metrics and observe if your app is performing as you expected. In other situations, updates are mandatory when you want to engage your users. They like your app, but a certain element can provide them a complete experience.

Major Versus Minor Updates

Before giving you some hints for the best moments when you need to modify your app we need to highlight that we will talk about both major and minor updates. It is recommended to release a minor update at least once a month and a few major updates during a year. This way, users are happy with fact that their favorite app is maintained and they can count on your support. Keep in mind that this procedure depends on the size of your business and the type of your app. Big companies improve their apps more frequently than small ones and the apps focused on new content are changed more often than the ones that help users to complete certain tasks.

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When You Should Update Your App

There are many signs that will show you when to change your app. You just need to be prepared and to observe them.

New Devices And Technologies

The fact that technology evolves every day it is a good reason to update your app. With the new smartphones released all over the world and those emerging markets that offer you many opportunities for reaching a wider area of users, it is no doubt that your app needs some improvements according to your new audience. New tools can help you to reach a level never seen before. You just have to keep up with the latest changes in your domain.

Image Source: https://blog.google/products/google-voice/ringing-2017-updates-our-google-voice-apps/

Underperforming App Metrics

You need to pay attention to the way customers use your app. Maybe it is different than you imagined it in the first place. Try to understand their point of view and to simplify the entire process for them. In case they are eager to open your app and they churn after a little while, you need to understand what went wrong. Maybe a small error made them act like that or your app didn’t help them as they expected. In that case, you have to act fast and to remove that disappointment. There is nothing worse than fighting for acquiring new users and watching them leave just because of a minor thing.

Image Source: https://www.urbanairship.com/blog/write-a-better-app-store-update

Users’ Feedbacks For Improvement

When you read a review from a customer saying: “This app is great, but it would be wonderful if you could add…” you know that you need to analyze these words very well. In case you find more than one request for the same feature then it is a sure fact that you have to do something for improving your app. On the other hand, you must be careful with those demands because not all of them will provide the wanted results. If you mess with your app after every feedback you receive, without calculating the consequences of your actions, you will end up with a very complex app that nobody will want to use.

Image Source: https://appinstitute.com/app-niche-expert/

Changes In App Design Trends

If there is something that constantly changes when it comes to a mobile app that is the way it should look. Follow the trends and improve the user interface and user experience with every occasion. Just like in fashion what attracted people yesterday isn’t available today and they definitely don’t want to see the same aspect tomorrow. We also want to mention here the opportunities offered by holidays and special events. Change a little the app store page and add some festive elements to your app. This way it will be ready to accomplish your users’ demands.

Image Source: https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2015/04/thinking-like-an-app-designer/

Desire For A New Feature

When the app performs as it should but you feel like you can do better, don’t jump into action right away. It is more important to test the market, to ask your users and if you still believe that this new service will improve your app then go for it. This way you can compete with the best apps in your category and it can be a great retargeting opportunity. But we highlight again that you need to make sure if this is the right move for your app. You don’t want to see a bad review after all this struggle.

Image Source: https://techcrunch.com/2016/10/06/prisma-adds-art-filtered-video-gifs-coming-next/

Adjustment For Operating System Updates

In our latest articles, we talked about Android Oreo and iOS 11, the new versions released by Google and Apple. Well, these events are a great occasion for a major update. Moreover, you will find useful the documentation offered by both platforms along with the recommendations to check your app in order to see that it performs as it should. You need to make sure that your app’s functionalities are ready for the new tools announced months ago and that your users will have the best experience, as they did so far.

Image Source: http://www.appmachine.com/blog/update-your-app/

Final Thoughts

Now, after you read the ideas described above, look at your app. Maybe you find yourself in one of the situations presented or you don’t need to change anything to your app for the moment. It is your call. However, we advise you to print this list and to keep it on your desk because it can be very useful whenever you want to see if your app needs an improvement. For any other information we are here and we are ready to help you!

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