How To Build Trust In Your Mobile App

Well, here is a tough one “How to build trust in your mobile app?”. It is definitely harder than it sounds. With millions of apps around us, even the smallest thing can make users to abandon your app and to choose your competitors’. What can you do to avoid that? Well, for start you should remove any element that has this type of power and we will show you how.

Why Should You Be Trustworthy

But before going further with our guide let’s give you some reasons for this effort. Building trust in your mobile app means that your users become loyal customers. In that case you manage to increase app retention and conversion without breaking your budget. Remember that you should win customers’ trust for your entire brand not only for a single app. This way cross – promotion will offer you amazing effects. It is about creating a strong relationship with your target audience.

7 Key Points To Build Trust In Your App

While it is essential to know that your users should trust your app, it is mandatory to adopt the best strategy in order to make that happen. Here is what you have to do:

Have App Store Reviews

Having app store reviews is good but we meant that you need to have great app store reviews. The more the merrier! Imagine that you are your user. You enter the app store page. After checking the app icon and the small description what is the most important section that will tell you if it is worth your attention or not? That’s right: Reviews! If you see there a lot of great opinions then you might give it a chance. Otherwise, if users can’t stop complaining about its functionalities, then you will leave that place as soon as possible. The same way happens to your users. So, make sure you impress them when they read what others have to say about your app.

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Respond The Feedbacks And Emails

Now, in case people come to you because they want to discuss different issues related to your app, what would you do? You ignore them and move on to more important tasks? Don’t even think about it! If your app has a problem then this is the most urgent thing on your to – do list. Make sure you solve it and respond to your users. Thank them for their interest and encourage them to send you messages and emails whenever they have something to say. It is crucial to pay attention to them if you want them to pay attention to your app.

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Ask Only For Necessary Permissions

Now that you managed to reach this stage you should stick with the necessary data because if you ask users too many information from the beginning you can annoy them. Again, imagine that a person comes to you and asks everything about you. What is your first thought? Oh, that’s weird! I’d rather leave this place as soon as possible. So, be careful with the amount of data you request if you don’t want to see your customers running away from your app without any chances to make them coming back. And that’s even worse when you pay for acquiring those users.

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Don’t Oblige To Fill A Registration Form

Next, the question is who likes to fill registration forms of any kinds? Nobody! So, if you need some data from your users there are certain rules you need to follow for convincing them to share that type of information. First, you must explain to them why you need that data and assure them that there won’t be security issues. Secondly, you have to show them the value of your app before asking them to do something. Thirdly you need to display a simple form on a single page if you want them to spend a few seconds on entering their data.

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Don’t Overdo Mobile Advertising

The thing with ads is that people appreciate them as long as they are relevant and helpful. If you take care of the content shown and the frequency of your ad then you can be sure that you are on the right path to building trust in your mobile app. Avoid annoying users with too many ads and be careful with ad fatigue. If your app appears all over the places even if users already installed it then something is wrong with the way you present your product. Just be creative and make sure that you intrigue users with your ads displayed in innovative ways.

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Send Appropriate Push Notifications

Now that you convinced users to install your app what’s next? You attack them with all kinds of messages, all the time, without mercy? No, you don’t do that because the consequences will be awful. Instead, you personalize the text and you add also some rich media in order to impress your audience. You make sure that you respect the time zone and the frequency of your notifications. In the same time you send just relevant information and according to customers’ needs. It’s that clear?

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Show That You Care About Loyal Customers

Well, you did such a great job so far and you gathered around your app a big group of loyal users. That’s great! You need to focus on their profiles and to make sure that you continue to attract those customers who trust your app. Now it is the moment to show them your gratitude and to reward them for their interest in your app. Assure them that you will invest all your efforts into improving their experience and make sure that your app is a worthy companion for them.

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Final Thoughts

After reading this post you are one step closer to win your users’ trust. Imagine the myriad of wonderful things that will happen to your business. Users will come back to your app over and over again. And not only that, but they will bring their family and friends for building a great community around your creation without you asking them to do so. Oh, what a happy life!

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