How to Promote Bitcoin Apps

Everybody is talking about cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. The amazing technology has influenced the way people used to perceive the digital world. Because this is an entirely new thing on the market, and presently people are overwhelmed with this innovation.

Furthermore, this whole digital currency thing is appealing to app developers, and there is a sudden rise in Bitcoin mobile apps. Plus, the apps built around these services are crucial and helpful for users in many ways.

How to promote bitcoin apps? With this guide, we will show you how. There are many ways to market your app, but the most important thing is that you choose what works best for you. It can be hard to know where or how to start when it comes to marketing a Bitcoin app–especially if you’re not a developer. But no need to worry as this blog post will teach you everything about promoting bitcoin apps!

Bitcoin App’s Business Model

Bitcoin itself is not a category; neither will you find this section on the popular app stores. Instead, it is a part of finance apps, and hence you will see such apps in the finance category. 

Furthermore, while analyzing various Bitcoin apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, we noticed some notable differences between the current listings and the previous results that we observed a few weeks ago.

Nevertheless, the current results show that people in the United States are using these apps much more than anything, and we all know the reasons.

Besides, bitcoin apps are among the user’s favorite financial tools, especially in the free app section on both app stores. 

However, paid app sections on Apple App Store and Google Play Store also include many Bitcoin and related apps. This is the perfect proof that these mobile apps have gained immense popularity in recent years.

This also means that you can acquire benefits from this dynamic market by launching your Bitcoin app with unique features and meaningful content. 

Apart from it, you need to use effective methods to promote your Bitcoin app as the competition is high, and if you are not sure about we will reveal all the secrets below in this guide.

Promote Bitcoin Apps

You might be wondering why you should promote your bitcoin app as users are looking for these apps more than other apps. To some extent, it is true but remember that users are looking for flawless results when they install an app regardless of its category.

Therefore, you need to invest all your resources into promoting your new Bitcoin app. It is also vital that your new mobile app meets the other apps and industry standards regarding user experience and features.

Having said that, let’s move on and talk about the best methods to promote your Bitcoin app. All these hacks are tested and perfect if you want to entice valuable users.


This is obvious, especially when you are playing in high risk and surprising world of cryptocurrency. Due to this sole reason, security is by far the most essential thing that you need to pay attention to when developing or launching your Bitcoin app.

Not many app owners understand that people are pretty reserved when it comes to changing their routine habits or when things are not in their control. The innovation of this service scares almost all users right from the start.

And things become much more sensitive with Bitcoin because the currency is highly volatile, and all transactions are kept publicly. So, before you proceed to apply any promotional methods, you need to pay attention to the app’s security.

Furthermore, you need to guarantee your users that your app meets all the security requirements and it is fully encrypted. In other words, gain their trust.

Perhaps this is the main reason why Coinbase is the most popular and valued bitcoin apps. It assures users bank-level security and protects users’ data and transactions. Plus, it allows users to deactivate phone access if their device is not in their possession.

Simple Navigation and Handling

We want to recap that user experience directly impacts user’s journey and visits to your app. Plus, it is the main difference between an average app and a professional mobile app. Besides, keep in mind that you are in the volatile world of cryptocurrency, where things can drastically change.

So, keep your users free of unnecessary problems and keep the app user-friendly. If you are able to assure people that your Bitcoin app is reliable and contains the best features like other similar apps and it has a simple-to-use interface, they will definitely use and download the app.

As mentioned above, ensure that your Bitcoin app meets industry standards, and all types of users can use it without any fuss. In this way, everyone will try this new app that has become the talk of the town.

The relevant and correct information is the demand of all users, and you should provide them when they need it. Keep in mind in the crypto world; most people rely on information and updates as it helps them to avoid various challenges.

Keep things simple and assists your customers in understanding the entire process. A perfect example is a Blockchain, a Bitcoin Wallet that offers a simple and friendly interface to its users.

Notifications and Alerts

With cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, people don’t know what is ahead. Similarly, they are not 100% sure of their next move. The market can go high or crash only in a few hours without any prior notification. It is a very annoying and stressful situation for Bitcoin users, especially for beginners.

For this reason, it is vital to keep them alert and provide them all the information needed to make the right move. Every minor detail is vital so try to offer them a clear view of their transactions.

As an example, we will advise you to analyze the list of features provided by Crypto Pro: Bitcoin Ticker. Then you will understand why the app is among the best even though it is paid for all users. You can also do the same and charge a certain amount from users.

However, first, you need to ensure that your Bitcoin app provides something useful to users. For example, rich notifications and gain/loss calculations are the favorites of many crypto traders.

Join Bitcoin Communities

The Bitcoin communities are handy for various purposes, and you can use them to promote your Bitcoin app. These communities are attractions for cryptocurrency/Bitcoin enthusiasts, traders, experts, and investors. It is the ideal place for your Bitcoin app marketing.

You can easily find such communities online but make sure that you have read the terms and rules. Then join the community and become its member. You can easily gain user’s trust by participating in the discussions. After this stage, you can present your app to them.

Paid Promotions

The ideal method that you can use for the Bitcoin app’s promotion is to use alternative paid marketing services. Paid marketing and advertising services are usually performed by Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other similar online platforms. This method works by displaying various ads about your app.

This method is also perfect for beginners. An online advertising company can arrange things for you and help you in creating a paid marketing campaign for your mobile app.

Display Campaigns

Display advertising is another paid advertising method that you can use for the promotion of your app in various media. In this method, a pop-up advertisement is displayed on the user’s phone. The chances of getting noticed for your app are much higher for your cryptocurrency app in display advertising campaigns compared to the other promotion modes. Consider this option and market your Bitcoin mobile application via pop-ups.

E-mail Campaigns

Another direct marketing method that is effective and effortless to use is e-mail marketing. E-mail marketing campaigns are the favorites of marketers. Depending on your campaign’s characteristics, you can straightforwardly convey your app’s purpose to your target users.

You can talk about your app in detail through e-mail. To plan an efficient and result-oriented e-mail marketing campaign, you need to gather an e-mail list of your audience, especially users who are interested in Bitcoin or digital currencies.

Design your email marketing campaign in a way that it grabs their attention instantly. You can get amazing results just by sending personalized emails to the right target audience.

Fiat Currencies

Of course, a bitcoin wallet works like a regular wallet, and users shouldn’t use their account to deposit their values. For this reason, we will recommend you to study and analyze Revolut, an app that helps users to exchange money between Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency and fiat currency. 

Revolut is mainly a banking app, but it is helpful for crypto users as it is the only mobile application on the market that users can use to swap the local coins into bitcoins. Plus, the app charges or transaction fee is nominal.

The point is, try to develop an app that has the potential to become a user’s necessity like Revolut. It is something unique and addresses the most critical aspect that almost all crypto users need and demand.

Establish Your Presence in the Market

The audience will never approach you; instead, you will have to reach out to them to display your creation. That’s why it is vital to understand user behavior and where they spend most of their time. Try to determine which network your most audience is and engage with them. You need to show and establish your presence on the market. You can use various platforms for this purpose like Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Reddit, and more.

Keep your all social media profile update and establish your presence among your users. While doing so, ensure that your app, marketing, and social media presence are in line and demonstrate your mission and vision clearly to others.

Telegram App

Probably you have a Telegram account. In case you don’t know about the Telegram App. Allow us to elaborate a bit about this handy app. Not many people know that Telegram was initially created for marketing purposes. Plus, many are still using it as a marketing tool.

Telegram messages are fully encrypted and have a unique self-destructing feature, so users rely on them. Moreover, this cloud-based software allows you to set up your own dedicated channel. Many crypto enthusiastic use Telegram for various purposes. You will find many cryptocurrency channels and communities on Telegram.

Hence you can join those communities and channels to promote your Bitcoin. By becoming a member, you can also take part in various forums and discussions. 

Telegram is among the top places where you will find crypto experts and investors. Thus you can also become a member of any popular crypto channel on Telegram and build a loyal community.

To Conclude

There is more to say about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as it is a huge world. When it comes to the Bitcoin app, try to engage people with your app. It is vital to build a beneficial tool that provides them relevant info efficiently and timely. Engaging with your audience is also vital as it allows you to convince them about the features and utility of your mobile app.

To promote your bitcoin app, you need to be creative. The key is to find a way that will make people notice it and want the information about it. You can do this by following the promotion methods mentioned above and enjoy!


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