UX Tips to Design Better Mobile Apps

According to Google, an average user has about 36 apps installed on their device and uses just 9 of them daily. Only 4% of the apps will be used for over a year. A more usable app with better UX design is high on user engagement. Here are some UX tips for designing better mobile apps.


Simple design is effective if you can implement it right. A user wants to find what s/he is exactly looking for in an app. Therefore, you need to think about usefulness when you design your app. Build your design as think like your user or potential user.

Clear CTA Buttons

CTA stands for call-to-action, and CTA buttons are used for the actions you want your users to take. They need to be clear to be understood by your users. Also, its place is essential as its clearness. Hold your mobile in your hand and determine the area for CTA by reaching quickly by your thumb.

Avoid Long-Scroll

As an app owner, you need to keep screens as short as possible by breaking up tasks into screens. Although long scrolling is a great way to keep users focused while reading long blocks of text, the more users scroll, the more users tend to lose interest or get frustrated.

Font Type & Size

Different fonts and sizes can evoke different emotions while providing easy readability at the same time. It would help if you considered your typeface, font size, and color contrast when designing your app. The wrong font choice can break your design.

Think About Batteries

Background services like location detection are high on battery consumption. It would help if you kept your UI simple. Users may stay away from the apps that drain batteries.

Storage Constraints

It would help if you considered that some users might have storage constraints when designing your app. As opposed to the web, a mobile app uses storage right on the mobile device. This impacts mobile UX when using videos, images, and audios that can be used.

To sum up, no matter what considerations you follow or how good your design performs in your eyes, you should always consider usability. Hopefully, these UX tips will improve your mobile app UX design and increase your app’s user retention.

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