6 Welcome Notification Practices To Onboard New Users

Do you expect a welcome message when you sign up for the first time? Your answer is probably “Yes” because 74.4% of people expect a welcome email when they subscribe. Having the highest open rate, nearly 60% demonstrates it. The welcome email is a way of thanking people that make them feel valued. It is crucial to reach out to the customer at the right time and encourage them to engage with you. I want to give creative and attractive examples that will inspire you.

Welcome The Newest Customer In Real Time

If we are talking about the welcome message, it is important to be effective. Therefore, you should send your welcome message to new subscribers within seconds of creating an account in the app. Emails sent immediately has higher open, click, and transaction rates than emails sent later in the day or week.

Personalize Your Message

Personalization starts with addressing the new user by name. Another point you should care as part of personalization is to add the email sign-off belonging to someone at the company. It should include a specific signature, contact information, email and social media accounts. A nameless and faceless voice is not as meaningful as mean messages coming from a real.

Use Multi-Channel Messaging

It is better to benefit from not only email with messaging but also text messages, Facebook Messenger bot, in-app messages or something else like these. It increases the impact of your outreach.

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Entice Them With Special Offer

Another important point as well as sending welcome messages in real time is sending them with immediate value. If you provide them with offers, they can’t resist clicking on. You can give them discounts, free shipping to encourage them to buy something.

Encourage Re-Engagement

You need to drive your users back, right? One of the solutions pushing them to revisit is to provide them an offer stating that they will get a discount on their next purchase.

Encourage Referrals

Like enabling them revisiting, encourage referrals is important. Don’t ignore the power of word-of-mouth. If you encourage them to refer others, the number of your users increase exponentially. You can both acquire new users and motivate current ones by giving promotions in return for referrals.

Keep Them Engaged

It is important to encourage first-time users to use your app right after downloading the app. Let’s say you own a gaming app. So, you can welcome new ones with welcome gaming challenge like QuizUp to start them using your app immediately.

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