Content Curation In Marketing: Ultimate Guide For Beginners

The irreplaceable rule in the marketing world is to provide the content where customers are. With the increasing number of internet users and websites, it is getting more tough. Over 2 million blog posts are published on the Internet every day. The volume of content is growing faster. Despite this fact, lack of time to create content and difficulty of finding a variety of topic make content marketing challenging.

What Is A Content Curation?

At this point, we meet with content curation. It is the act of gathering, contextualizing and organizing information from a variety of sources and presenting it with your voice to the readers. You can see content curation at many parts of the Internet from social media sites to RSS feeds.
Let’s give an example. I think all you know Pinterest. Its number of users within the first 2 years has passed 10 millions which makes it the fastest-growing web platform. How it did achieved this is related with a content curation. It just offers many instances of graphics or images from blog posts and gives link back to the content. It is exactly what a content curation is.

The Reasons To Curate Content

According to the report, more than 95% of marketers applied content curation as a part of digital marketing. We can say that curated content is in the centre of a marketer’s strategy.

Save Your Time

It gains you lots of time. If you have experienced writing a blog post, you should know how long it does take. It needs to spend countless hours to generate infographics, white papers or articles. Thanks to content curation, you just scan the web to find any content related with your focus area and present it with your style. So, you can achieve more amount of content and higher rate of engagement.

Get Social

The best way of finding content to share is social media. Social media provides timely and relevant content that makes it reliable. Any marketer who wants to publish a content that collects social reactions easily needs to mingle with social media and follow the agenda.

Grow Your Network

By nature, content curation is collecting contents published by others and rerun them with your own style. Therefore, you need to give a credit or link to their sources in your content. Your content belongs to anyone; other companies, experts or influencers… By sending them an alert, they get aware of you which letting you grow your network.

Establish Tough Leadership

You may unable to cover several topics. Curation is a good way to provide your customers with in-depth content that normally you don’t have an expertise. The explosion of websites make the Internet an information waste. It gets hard to find the relevant and valuable information. Content curation is a great way to enable your prospects to come back to you by picking the best content among what they are looking for.

The Process of Curating Content

As everything else, content curation needs a strategy. Let’s break down content curation into steps.

Create Your Zone

I think it is the easiest step of content curation. You just identify your theme to narrow the scope of the content. This part is important to position yourself in the eyes of customers. As you can narrow your blog theme down digital marketing, you can narrow it down a more specific niche like mobile marketing.

Feed Your Zone With Topics & Keywords

I think it is the hardest step of content curation. To find the most relevant and attractive information, you might need to turn the Internet upside down. You have enormous types of content; infographics, articles, videos, podcasts… Firstly, you should decide on what kinds of content you want. Then, tap into and select the best content.

Present Curated Content In A Specific Way

Yes, you select the best content or content. It is time to put them in an engaging style. At this point, it is vital to add your voice. While your users are reading your content, you should arouse a feeling that it is you.

To reinforce what I mean, think about lecturers. They deliver information from a variety of sources in their way. They give their own opinions about that topic or have different locutions that categorize them as well-versed or not.

Tools For Content Curation

There are many tools to curate content either free or paid.
Atlas -It offers graphs, charts and data visualizations. You can research any topic or keyword.
HooteSuite – You can find curate keywords and content and share them with your users immediately.
Google Alerts – You can create an alert for any keyword or topic and Google Alerts send you emails.
Wideo – Its easy drag-and-drop interface and ready made templates let you produce video content. You can upload your own images, too.
RSS Readers – You can follow news from your favourite blogs and websites. This saves you time as you are able to see all posts in one place. Feedly, Fever and Digg Reader are among popular RSS readers.
Canva – It is really useful for quick designs. You can create beautiful designs with borrowed words especially for your social media platforms.
GIPHY – You can access hundreds of GIFs and use them in your content. Everyone loves GIF!

Best Examples Of Curated Web

The idea of content curation consolidate with a few examples. The feature of curated web is to let you curate its curated content. I mean they are both example and tool for content curation.


It is one of the best examples. It lets you upload, manage or view any image and other media contents called “Pin”. These pins include an image, a description and a link back to the image’s source. You can find anything from DIY things to recipes.

Boing Boing

It is a group blog that makes it embracing enormous posts from other blogs. Its topics consist of many things such as technology, futurism, science fiction and gadgets.


It is a RSS reader that collects news from a variety of online sources. You can customize, read and share any content with others.


It is a social news website that lets users contribute in the form of link or a text self post.

The Feature

It collects contents from a list of crowd-sourced articles. When you click to read the article, you are directed to the website where the article is originally published.

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