The Biggest Mobile Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Mobile marketing is crucial for companies and brands, and here is why: People spend around 5 hours a day on their smartphones and the researches show that in 2018, 52.2% of all worldwide online traffic was generated through mobile phones.  51% of customers use mobile devices to discover new brands and products.
These data reveal the knowledge that your brand or products can be the one to be discovered when you run a seamless mobile marketing campaign. This is why companies are making a great effort on mobile marketing to reach the target audience and to retain them. However, there are common mobile marketing mistakes to avoid for success in these efforts.
Within the brutal competition of the app world, you need to watch your steps in order not to stay behind. The mistakes coming up repetitively in mobile marketing will not be an enemy of your marketing strategy when you are aware of them. So, be sure to avoid these 4 biggest mobile marketing mistakes in your own case for the long-term success of your business.

Making Random Efforts

Marketing is all about strategy targeting certain goals. If you happen to fail to plan, your efforts and (probably) budget will be pointless. Without a plan, you can only make random efforts and a positive result comes just by chance. This is why you need to set your strategy before making efforts in the field.
What are the objectives of your mobile marketing efforts? What are your targets and goals? What is the best path you can follow? You are supposed to establish an outline to illuminate your way to a successful mobile marketing campaign. At this point, the key to keep in mind is to set “measurable goals” so that you can evaluate your strategy and find out if you need an amendment. Also, you need to be selective when it comes to setting the plan. Do not try to rush into the latest trends unless they are not applicable to your case.

Failure In Categorizing The Users

Another biggest mobile marketing mistake to avoid appears in categorizing the users and potential users. Their certain common behavior is the interest in your app; the other behaviors and features may vary. You need to know these people so that you can identify the unique ways they are open for engagement.
There are various channels to deliver your message on mobile phones such as SMS, email, social media. Where does your target audience spend their time on their smartphones? You probably have a group of people using social media platforms actively, another group checking their email regularly. Success in categorizing enables you to hit the target. Even the most advantageous offers are pointless when addressed to the wrong audience.
Next step is to optimize your message according to the channels to be effective in your mobile marketing efforts.

Misleading (Or Even Not Leading) The Audience

Let’s say you set a perfect plan and detailed categories for your mobile marketing campaign. Then comes optimization of your message. Companies may fail to lead the target audience for changing the behavior of them, which means conversion. Two important characteristics of well-designed message are being clear and easy to understand.
While irrelevant messages destroy your relationship with your audience, personalized messages optimized for good omnichannel experience that delivers value to the people puts you over the top in competitive mobile app world. Without bossing around, offer them a convenience and invite them to take the next step (like clicking on the link to landing page).  

Embarking Without A Retention Plan

Companies can reach millions of mobile users through paid media campaigns and they don’t even need to pay a lot of money. These mobile marketing campaigns, when designed and optimized successfully, are capable of establishing a strong bridge between the target audience and the companies. You can increase the traffic to your mobile app with a nice ad, but what then?
You need to start with a retention plan because the research shows that nearly 90% of app users fade if brands fail to engage. Do not forget that if you fail to keep your users, the number of installs does not mean anything. To make sure to retain your users, create value, keep your mobile app updated and use engagement to remind them about your app.

Final Words

It may seem easy to conduct a mobile marketing campaign; however, you need to take each step meticulously. Being aware of the biggest mobile marketing mistakes to avoid will enable you to undergo a more conscious process.
In summary, you need to start with a plan and to categorize your target audience. Measurable goals are crucial to maintaining an effective communication with your users and potential users. The brutal “Wars of Apps” requires you to set your objectives and identify your target group to succeed in long-term engagement. You are supposed to be the guide for your audience so that they can act in the demanded way for conversion.
Once you have attracted the attention of the target audience and they have installed your mobile app, you need to focus on retaining them in your app. Continuous engagement to create a bond between your app and the user is the key for a long-term success.
You can contact us for further information in common mobile marketing mistakes. Good luck!

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