Future of Mobile Development: Trends for 2021

Technological developments are growing every year by creating an avalanche effect. Groundbreaking developments are taking place before there is a chance to develop some innovations. But there are such technologies that it looks like it will be talked about for a few more years. You can read some of the technologies that will be a trend in 2021 and determine the fate of mobile development in this article.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence in our mobile devices is replaced by assistants who can perform certain tasks and interact with real users. These assistants learn user behavior and provide a personalized experience. Google Assistant by Google, Siri by Apple is among the best known. These types of assistants are so advanced that they can make a reservation by making a phone call.

Artificial intelligence;

Like assistants, it allows businesses to automate their frequent interactions and cut costs by saving users time. It is anticipated that the management of customer relations soon will be carried out without people. Even Facebook has developed and popularized chatbots.

Internet of Things

Today, almost every device and device has access to the internet. It is used to connect to electronic devices in your home and manage them with your smartphone. With the widespread use of smart homes, the internet of things is becoming extremely common. Imagine being able to turn your doors, windows, and lights on and off with a single touch in your home. The fact that these and household appliances can be used by phones can now be called ordinary things. IoT technologies are expected to exceed $ 1 trillion within 2 years, so mobile apps’ development becomes important for this purpose. Therefore, the need for mobile developers such as App Samurai is increasing. They can facilitate your access to this technology with SDKs.

Virtual Reality

There has been an increase in the demand for AR and VR apps in all areas of life. The latest trends in mobile app development in every industry you can think of have been the use of AR and VR. AR & VR is evolving. As mentioned above, although it has developed in every sector, it has revolutionized the game industry. 2021 could be more growth years for AR than for VR. An example of using AR is the use of smart glasses. 

5G Technology

New generation cellular networks were developed and started to spread. 5G technology is faster, cheaper, and even less energy-consuming than 4G. Therefore, 5G technology is also developing our smartphones because mobile apps and devices need to meet 5G requirements. For mobile developers, 5G means optimized content and 4k video streaming, bandwidth for VR and AR 3D objects.

Wearable Devices

Mobile app development has revolutionized smartwatches and wearable devices produced by various phone brands. Making technological advances wearable is the focus of most mobile app developers. Wearable devices are becoming more and more popular and make daily life easier. The most popular apps implemented on wearable devices are social media and fitness apps. Users of all generations, especially young people, started to use these apps and use wearable devices. So much so that it is predicted that more than 1 billion wearable devices will be used in a few years.

Mobile Wallets

Wouldn’t it be great if you could manage your wallet on your smartphone just like on the Internet of Things? Thanks to mobile wallets, you will no longer need to carry a wallet. By checking all your credit/debit cards on your mobile phone, you will get rid of excess. In this context, mobile developers must be ready to integrate mobile payment systems into their toolbox. Also, as mobile payments and mobile wallets become more popular, development options will increase, for example, features such as biometric and multi-factor user authentication in apps.

As you can see, there are many innovations, and these innovations are updated day by day. It becomes difficult to follow these trends even before developing apps and integrating systems. Here, you catch the age in your mobile apps thanks to the services like App Samurai.

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