Season Review: Our Top 5 Viewed Blog Posts In Spring

Hello everyone! We’ve already started to live the summer with all sunshine! The number of sunny and salty photos are surrounded us. If we have a moment that lets us take part in these kinds of photos, there is nobody happier than us. However, if we need to work, we could get green with envy. It is because they are on holiday while we are at work. They pissed us off!
Anyway, lets, turn back our subject. We want to share our top 5 blog posts that have been written within the spring period (March 21 – June 21) and read at most. It’s a good idea to take a look back at what we’ve shared with you on App Samurai Blog in the past spring.

The What, Why And How Of Kotlin For Android

Kotlin is a programming language that is interoperable with Java and Android. Successful apps like Uber, Coursera and Evernote have something in common: They all use Kotlin in one way or another. You should use it, also. If you ask “Why?”, let me explain the reasons. It works as you would expect. It allows many of the features that you use in Java. Another reason is its simplicity and power to make app development much easier. This makes Kotlin the best alternative to Java. You can integrate Kotlin easily with Android Studio. It is much safer than Java, has fewer errors and easier code. All these features result in doing more work and fixing bugs in less time.

Best Mobile Ad Formats And Mobile Ad Sizes

How does a mobile ad look like? We tried to answer this question in our post. There are different types of mobile ads including banner, interstitial, native, video and rich media ads. Each of them is explained in a detailed way to draw a roadmap for you. Banner ads appear in the form of bar, column or box containing relevant text and graphics at the top or bottom of the screen. They are the most popular ad type. Interstitial ads are interactive ads which cover the full screen.320*50 and 300*50 banner ads perform quite well on mobile apps while the size of 320*480 (the most popular size) and 480*320 are more preferable for interstitial ads. Another type of mobile ads is native ads that don’t disturb users. It is the hottest topic in the sector. It has various sizes based on the size of the actual content area. The last ones are video and rich media ads. You can read our post for more information.

Women In Tech: An Interview With Successful Developers

We have made an interview with women in tech in International Women Day. Our aim was to increase the awareness about the fact that there is no occupation which has gender. We have invited several successful developers and sent them a few questions based on their journey in this sector. We hope that reading their stories would inspire you!

Best Apps For Children With Down Syndrome

We have tried to list the best apps for children with Down syndrome. You can find 7 different apps with their features. The common aim of these apps is helping children to lead a normal and happy life. Apart from the unique features of them, there are mandatory features. Specialists should be included in the process while developing an app for children with Down syndrome and the app should be approved by Down syndrome organizations. It should include no distracting elements with a simple design to attract children.

Keyword Research For App Store Optimization (ASO)

If you are planning to launch a mobile app or game on the market or else you already have one you should know that ASO (App Store Optimization) is a must without a shadow of a doubt! Keyword Research is one of the most important steps in your ASO strategy.

Final Thoughts

We are working to create the best, most useful and most up-to-date contents for you. Your feedbacks are very valuable. Thank you very much for being here with us, App Samurai readers!🤗
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