An Offer for Startups


The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.

― George Bernard Shaw


Dear Entrepreneur,

You are not alone!

I am an entrepreneur, just like you! I know how difficult it is to create, grow, sell, and market a product or compete in the market. In order to make things easier, we will help you to grow and market your product, specifically your app. This decision did not come in a moment. Let me tell you the story behind this.
As a mobile marketer, I had chances to work with giant companies. One of our clients, which we helped even before their launch, became a unicorn and exited to another giant. Sometimes, our corporate customers spend yearly budget of a startup in a day. They have talent, money and tools.
On the other hand, we had chances to work with great startups from different locations in the world. They challenged us, demanded more and grew with us. To be honest, it is always pleasure for us to work with startups. It is great to see how young entrepreneurs are growing their babies from zero to hero.
One of our startup customers, Paperclip from Wales came to us last year, with a couple of thousand pounds, but big dreams. We created a quick win strategy for them, and after the campaign they shared metrics with VCs, and closed their seed round. With this seed round, we helped them to get more users, through App Samurai platform. If they close another round nowadays, it will not be a surprise.
Here are some data from the campaigns we managed for them on App Samurai.After the campaign, we recorded a %210 i­ncrease in organic installs.
Their category ranking also increased dramatically with App Samurai campaigns. The data below shows that their ranking increased from 100 to Top 25 in Shopping category in Google Play.

A product from entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs!

For a giant company, there are multiple ways to promote their app like big agencies, ad networks, advanced tools, social channels and even TV ads. For a startup, it is not easy to work with ad networks, impossible to work with big agencies and advanced tools because of entry barriers. The only channel available for startups to promote their apps seems to be social media but this channel is not feasible because of increasing cost to acquire thousands of users in a day.
We have optimized CPI data, ad network optimization model based on categories, needed download data for boost campaigns and deep know how for more than 20 countries. We have an engine which we are trying to improve every day, we are improving the product in order to be startups’ performance marketing partner. No need for Insertion Orders, no huge caps to start a campaign, no need to get your financials or details. We want to make it simple and clean.

We need feedback and you need downloads. So guess what?

We want to be your trusted partner during your success journey but we are aware of that our platform need your support to be perfect. In that moment, we make an offer for you!
We give a chance for startups to gain free ad credit to create their own ad campaigns on App Samurai. All you need to do is fill out the form below and sign up to App Samurai. Then give feedback to help us to build your performance marketing product and have a chance to be one of 9 startups who won free ad credits!
Our respectable committee will determine the winners for each prize and we will announce the results on December 15, 2016.


NOTE: There is not any requirement or condition for you to use your credits on App Samurai! Fill the Form Below If You Want to Keep Informed When We Launch a New Campaign


Do not forget, while you are fighting with Goliath during your journey, we will be there!



Leon Kosovsky

Business Development and Sales Executive at TUNE


Ender Ozcan

Head of Sales MENA/Turkey at adjust, Board Member at MMA Turkey

Rich Woolley

Founder & CEO at Paperclip


Emin Okutan

Co-Founder of Viveka Technology Incubator


Enis Hulli

Associate Partner at 500 Startups Istanbul

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