Are You Ready to Win Free Ad Credit to Acquire Qualified Users for Your App?

Did you miss us? We miss you too. 🙂
Last time we launched a free ad credit campaign, you showed a great interest and more than 500 startups had joined the campaign to get their free credits. It was an amazing journey for us to work with great startups and individual developers to help them reach the success they imagine. This is why we said why not and today we launch a new campaign for app developers.
Before sharing the details about new campaign, let’s go back in time and see how thrilling campaign the previous one for us.
We reached startups from 23 countries and 72% of the attendees was from game category. Lifestyle, entertainment, and finance were the following categories of participants. When we look at the country distribution, we saw that United States is in the first place with 40%. India, South Korea, and Brazil was also in the Top 4!

It was very exciting for us to announce the winners when that day came. Again and again, we want to convey endless thanks to each of the attendees that share our thrill with us.

Now, here are the details about our new awesome campaign!


For 1 App Developer

$500 Ad Credit

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And that’s all!
Results will be announced on 5 July 2017 so you have 20 days to join the campaign and have a chance to get your $1000 free ad credit.
We know how hard it is to reach the success you imagine in such a crowded world and we want to be your trusted partner during your success journey.
Let us do this by just allocating your couple of seconds to join the campaign and give a chance to your app to grow!
NOTE: There is not any requirement or condition for you to use your credits on App Samurai!


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